Realising Truth… Real Healing

Since concluding my Series on Your Journey to Being Whole in January, I have written here about Chi, the true energy of who you are, which can be swamped and hidden by all that we think about and experience. Across our World, this can happen in many different ways from not having time to think in our modern, busy lives, no time for the activities or the people we love, scared of being judged or humiliated for thinking differently to our culture or social group, to the shock at seeing or, even worse, experiencing some of the horrific actions or events in which people find themselves today and every day. I have been questioning whether the aim of Healing really is just about achieving that feeling of freedom, peace and joy? That feeling that everything is alright with the world? How can I feel that way when another is in so much distress or hardship? And why when apparently Whole, do I feel so sad and not joyful ?!

When an Idea Becomes Real… it’s no longer just an Idea! When you are on a Healing Journey, one of holistic self-development, you have realisations along the way, pieces of your life’s puzzle come together and you understand something and, as I said back in January, an idea becomes real. Wholeness itself is about being in touch with all aspects of yourself whether dark or light, looking at them honestly and bringing them together so they are no longer in conflict and causing you ill health or stress… But is your Whole Self joyful? Maybe not… there may have been very good reasons why your original complete puzzle of yourself became fragmented and adapted… And you, or your genetic heritage, made the best of things and carried on with life… So what is next on the Healing Journey…

Mind, Body & Chi What or who is sad? What or who is joyful? What or who is trying to decide what to do next? When you come together as your Whole Self, you may become aware of yourself in 3 different ways, all you but different qualities of you. These can be described as your Mind, your Body and your Chi. It is your Chi which when fully expressed brings you joy and fulfilment, it includes such ideas as your Spirit (Higher Will) and your Soul (Higher Love)… it is that inner smile when you as your Body may be feeling very frightened, angry or sad?! For most of us, healing the Mind is the hardest part of the Journey because it is this that has kept us safe and helped us adapt to difficult situations, hiding our natural effervescence somewhere along the way and in doing this disrupting the Body’s natural functioning. Only when your Mind can see Reality for what it truly is, beyond all the stories we create to help us understand that colour our lives, and you can bring in your Chi energy to express your True Self, can you truly heal your Body and all that it has experienced not only in itself but also as a consequence of the Healing Journey of your Mind and of your Chi. Learning what really matters to you is key. Be conscious of your choices. Seek resolution at every step <3

Being Grounded in Who You Are…

Last month I wrote about Chi, the energy of who you are, “no thought, no effort, just is”. In working with this, I am again asking myself why is it so hard to remain in touch with this energy? To remain completely grounded in every moment, completely at ease in every situation with that all-knowing intuition to respond in an empowering way? And then I remind myself that I am on a Journey and that at every step I am learning something new about … about what? If Chi is my innate Self that is all I need to live a fulfilled life then what is all the rest? All the stress I have felt, all the disappointments in my past… all the uncomfortable experiences I have had and seen others have… what is all this? Why does life have to challenge us? Why can’t everything flow easily?

Who You Are… Back in July last year, I wrote about Intention being a ‘How to’ rather than ‘achieving a particular goal’ and this feels like what Chi seems to be. It is a Quality rather than something you have been taught or acquired, “a distinctive attribute or characteristic” that encompasses everything about who you truly are, is who you are, is how you are…. but what about the rest? We are products of our experience, of our history, of our genetics. Our brains are amazing at being presented with information and making sense out of it in a way that usually helps us get on with life. Unfortunately some things are too uncomfortable or we just do not know enough about to resolve but we may still find a way to carry on… illness, anxiety, physical and mental health issues can be a consequence of this process. With this, and depending on the severity and length of time, your Chi becomes overwhelmed and becomes hidden away under everything else. You may feel lost or find you do not have time for things you really enjoy.

Rediscovering Who Are You… My experience with Energy Healing has shown me that rather than ‘healing something’ or ‘self-growth’, you are actually learning to recognise and piece together your energy patterns, and then either transform or remove them so that they no longer disrupt your natural way of being, your Chi quality. As you move through this self-transformation process, you may also realise that some of your Energy is not actually yours and is just ways of being that have helped you cope or how you may have been taught to be. Realisation can happen on a very deep subconscious level especially when something really conflicts with or limits your Chi, limits the True You. If you constantly feel stressed or have lack of fulfilment in work or relationships, it is probable that your Chi needs to be uncovered again… Rediscover who you are… Press Life’s Play button ! 🙂

Being Yourself…

In concluding my Series last month on Being Whole, I have felt a bit unclear about what was next for me. I have reached the Goal I set myself when I first started writing this page back in 2011, the Goal that for me was THE destination of my Journey… that feeling of completeness and grounding within… that feeling that you will intuitively know the answers when needing to make decisions and will have inner clarity in every moment ?!… But instead I have felt a bit overwhelmed, not really with confusion or uncertainty but more a feeling that I am on the edge of great excitement, that sort of excitement that you cannot hold in and you have to share with everyone and everything!! 🙂

Stepping into Your Own Power “Empowering the Inner You” has been my tag line all along because from my experience of working with Reiki and Kinesiology, I saw the healing process was actually holistic self-development, where you face the energy of any problem, see your vulnerability and then transform it into a strength, gradually resolving disempowering patterns that keep you limited in your thinking, in your behaviour and subsequently limited in life.
So step by step you are stepping into a more empowered version of who you are until you are Whole but how do I explain this feeling of rising excitement within….

Chi… your Vital Energy, Your own Personal Power
Chi or Ki is the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things. It is the energy of Rei-Ki, the energy of the Universe facilitating all life, a healing force in nature. I have taken Reiki for granted since my original training back in 2002 and my knowledge was experiential rather than a full understanding of what it actually was and have not really questioned it until now. Also back in July 2015, I wrote about ‘Empowering the Human Heart‘ and the ‘9 Virtues’ discussed amongst Philosophers that are the “essential qualities of the awakened heart” such as Authenticity and Mercy, not considered achievements to be attained or practised but are our natural state when we embody our innate Self… In recent weeks, this is all starting to make a bit more sense and I get the feeling that Chi is an energy that has no thought, no effort, just is. It is our own individual power. It is who we are. From this energy, we create. So you do not really experience your Chi energy, you are Chi energy, no thought, no effort, just are. Any activity from this state does not really feel like an activity that you are doing, it is more like you are flowing… in your own unique way… no longer stepping through vulnerabilities, facing and resolving but flowing confidently and easily with all the things you love… As I said last time… press Life’s Play button… set this as your Goal… to Enjoy the Flow… to Love your Life! 🙂