Feeling Connected? Feel You Belong? Feel Valued?

This year I have been writing about Chi and about Realising, ‘making real’, who you really are… ‘no thought, no effort, just is’… beyond all the learnt behaviour and beyond all the compromises and defences. Recently I have discussed flowing as your Chi Self, feeling you are in tune with everything, feeling inspired and creative, enjoying life. As with all self-development work, it is a step-by-step process, this is Evolution… there is always a realisation around the corner, another light-bulb moment that uncovers or reconnects you with a deeper/higher/more complex part of yourself… and another question starts to form in your Consciousness… ?…?… and another phase of understanding begins… šŸ™‚

Life Flowing Comfortably? But do You Feel Connected and Appreciated? You have found your Place in the World, where you feel you are using your talents and making a contribution. You are flowing in your life as your Chi Self… but do you feel you belong? Do you feel emotionally involved? Does it have meaning for you? Or do you ever feel like you are fully involved but not seen? Do you ever wonder what would happen if you left one day… would you be forgotten or replaced? We are now talking about a more complex level of connection in our relationship energies and it seems to be one we all crave… a feeling of value… that we can value another and that we ourselves feel valued. We can create the appearance of this value by our learned behaviours, by doing what appears to have value in our society and be rewarded for it… we can do it very well but I think this way of being is becoming outdated. This is showing up in the increase in mental health concerns and the higher level of fear we feel in living our lives, there is an inner change happening in how we value ourselves and each other. No longer can we be someone just because that is what is expected; we are searching for an inner clarity, an inner truth, the Way we really want to do something, the feeling that we are truly valued and even more importantly that we take ownership and truly value our own contribution.

World Suicide Prevention Day #WSPD is on September 10th another cause very close to my heart. Life is precious and whatever anyone’s circumstances, there should be the necessary support available to help anyone choose life over suicide… to give that glimmer of hope to continue… Of course, this is a very personal decision and is part of a very complex picture… but one aspect of WSPD asks that we are there for the people in our lives, are always there if someone just needs to offload how they feel, not always to find a solution but just being available to listen without judgement… and provide that safe space that we all sometimes need to clarify a way through what we are experiencing… inspiration and a solution will eventually appear…

Keep Connected… Believe in Better <3

Your Journey to Being Whole…… ā€œIntentionā€

In this the third article about Wholeness, I am introducing ‘Intention’ and how my understanding of this has changed during my Journey over the last decade or so…
INTENTION is traditionally defined as: (1) A thing intended; an aim or plan, or (2) Your desire for (or to do) something. On first thinking about how to explain it here to you, I considered Intention to be about achieving a particular Goal as in (1) above or a Motivation as in (2) but when I thought more, neither of these really describe what Intention has been for me. Intention for me has been a ‘How-to’… HOW do I reach my Goal rather than what the Goal is… HOW do I carry out my Plan rather than what is driving me… HOW do I want to achieve something that really matters to me… So it has been more about the character of the Journey than the actual nuts and bolts and details… WHAT is the HEALTHIEST way? And this Idea of Intention has in itself had its own learning curve – a number of Realisations along the way that changed and expanded how I worked with Energy… I stepped forward rather than going round another loop leading to the same outcome. So what were these Realisations about Intention?… The first…

GOOD VS BAD ā€“ Moving Beyond Judgement ‘Highest Good’ is a well-known philosophy for spiritual growth; surely we all want a life which is good… but who decides what is good? If I think something is good and you think it is bad, who is right? And if I stop doing something that I really enjoy because others think it is bad, how do I deal with that inside? Guilt? Shame? Blame? Suppression? Is there something you do that you think is good and it hurts someone else, is that still good? Do you consider yourself Bad but think that’s a good way to be or vice versa? Labelling something Good or Bad is an opinion, a judgement, based on an individual’s or a society’s belief systems. Healing-wise I worked with Highest Good for about a decade, but then I began to see ‘Bad Energy’ building up like a blockage in a pipe… any more and it would explode. The Highest Good Intent was somehow stopping me face the ‘Bad Energy’… it felt unresolved… I realised that I needed to include this ‘bad’ in my healing protocols and began using the Highest Way Intent. In just realising this idea, I saw how it freed up my Energy, my Life and I felt more complete.
The Power of Non-Judgement Difficult challenges that occur in our lives can help us grow; it is not really about the other person but is about us learning to deal with a situation in a way that works and improves our own life and health, in a way that achieves resolution and peace within. I am only sharing my experience here and to me the reassuring aspect of holistic self-development work is that… ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ šŸ™‚ When your Energy heals and updates, your life does the same, things just gradually improve and move forward. Learn from your challenges… become more Whole. More on Intention next issue šŸ™‚

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Interested in support for your Journey? In association with the South Gloucestershire Wellbeing College , there is a FREE local Monthly Group ‘Your Healing Space’, which introduces and supports your first steps to Wholeness.Ā  So if you areĀ interested in holistic support for your Journey,Ā  click links to find out more šŸ™‚

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Has your Life Got Momentum ??! Not Enough or Too Much?

Does your Life consistently and enjoyably flow from one moment to the next? Do you Love everything about it? Is it coherent or a bit random and challenging? Does it confuse you sometimes and you are left feeling stressed and not knowing the right course of action? Or does it run on full pelt with you feeling you cannot change anything? I wrote earlier this year about how life can feel chaotic but that actually there are deeply held complex patterns of behaviour at work; I have also written about Love being one of the most powerful driving forces in our lives but so is any powerful emotion such as anger or fear. Is this what gives us our Momentum? And do we have a choice when we feel compelled to behave or react in a certain way? Can we step away from the Patterns? What actually isĀ Momentum?

Momentum is defined as ‘the quantity of motion of a moving body’ or ‘the impetus, driving power of a physical object or course of events’. It is that feeling when running downhil and you cannot stop… it feels compelling, flowing, pushing you on… Should life feel like this? Is it under your control? Are you deciding your destiny or are you being carried along by others or life situations ā€“ relationships, heath or work? Or do you just feel still with no momentum at all?
Momentum Forms… beyond your feelings and emotions about every day events, beyond all the thinking about personal goals and all the desire about what you want and how you want to achieve it, beyond all the building of your security and stability in the world, beyond all this, there is a much deeper influence on our existence which can upset all the rest…. one that I have only started to sense fairly recently due to it usually being drowned out by everything else…!?
Your Reason WHY… What gets you really motivated? What do you feel passionate about? What excites you or makes you feel really happy? What CAUSES you to take ACTION?ā€¦ This is your WHY! When you have not found your WHY or have become disconnected from it (through life disappointments or trauma), life can become routine, without direction, still or frustrated because your search for fulfillment never satisfies. Cyclical negative behaviour or continued life obstacles and ‘bad luck’ can also result from your WHY not being harmonised…
But It’s Not Just YOU!! This is going on for everyone. We are not isolated individuals. Our social groups, I believe, are formed from common Causes, a deep interconnected momentum we are all innately drawn to… but the flip side to that as well is becoming aware of being attracted to disempowering self-destructive connections when Causes have become distorted and social behaviour is divisive or abusive. Resolve to make your Actions empowering to All <3

Lost Your Spark?

Does part of your Life feel like it has lost its Spark? Feels flat? Is just routine? No enthusiasm? Maybe you seem always to be doing things for others and never for yourself? Maybe your life may not even feel like yours anymore?
This year seems to have a Theme running… January started with looking at ‘Clearing Your Space‘ and then in February I wrote about ‘Does your Life have a Pulse?‘ and then in March ‘Sensory Perception‘… all about finding what really makes you tick… what makes you come Alive!
When I talk about these ideas, this is what I see when I do healing work with Kinesiology and Reiki. These ideas are how I see the Energy when I work and how I see it transform into something new when healing happens…

Lost Spark - YHS April 2016
The Spark is a form of energy, an understanding in the Mind, a definition within your Personal Database, a prerequisite to your Life’s Pulse; it seems to have a Truth about it which to date may have been dulled by Perceptions, some imposed, some chosen, some just taken as given… as we take responsibility for ourselves and really look at and decide what works for us, we start to see these Perceptions for what they really are… just Perceptions, just ideas, all possible to change… at some point in this process, the Spark separates out from the clutter and starts to shine… maybe only occasionally at first but with the potential to become progressively more vibrant! You will notice this happening when moments of your Life suddenly feel different, suddenly you are really You, really wanting to do something and not just because it is expected or that is how everyone else does it but because it feels right for you… you may want to do it in a different way, completely out of the blue, it may feel a little out of character but… it feels right šŸ™‚ Notice these moments! It is progress in your self-development šŸ™‚
What Happens when your Spark is Hidden? Life becomes flat and routine but not only that you may begin to feel lost and opportunities for something new in your life stop happening. Your World may start to feel limited or restricted; you may lose interest in things that used to make you happy; you may feel bored. Your Spark can also become hidden as a form of self-protection when you feel it is not safe to be present in certain circumstances. An outer Persona may be created to help you deal with an aspect of your life and then this may become the Norm.
Re-Discovering your Spark? This can be a bit of trial and error but again when it feels right, you will be on the right track. Break out of your current mould, do something new! šŸ™‚

What is your Criteria for Growth and your Life?

Your Intention will influence the fundamental nature of your Lifeā€™s Path. Ā Mine has evolved over time and especially since being at the frontline of healing energies with Kinesiology and Reiki. Ā From my experience, as much as we think our lives have this over-riding direction, when you want change and it doesnā€™t happen, what is that telling you? What do you do? Of course everything I talk about is subjective and you have to run it past your own inner guidance and filters but here are my views at this timeā€¦

I originally based all my healing work on Highest Good Intention and worked with that for a few yearsā€¦ Of course we all want what is best for ourselves, donā€™t we? Less pain, an easier ride, help from others miraculously appearing as neededā€¦ but what do you do if that is not your experience?

I got to the point in my life, about 6 years ago (2010 ish),Ā that fundamental things did not change in my life, although I had grown within and was more focused, certain issues were persistently annoying or even getting worse! I felt like I was going round in circlesā€¦ help from the outside world seemed to have disappeared whereas I had always had some sort of feeling that I was looked afterā€¦ I knew that I had not imagined that and it had been real to me but what now when all my usual avenues of inner reassurance seemed to have dissipated? Ā I knew within that there was something else I needed to understandā€¦ all my journey so far had brought me to that pointā€¦ andĀ now I was ready for something newā€¦

My discomfort had been growing about setting a Highest Good Intentionā€¦ Ā what did that really mean? Ā Wasnā€™t Good and Bad an opinion, a judgement? And I believed then and still do that judgements are human behaviour, not God or Highest Love behaviourā€¦ so was Highest Love an Intention to use? Ā Again a process began which I am now very familiar withā€¦ what does such and such actually mean in energetic termsā€¦? Ā  Ā And I began asking myself what am I really trying to achieve in my Life but, more than that, I was at a wall and my usual inner direction was not leading me through it!? Ā All my inner / higher guidance seemed to have deserted me butā€¦ I knew my past journey and I knew an answer would come from somewhereā€¦

Up to this point, I had come through a very isolating phase in my Life and, as much as I could not understand why, I felt I was on a mission to understand more about how subtle energy works, how ā€˜holistic healingā€™ actually works ā€“ (historically thatā€™s me!?). Ā If Highest Love was a new Intention, what did that mean? Surely I was using that anyway by focusing on the ā€˜best possible outcomeā€™ but what did that mean?! Best for who? Me? The people dear to me? The World? How big an Energy could I work with and how to decide if that was ethical or appropriateā€¦? Ā As usual I brainstormed, blew a few fuses in my circuitry until sanity resumed (a joke by the way ?! but it feels like this sometimes) ā€¦ and I decided that what was BEST for every energy field, however big or small, whether within and without, was to be Empowered! And this has lead me on my journey to dateā€¦ Ā This means that every energy is given a Personal Space to think for itself, gain understanding about the energies it is interacting with and then to decide for itself what to doā€¦ Ā it is not up to me to make the judgement for another, it is up to each of us to decide how we relate to ourselves and All that Isā€¦ being Empowered facilitates this processā€¦


Immediately my healing work took on a new momentumā€¦ ā€˜Highest Wayā€™ Intention beganā€¦ What I found was that I became more impatient for faster healingā€¦ I was fed up with certain issues not getting healed! Ā I felt more empowered to do something about themā€¦ my understandings evolved and are still evolvingā€¦ this new phase in my personal journey required me to face bigger issuesā€¦ ask deeper questionsā€¦ but I was able now to do that and manage my Self better! Ā Every step of the way I found answersā€¦ I felt safer to really tackle my deepest vulnerabilitiesā€¦ which I was and am really sick of seeing in my Lifeā€¦ still uncovering more to work onā€¦ but I now have a deeper reassurance in who I am and what we all have the potential to be!

Everything is Energy in some Form, I know that now more than ever. Ā We can learn to manage our energies and transform ourselves and the Worldā€¦ it just takes Intention and the Willingness and Tenacity to walk your Path.

You choose your Intention deep within but realise that we have all inherited certain Patterns individually, as families, as communities and as humans, some very hard-wired patterns and however much you internally intend something, these Patterns may be what play out in your Life! Ā It is a very complex picture and I am still learning as we all areā€¦ there is no wrong or right but achieving Win-Win is my criteria for my personal growth and for the healing work I do in the World. Ā There is the Potential in Humanity for there to be no losersā€¦ just Win-Win all the wayā€¦ the more Empowered we all are, the quicker change can happen, the more of our subtle energetic database can be processedā€¦

ā€œRe-Empowering the Inner Youā€ ā€¦ seek Win-Win in every situationā€¦ keep yourself safeā€¦ build from here <3