Thoughts during Healing Event up to Winter Solstice 21st December 2012

Focus words for today (21-12-12) … how to POWER, how to LOVE, how to LIVE … ♥

To really live and be present in your life, your subtle field needs to be functioning in a way that allows real connection to the world around and not just appearing to be that way.  There is much talk amongst spiritual philosophers about us all being part of a larger field; you may have heard the expressions ‘We are all One’ and ‘What we do to others we do to ourselves’.   All this does really depend on your wiring and how you connect to different aspects of yourself and outside of yourself, and also how others connect with you… in that respect we are all milling around in the same soup.

It is also possible however to ‘swim around in the same soup’ but without any connection with the other soup ingredients and to not even realise what the liquid is!  Today and over the last month, I have been observing and facilitating healing to do with our subtle-physical connections. So as much as we can be very spiritual people, it may not reflect in how our life manifests in physical reality.

… Perhaps this is what Ascension is actually about… bringing all that we are and have achieved in our history to date into our physical reality – not just the virtual world of the internet and social networking but connecting all that into our real everyday lives in a more real, more meaningful way… engaging the heart with the mind and expressing that appropriately with the body. ♥

Event Nov to 21-12-12:

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