Returning to Source… Are You YOU? Are You Creating your Life or is it Creating You?

My Journey over the last 2 decades has been about understanding how to work with the Energy of our Lives… the why’s, the how’s, their Forms and about transforming difficult experiences into beneficial personal growth. When you see each challenge as a growth opportunity, you are empowering who you are, building on what you already know and using all your experience-to-date to make your own choices. When you face and gain understanding at each step and begin to recognise your ‘Cycles of Experience‘ (June 2020), You will gradually outgrow difficulties, insecurities, coping mechanisms, repetitive patterns and eventually begin to consciously and unconsciously Shape your Life rather than be shaped BY your life.


What I have seen on my Journey is that we carry much acquired information about who we think we are, who we are told we are, who we think it is safe to be, how we are expected to be, what is acceptable. This does not only apply to us as individuals but also as family groups, communities, workplaces, nations and the relationship roles we embody. There are so many ways we adapt to our environment and think that we are adapting our environment to us but really we gradually lose, hide, discard, replace, overwrite parts of our true selves… building defence mechanisms along the way and coping strategies just to fit in, to survive, to make some sort of progress even if it is not our true calling… do you ever ask “Am I being True to Myself?”…shouldn’t you be? Isn’t that what is healthy for your Mind and therefore also for your Body?

Returning to Source When YOU start to Shape YOUR Life, when you say “No More”, you will begin a process of ‘Sourcing’ and parts of you that were discarded, hidden, prohibited… all sorts of ways we adapt…. will begin Returning to Source, the energy that really feels like you, the energy place from where you observe and create your life. You will begin to find and retrieve pieces of your personal puzzle and without even trying, these pieces will find their home, their original true place within you whilst also bringing resolution to all the reasons they became separated from your Whole Self in the first place… You may feel restless or bored during this process but eventually you will begin to Feel more like You, begin to feel more peaceful and settled… However a healthy Life is not just about being peaceful but is also about being able to express a full range of emotions… some you still may need to Source 🙂

Choice… Is it Free or Limited?

During this CoViD-19 Pandemic I have been on furlough and have taken the opportunity to get long-awaited jobs done around my home and garden and also enjoy precious time with my family at home and via videochat. What a gift to not have my usual mad-paced life, a gift of time to reevaluate priorities, values, what I enjoy and what and who is important to me. Even if it has been stressful or sad for you, you will have paused for thought and been affected in some way.

Reviewing your Life Journey? This week I have been drawn to reviewing my writings and their themes, going right back to the start of them in 2011, and realised that a common thread is about Choice… what influences us, what limits us, our level of awareness of our freedom to choose, how we self-adapt, how we protect ourselves and others, how we self-develop and/or maintain the status quo… And what we choose to face and how we and our psyches are clever at avoidance too! Have you got a common theme to your Life? A block you cannot get past? A dream you still have or have given up on? Your Life Choices become limited?


Back in 2018… my work came more into focus, looking at Being Whole and how you can choose to shape your life into something empowering for both yourself and your relationships with everything.

2019… moved into discussions about Choice and becoming aware that certain choices or perspectives no longer feel right, new ones start to form, realisations occur. You begin to connect with your Chi, the actual truth of your life, and let go of patterns that have prevented you seeing a new way forward. Working with Chi shows you Yourself and the ability to really start to Re-Empower who you actually are. My appreciation of Chi changed over this time and brought me into a deeper relationship with myself… through experience and integrating knowledge! I began to see what was shaping and influencing my choices and my experiences which brings us into…

2020… CoViD-19 Pandemic happened! Suddenly the whole world was sharing a common experience! Usual routines stopped and we have had time to Choose, time to become aware of who we are without distractions, time to actually face ourselves, be ourselves… reestablish our personal space and identity. Life moves us through cycles of experience (as in the picture), some far too repetitive, upsetting or frustrating, because we cannot just BE the person we are. We have to gain experience, review and revise… until one day something changes and we move into a different gear… process our energy more quickly… sit for a moment, pause… observe our thoughts and processes…. and a solution finds itself! “Aha! That’s more Me!” Done in an instant rather than years! Another piece of your personal puzzle understood. Your Life moves forward 🙂