Your Journey to Being Whole…… “Intention”

In this the third article about Wholeness, I am introducing ‘Intention’ and how my understanding of this has changed during my Journey over the last decade or so…
INTENTION is traditionally defined as: (1) A thing intended; an aim or plan, or (2) Your desire for (or to do) something. On first thinking about how to explain it here to you, I considered Intention to be about achieving a particular Goal as in (1) above or a Motivation as in (2) but when I thought more, neither of these really describe what Intention has been for me. Intention for me has been a ‘How-to’… HOW do I reach my Goal rather than what the Goal is… HOW do I carry out my Plan rather than what is driving me… HOW do I want to achieve something that really matters to me… So it has been more about the character of the Journey than the actual nuts and bolts and details… WHAT is the HEALTHIEST way? And this Idea of Intention has in itself had its own learning curve – a number of Realisations along the way that changed and expanded how I worked with Energy… I stepped forward rather than going round another loop leading to the same outcome. So what were these Realisations about Intention?… The first…

GOOD VS BAD – Moving Beyond Judgement ‘Highest Good’ is a well-known philosophy for spiritual growth; surely we all want a life which is good… but who decides what is good? If I think something is good and you think it is bad, who is right? And if I stop doing something that I really enjoy because others think it is bad, how do I deal with that inside? Guilt? Shame? Blame? Suppression? Is there something you do that you think is good and it hurts someone else, is that still good? Do you consider yourself Bad but think that’s a good way to be or vice versa? Labelling something Good or Bad is an opinion, a judgement, based on an individual’s or a society’s belief systems. Healing-wise I worked with Highest Good for about a decade, but then I began to see ‘Bad Energy’ building up like a blockage in a pipe… any more and it would explode. The Highest Good Intent was somehow stopping me face the ‘Bad Energy’… it felt unresolved… I realised that I needed to include this ‘bad’ in my healing protocols and began using the Highest Way Intent. In just realising this idea, I saw how it freed up my Energy, my Life and I felt more complete.
The Power of Non-Judgement Difficult challenges that occur in our lives can help us grow; it is not really about the other person but is about us learning to deal with a situation in a way that works and improves our own life and health, in a way that achieves resolution and peace within. I am only sharing my experience here and to me the reassuring aspect of holistic self-development work is that… ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ 🙂 When your Energy heals and updates, your life does the same, things just gradually improve and move forward. Learn from your challenges… become more Whole. More on Intention next issue 🙂

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