Your Journey to Being Whole… The Inner Work

This is the seventh in this Series where I am sharing some of the key realisations I have had on my own Journey to feeling more complete. The first steps to becoming Whole, to having a life which you love,which nurtures and fulfills you, are those that empower your personal space, help you feel safer and more able to make decisions that are right for you. This learning grows with you as you continue on your Journey into Relationship Dynamics when life is not just about you and your security but is about you being involved in the World. Difficulties here may have been the reason you became vulnerable in the first place or you may just have got to a point in your life where you feel empty or disappointed and cannot work out what to do next.

The Outer Journey  So far I have written about Realisations and Intentions and then how you can choose and have every right to behave in an empowering way in your relationships with others. You may begin to see your life becoming more positive, more supported… but still there may be things that upset you, that make you feel anxious or depressed, situations that you still cannot deal with very well… There comes a point on your Journey to being Whole when an Inner Map starts to form…

The Inner Work begins…When you want to connect more deeply with the world, when you want your relationships to feel more real, when you want to put more of yourself into your life and nothing in your outer life seems to help, work begins on your Inner Map, the map of your Inner Self and how your Conscious Self relates to that. This becomes part of your Whole Journey.

Inner-OuterHealing Events in your Conscious Life may begin to relate to subconscious healing activity and may challenge who you think you are. When you relate more deeply to yourself, you may realise not only where you want life to change but also that you begin to feel different. You may feel more relaxed and more intuitive… life will naturally begin to feel more harmonious 🙂

Becoming Whole We can become shaped by our experiences and lose who we truly are within. Our lives can become full of routine behaviour patterns learned from others or socially accepted / expected responses to circumstances. We can lose our ability to see the bigger picture driving our experience, to be empathic and truly connect with others but more importantly to be in a relationship with ourselves that is supportive and loving. Only when you can truly be yourself can you truly be yourself with others. When you set your Intention to become Whole, your Journey will bring you the necessary challenges… Why live a life unfulfilled? …

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