Has your Life Got Momentum ??! Not Enough or Too Much?

Does your Life consistently and enjoyably flow from one moment to the next? Do you Love everything about it? Is it coherent or a bit random and challenging? Does it confuse you sometimes and you are left feeling stressed and not knowing the right course of action? Or does it run on full pelt with you feeling you cannot change anything? I wrote earlier this year about how life can feel chaotic but that actually there are deeply held complex patterns of behaviour at work; I have also written about Love being one of the most powerful driving forces in our lives but so is any powerful emotion such as anger or fear. Is this what gives us our Momentum? And do we have a choice when we feel compelled to behave or react in a certain way? Can we step away from the Patterns? What actually is Momentum?

Momentum is defined as ‘the quantity of motion of a moving body’ or ‘the impetus, driving power of a physical object or course of events’. It is that feeling when running downhil and you cannot stop… it feels compelling, flowing, pushing you on… Should life feel like this? Is it under your control? Are you deciding your destiny or are you being carried along by others or life situations – relationships, heath or work? Or do you just feel still with no momentum at all?
Momentum Forms… beyond your feelings and emotions about every day events, beyond all the thinking about personal goals and all the desire about what you want and how you want to achieve it, beyond all the building of your security and stability in the world, beyond all this, there is a much deeper influence on our existence which can upset all the rest…. one that I have only started to sense fairly recently due to it usually being drowned out by everything else…!?
Your Reason WHY… What gets you really motivated? What do you feel passionate about? What excites you or makes you feel really happy? What CAUSES you to take ACTION?… This is your WHY! When you have not found your WHY or have become disconnected from it (through life disappointments or trauma), life can become routine, without direction, still or frustrated because your search for fulfillment never satisfies. Cyclical negative behaviour or continued life obstacles and ‘bad luck’ can also result from your WHY not being harmonised…
But It’s Not Just YOU!! This is going on for everyone. We are not isolated individuals. Our social groups, I believe, are formed from common Causes, a deep interconnected momentum we are all innately drawn to… but the flip side to that as well is becoming aware of being attracted to disempowering self-destructive connections when Causes have become distorted and social behaviour is divisive or abusive. Resolve to make your Actions empowering to All <3

Endings and Beginnings…

As we move into the Autumn and the new school term has started, there is a feeling of expectancy, of new things to come, of all the seasonal festivals. Does it however feel like a new adventure or does it have that feeling of you being here too many times before?! Do you feel excited by all the coming events? Or can you really not be bothered.. a bit bored by it all?
Energy Flows… Energy is all around us. Energy is us. Science continues to investigate, discover and map how it works. Our thoughts and emotions are also Energy, which we continuously process and form in our way into our lives. Energy naturally flows and evolves. The potential is always there for new opportunities, continual personal growth and wellbeing.

Endings and beginnings naturally occur. But is this your experience? Unfortunately being humans with a great history of experiences, our energy does not innately flow with ease and we get stuck in patterns of behaviour and events which are not just ours but are fixed by society and the world at large; patterns which never end and new never seems to happen. It’s like living in a balloon that just sits around you, bobbing, unchanging and restricting who you are! Examples of these are religious and cultural beliefs, inequality between the sexes and other discriminations… we are all human, we all have a right to live a life that empowers each and every one of us but how do we do that in relationship with all around us? How do we support and interact with each other when we are all fearful of being hurt or humiliated?
Want to Break Out of Your Balloon?  Sometimes it is not a conscious decision to want to move forward and flow with your Life, circumstances or challenges will present themselves at the right time for you to make you face your ballloon and find a way through and out; sometimes you just want to scream and shout at the balloon to “Get out of my way!!!” Some of you are on a fast track to change and you may find yourself facing balloon after balloon after balloon… layers and layers of stuck obselete ideas that you suddenly realise really don’t matter any more.
Keeping it Real  As much as we all sometimes may want to jump out of our lives and begin again in a completely new place with completely new people… a new beginning… the patterns will follow you and it is probable that it will all repeat again until you stand firm, face what you need to face to grow and thrive as your True Self. Deal with your reality, face your obstacles and ask within to grow beyond them… engage with your journey, seek support, you are not alone. We are all learning to communicate in a more complete and nurturing way… Keep Strong! <3

Ever Feel You Can’t Move Forward in your Life? Feel Clamped?

In my journey professionally and personally, I have come up against obstacles… circumstances and events which have blocked my life path and even set me back a few paces, if not years!? I gave up for a while and lost confidence but eventually reassessed where I was and moved forward, always learning something new from my experience, always a new understanding or technique was found. Every step I take further into the energetic world of who we are, I find new forms and patterns that restrict who we truly are as people. It keeps me striving to find out more and makes me respect the awesomeness of Nature and the complexity of how we as people function throughout our Mind and Body. Recently I came across an Energetic Clamp – this felt like one of those scrapyard cranes clamping my whole being as one of those scrapped old cars and I couldn’t move.  With healing thankfully, once you have an image of what’s going on, it begins to resolve itself.

Clamps - YHS June 2016
What is an Energetic Clamp?
A Clamp holds you not allowing any movement. It is a summation of very embedded thought and emotional processes, hardwired so much that although we may question them and try to move on from them, it feels impossible… not just a ‘banging head against a brick wall’ (been here many times before?!) but it surrounds you and infuses you… it may be an obsessive thought or just keep croppng up in your life as an issue… or as an issue that has been around a long time, such as an addiction or life being too routine with growing resentment at your situation…
Releasing the Clamp
When a Clamp forms, it is ready to be released so will usually present itself as a life crisis, moment of dramatic change, realisation or understanding… you may feel completely out of your comfort zone… hang in there… take a deep breath… and allow it to pass… If stubborn, make yourself do something in the ‘real world’ – walk somewhere, do chores, a routine physical activity to keep you in touch with your conscious focus.
Keep your Intention towards a bigger more supported life, visualise that you are ok and that you are being helped through this even if you are feeling isolated. I have been through myself everything I talk about here and have always come through in a positive way.  Your self-development journey will be suited to you – in moments of crisis, use and practise what you know.   🙂