Kinesiology, Reiki and Self-Development

Josie Sucu, KF Assoc(ClassK), DipFTST, BEng(Aero)

Kinesiology and Reiki Practitioner, “Empowering the Inner You”

Do you…

  • want to know more about your Mind-Body-Deeper Conscious connection?
  • wonder why your Life or your Health is the way it is?
  • wonder why aspects of your life don’t work when others do?

As a Kinesiologist and Reiki Practitioner of over 2 decades, I have pondered on questions like these many times and through using Kinesiology to help my own life challenges have developed a very intuitive but targeted and structured approach in my Practice.

This includes work with major, minor and out-of-body chakras, role energies, the interface between physical and subtle fields, how we interact with food and each other, and the power of group healing… and how finding and facing deep fears and discomfort can lead us to who we truly are and want to be <3

As an introduction to this work, I explain below about Kinesiology and Reiki and my understanding of Healing.  Please browse through the articles on this website and I would love to have some feedback.  It gives me ideas and you may inspire me in a whole new understanding about something 🙂

Kinesiology, Reiki and Healing

What is ‘Kinesiology’? Kinesiology is a complementary therapy which uses gentle, non-invasive muscle testing to access the body’s innate wisdom about itself. It helps uncover the original source of stress step-by-step for any health concern being investigated and in so doing enables more complete healing for you as an individual. Kinesiology can help with:

  • physical injury or illness – eg. sports/occupational injury, postural pain, poor immunity, indigestion

  • emotional or spiritual concerns – eg. relationship difficulties, wanting lifestyle changes, life goals

  • mental health – eg. lack of focus, depression/apathy, confusion

  • recurring issues of all types, which have been unresponsive to other treatment modalities.

It is probable that health or life concerns are multi-faceted and layered, which is why Kinesiology is so useful in helping target the most efficient and effective healing path for you as a Whole person of Mind, Body and Deeper Consciousness. There are many Schools of Kinesiology and it is also becoming more used by many mainstream health professionals to clarify their treatment decisions. Further information is available from the Professional Body – The Kinesiology Federation (

What is ‘Reiki’? The original school of Reiki was started by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1900’s, ‘Rei’ meaning ‘Universal’ and ‘Ki’ meaning ‘Life Force’. He was the first to formalise training for using Reiki but it is a healing energy which has always existed and is innate in nature and is in and around all of us. When a mother gives her upset child a hug, Reiki flows; when a friend consoles you or you confide in someone, Reiki flows. If a person is trained in Reiki, more energy flows through them and greater therapeutic benefit is possible.

What is ‘Healing’? Healing is not necessarily a ‘cure’ but is about improving your natural ability for self-healing or functioning on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Your Body will reflect the state of your Mind and your Deeper Consciousness and rather than seeing that as a ‘problem’, it is in fact a gift and can be used to show the way to greater awareness of who you are within and enable a more positive focus in your Life. As your Mind-Body-Deeper Conscious connections become clearer so does your physical and emotional health and your attitude to Life and those around you.  The more your Energy Field develops, the more organised it becomes and you begin to feel more Empowered step-by-step and will gradually transform the deeply-held disempowering complex patterns in your Life.

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