Your Journey to Being Whole… The Intention of “Empowering Relationships”

So far in this series, I have written about the energy mechanism of Realisations and then how your life is actively shaped by your Intention… The first two fundamental ideas involved in this were Non-Judgement and Non-Interference. This month is about Relationships because if you don’t judge or interfere, how do you develop Relationships with anything?

How do you face problems or change your life for the better? How do you not just sit on the fence all the time or let life pass you by? How do you facilitate change and progress if you do not control the circumstances or the people involved? How do you engage with Life in the fullest and most fulfilling way possible?

Being Yourself… Last month’s discussion on Non-Interference focused on how you have the Right to have your own personal space, free from interference, “freedom to live your life, physical and mental privacy, safety and security”. Before being able to be in a Healthy Empowering Relationship, it is important to be able to form and maintain your own secure Space, be aware of who you are, your Values and what you enjoy; holistic healing, meditation, mindfulness and other psychic tools can help enable and support this process. Being more Self-Empowered helps make your boundaries clearer and you will become more aware of your RELATIONSHIP ENERGIES…
Being in Relationship… Being Self-Empowered may seem like the answer to everything but it is the Foundation to the next phase of Holistic Self-Development about Relationship Dynamics. This is the Journey of learning how to maintain your Space AND relate to another in increasing levels of complexity and intimacy. Your focus will be less on self-survival and protection and more about developing a Life which empowers and nurtures you…. this is a Choice you can make but how do you change a relationship without criticising or blaming (Non-Judgement) or being manipulative or demanding (Non-Interference)…. the next quality of Intention….
“Have Empowering Relationship Energy” Not only do you have the Right to Self- Empowerment but you also have the Right to choose who you are and how you behave in a Relationship… you can choose to have Empowering Relationship Energy!! You will begin to realise where behaviours are repetitive and see how to make them more positive and constructive… and not only for your own benefit! If you have Rights to a Life that is yours so does the person you are in relationship with! By empowering your own Relationship Energy, you will empower and build resilience into the whole Relationship so you both will benefit! Win-Win 🙂


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Relationship Issues? Maybe it’s Your Conflicting YIN & YANG?!

It is Springtime and there is a feeling in the air of ‘new beginnings’, refreshing the ‘old’, trying something new, cleaning and decluttering; Nature is full of new growth from baby lambs and birds to new leaves and blossoms. This has got me thinking about Yin and Yang, about the attraction between the feminine and the masculine, about the desire to create something new…


Much of my healing work is about relationships, not just between men and women but also between ideas we have about the world and about ourselves. Ill health or relationship difficulties can arise when our beliefs, understandings, thoughts and/or feelings do not agree or how they relate is unclear.

The idea of Yin and Yang is described beautifully in the Tao Te Ching (insert), ancient Classic Chinese Writings dating back to the 6th Century BC, which underpin many ideas in various Eastern Philosophies and have also become very popular in our own culture.

The text talks of ‘the One’, the idea of Wholeness and a Higher Intent driving our existence and that by embodying the Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) qualities in ‘ten thousand’ different ways we create ‘forms’ – ideas, activity, aspirations… who we are… our lives. It also talks about ‘achieving harmony’ through ‘Union’, which refers to being able to easily use your own masculine and feminine qualities as needed (whether you are a man or a woman), being empowered enough to be logical, active, hot (passionate) alongside being intuitive and passive (supporting and listening); it is also relevant to being able to create harmonious relationships with others. So can men and women work in harmony with each other? Are men and women treated as equals? Can women be ‘yang’ and men not be threatened and vice versa? Can a woman or a man be ‘passive’ without being seen as ‘weak’ or ‘of no value’? This is still a global work-in-progress obviously! We are all still learning how to empower and harmonise our own Yin and Yang qualities and to value and encourage that in others too. Your Life will show you the qualities you need to develop to achieve harmony… become aware of repetitive events or unresolved issues… try different tactics… become Whole 🙂