Your Journey to Being Whole… Attuning Your Life

Last time, I wrote about the Inner Work and how this coincides with the feeling that you wish to connect more deeply or authentically with the World, you wish to grow as a person and want a meaningful Life with real meaningful Relationships… this is You wanting to be You in your Life. I asked “Do Inner and Outer Agree?” and this relates to Attuning Your Inner and Outer Relationships. Life may have seemed ok but some relationships may have turned out to be unreliable, superficial, and/or unsupportive when life challenged you; some also may seem to have run their course and one day you realise they are no longer there or may start to conflict with other parts of your life… When Life gets Real, who will stand by you? Who will always be there? Who will actively support you? Who will grow with you? Who will judge you, ignore you, walk away…? Who is causing conflict in other areas of your life?… How do you decide what to do with all this?

Empowering your Life The more harmonious your Life, the more enjoyable and health-giving it will be. Harmony comes from attuning all aspects of your Life, your Inner World, Outer World and both together; in energy terms, empowering relationships form between existing relationships. With this comes a feeling of intimacy, of being part of something bigger than just you, a deeper and more expansive feeling of connection and truth.

Relationships have varying levels of intimacy and part of understanding about Relationship Attunement is realising you will have your own unique blend that empowers you and your Life; a unique blend of acquaintances, friends, family and more intimate partners and/or spouse… and also activities such as work, hobbies, passions, ideologies… and as I write this… the blend probably also includes the challenges you need to become Whole, become You in your Life! 🙂 …sooo much to attune, so much to learn, so how?…

Face your Life with Honesty The fastest most direct route to Wholeness is to be as honest with yourself as possible about how you feel in every moment. This is Mindfulness. This is being Authentic. This is You being You. You may not always understand how you feel or why but acknowledging it empowers your Self-Awareness. We cannot process our Whole Energy all at once because we have grown and adapted over time and generations and have built up ways of coping, ways of tolerating or avoiding difficult feelings and situations so that we can continue living our lives, ways that are disrupting the clarity of the deeper levels of attunement. We can only base our decisions and shape our lives on what we know and understand but being aware that you need to learn more, to become more of who you are rather than what the world says you are, is another huge shift in Intention. Be aware of that inner feeling of anxiety… Intend to resolve it… Follow your intuition… Learn, Attune and Heal…
Why live a life that is not yours?

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Interested in support for your Journey? In association with the South Gloucestershire Wellbeing College , there is a FREE local Monthly Group ‘Your Healing Space’, which introduces and supports your first steps to Wholeness.  So if you are interested in holistic support for your Journey,  click links to find out more 🙂

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It’s a New Year – Fresh Start? New Enthusiasm?

January is a useful time to reflect and reassess what is important to you personally. It is a great time to set goals for yourself however small or epic in nature! Your growth is driven by the clarity of your Personal Goal for Your Future, not only for yourself but also for what and who is important to you.  Empowering your Goal will clear obstacles that are preventing it happening – these can be physical obstacles, emotional, spiritual or mental; they can be obstacles from the Past hanging around, the Now or even the Future in the form of unrealistic or imposed expectations. When your Goal is Empowered, a personal path for you towards successful completion forms – your Life feels like it has direction and events or inspirations occur to help you grow as a person to fulfil your Goal. Obstacles come in all shapes, sizes and combinations but the first step to Empowering your Goal is to strengthen and clarify your Personal Space in order to truly know your Needs, your Aspirations, and Your Place within your Personal Vision of your Future.

Empowering Your Space - YHS January 2016
Empowering Your Personal Space

There are two steps to this (see pic) :

1) Clarifying and Reinforcing your Personal Boundaries

A very well-established technique is to visualise a bubble around yourself made from whatever material you wish – adapting it for your level of vulnerability > Fort Knox or soap bubble… it is up to you! Start using this consciously and eventually it will become second nature!

A more advanced level of this is to visualise a second larger bubble. This creates a buffer zone, extra time to think, extra cushioning for you. If the first bubble does not completely work, try this ‘Double Bubble’ technique 🙂

When this process is working effectively, you immediately feel less drained, more calm and ready to continue. When such techniques do not solve the problem, it is not that they have failed but that more advanced techniques are needed.

2) Clearing your Space of Debris

With your boundaries in place, the next step is to clear out any debris. Of course this process is very personal to you and there are no set rules… you set them! Again it can be done with the help of visualising your Space and proactively removing anything that does not fit or does not feel like it is yours. This will happen and progress naturally anyway after Step 1. Watch for times of vulnerability and reinstate your Double Bubble during this clearing process. At first this may feel selfish but the aim is to build healthier, more intelligent boundaries; when this happens, communication with others becomes easier and more enjoyable! Be You in 2016!

TED Talk :”Everything you think you know about Addiction is Wrong?” by Johann Hari

This TED Talk is Brilliant!

I see his conclusions in action when I do Energy Healing Work and all the development that’s gone into the way I work… Addiction goes far deeper than the physical body response! It involves behaviour patterns over vast if not all your personal energy field and is very much about how isolated you feel as a person. Tough love does not work long-term.  Love, in the biggest understanding of the word, is needed…

Just watch this…