Going With the Flow… Is it Yours?

Last month I wrote about Finding Your Centre… amidst the Noise of your Life… all those musts, haves, shoulds, needs, wants… all those challenges that drop in your lap that add clutter… all of which seem to take priority over allowing yourself time to rest, reflect and review all this activity, allowing you time to reconnect with who you are… time to reconnect with your Chi… Maybe you are able to find your Centre, perhaps through meditation practice, mindfulness techniques or exercise, able to find your sense of Self and check-in with yourself that you are being you in your life… But then you have to re-engage with the rest of your life… what happens to your sense of Self then? Can you maintain that Centred feeling whatever is going on around you or do you start to feel out of your depth or just pick up from where you left off…?

Your Flow… Is the Flow of your Life Yours?… Have you had moments of feeling really happy, even excited about something you have been doing? Has a problem or stress resolved itself without you putting in all the effort?.. without you feeling solely responsible for the outcome? This is Chi in action, but more than that, this is Chi fully integrated with your Body, the Whole of You being You in your Life. If this centred feeling is unsustainable, then the resulting Flow is not truly yours. Finding Your Centre is a skill but being able to flow as your Chi Energy Self in your Life as part of everything else, not just observing but being fully immersed in your experience, is a further challenge and, to me, is the ultimate goal of the Healing and Self-Development Journey.

Flowing as Your Chi Self 🙂 Last month I asked you to “Imagine an Empowering World… where everyone has enough of whatever they need to be fulfilled and naturally healthy…” and where there is… “a natural flow of expression and appreciation”… When you are flowing as your Chi Self, you decide in each moment where to go, what to think about, and what to do. It is not even a conscious decision but is a natural subconscious flow that feels right for you and the situation, feels comfortable and easy, feels happy, feels complete and you could change it at any point if you wished…

Real Life Flow Disrupted… What a Paradox… When your Centred feeling is not sustainable, there will be a physical fear interfering with your Chi expression. And this is the Paradox. If we could look truthfully at any situation and deal with it on its own merits in the moment, and support and listen to each other, life could flow smoothly and enjoyably. We all however have patterns of behaviour and perception which worsens, or unexpectedly triggers, the Fear response, especially if it is a situation we have faced many times. When we can support an empowering non-judgemental living and working environment, building confidence and ways of working together that help heal all our vulnerabilities, then we can be truly creative and inspire each other 🙂

Endings and Beginnings…

As we move into the Autumn and the new school term has started, there is a feeling of expectancy, of new things to come, of all the seasonal festivals. Does it however feel like a new adventure or does it have that feeling of you being here too many times before?! Do you feel excited by all the coming events? Or can you really not be bothered.. a bit bored by it all?
Energy Flows… Energy is all around us. Energy is us. Science continues to investigate, discover and map how it works. Our thoughts and emotions are also Energy, which we continuously process and form in our way into our lives. Energy naturally flows and evolves. The potential is always there for new opportunities, continual personal growth and wellbeing.

Endings and beginnings naturally occur. But is this your experience? Unfortunately being humans with a great history of experiences, our energy does not innately flow with ease and we get stuck in patterns of behaviour and events which are not just ours but are fixed by society and the world at large; patterns which never end and new never seems to happen. It’s like living in a balloon that just sits around you, bobbing, unchanging and restricting who you are! Examples of these are religious and cultural beliefs, inequality between the sexes and other discriminations… we are all human, we all have a right to live a life that empowers each and every one of us but how do we do that in relationship with all around us? How do we support and interact with each other when we are all fearful of being hurt or humiliated?
Want to Break Out of Your Balloon?  Sometimes it is not a conscious decision to want to move forward and flow with your Life, circumstances or challenges will present themselves at the right time for you to make you face your ballloon and find a way through and out; sometimes you just want to scream and shout at the balloon to “Get out of my way!!!” Some of you are on a fast track to change and you may find yourself facing balloon after balloon after balloon… layers and layers of stuck obselete ideas that you suddenly realise really don’t matter any more.
Keeping it Real  As much as we all sometimes may want to jump out of our lives and begin again in a completely new place with completely new people… a new beginning… the patterns will follow you and it is probable that it will all repeat again until you stand firm, face what you need to face to grow and thrive as your True Self. Deal with your reality, face your obstacles and ask within to grow beyond them… engage with your journey, seek support, you are not alone. We are all learning to communicate in a more complete and nurturing way… Keep Strong! <3

Are you distracted by Technology? Why?

I was reading this article today and it explains very well how we are all being affected by Technology these days. In Energy Terms, we are all being exposed hothead greater complexity of our Beings; we are having to deal with more freedom to choose in the moment what to Dodd how to respond. We are also being faced with the previously buried patterns of behaviour based on peer approval and ‘how things are’ and we are adjusting to the idea that actually we can change and form new ways of being… it is up to us! 🙂