It’s a New Year – Fresh Start? New Enthusiasm?

January is a useful time to reflect and reassess what is important to you personally. It is a great time to set goals for yourself however small or epic in nature! Your growth is driven by the clarity of your Personal Goal for Your Future, not only for yourself but also for what and who is important to you.  Empowering your Goal will clear obstacles that are preventing it happening – these can be physical obstacles, emotional, spiritual or mental; they can be obstacles from the Past hanging around, the Now or even the Future in the form of unrealistic or imposed expectations. When your Goal is Empowered, a personal path for you towards successful completion forms – your Life feels like it has direction and events or inspirations occur to help you grow as a person to fulfil your Goal. Obstacles come in all shapes, sizes and combinations but the first step to Empowering your Goal is to strengthen and clarify your Personal Space in order to truly know your Needs, your Aspirations, and Your Place within your Personal Vision of your Future.

Empowering Your Space - YHS January 2016
Empowering Your Personal Space

There are two steps to this (see pic) :

1) Clarifying and Reinforcing your Personal Boundaries

A very well-established technique is to visualise a bubble around yourself made from whatever material you wish – adapting it for your level of vulnerability > Fort Knox or soap bubble… it is up to you! Start using this consciously and eventually it will become second nature!

A more advanced level of this is to visualise a second larger bubble. This creates a buffer zone, extra time to think, extra cushioning for you. If the first bubble does not completely work, try this ‘Double Bubble’ technique 🙂

When this process is working effectively, you immediately feel less drained, more calm and ready to continue. When such techniques do not solve the problem, it is not that they have failed but that more advanced techniques are needed.

2) Clearing your Space of Debris

With your boundaries in place, the next step is to clear out any debris. Of course this process is very personal to you and there are no set rules… you set them! Again it can be done with the help of visualising your Space and proactively removing anything that does not fit or does not feel like it is yours. This will happen and progress naturally anyway after Step 1. Watch for times of vulnerability and reinstate your Double Bubble during this clearing process. At first this may feel selfish but the aim is to build healthier, more intelligent boundaries; when this happens, communication with others becomes easier and more enjoyable! Be You in 2016!

What is your Criteria for Growth and your Life?

Your Intention will influence the fundamental nature of your Life’s Path.  Mine has evolved over time and especially since being at the frontline of healing energies with Kinesiology and Reiki.  From my experience, as much as we think our lives have this over-riding direction, when you want change and it doesn’t happen, what is that telling you? What do you do? Of course everything I talk about is subjective and you have to run it past your own inner guidance and filters but here are my views at this time…

I originally based all my healing work on Highest Good Intention and worked with that for a few years… Of course we all want what is best for ourselves, don’t we? Less pain, an easier ride, help from others miraculously appearing as needed… but what do you do if that is not your experience?

I got to the point in my life, about 6 years ago (2010 ish), that fundamental things did not change in my life, although I had grown within and was more focused, certain issues were persistently annoying or even getting worse! I felt like I was going round in circles… help from the outside world seemed to have disappeared whereas I had always had some sort of feeling that I was looked after… I knew that I had not imagined that and it had been real to me but what now when all my usual avenues of inner reassurance seemed to have dissipated?  I knew within that there was something else I needed to understand… all my journey so far had brought me to that point… and now I was ready for something new…

My discomfort had been growing about setting a Highest Good Intention…  what did that really mean?  Wasn’t Good and Bad an opinion, a judgement? And I believed then and still do that judgements are human behaviour, not God or Highest Love behaviour… so was Highest Love an Intention to use?  Again a process began which I am now very familiar with… what does such and such actually mean in energetic terms…?    And I began asking myself what am I really trying to achieve in my Life but, more than that, I was at a wall and my usual inner direction was not leading me through it!?  All my inner / higher guidance seemed to have deserted me but… I knew my past journey and I knew an answer would come from somewhere…

Up to this point, I had come through a very isolating phase in my Life and, as much as I could not understand why, I felt I was on a mission to understand more about how subtle energy works, how ‘holistic healing’ actually works – (historically that’s me!?).  If Highest Love was a new Intention, what did that mean? Surely I was using that anyway by focusing on the ‘best possible outcome’ but what did that mean?! Best for who? Me? The people dear to me? The World? How big an Energy could I work with and how to decide if that was ethical or appropriate…?  As usual I brainstormed, blew a few fuses in my circuitry until sanity resumed (a joke by the way ?! but it feels like this sometimes) … and I decided that what was BEST for every energy field, however big or small, whether within and without, was to be Empowered! And this has lead me on my journey to date…  This means that every energy is given a Personal Space to think for itself, gain understanding about the energies it is interacting with and then to decide for itself what to do…  it is not up to me to make the judgement for another, it is up to each of us to decide how we relate to ourselves and All that Is… being Empowered facilitates this process…


Immediately my healing work took on a new momentum… ‘Highest Way’ Intention began… What I found was that I became more impatient for faster healing… I was fed up with certain issues not getting healed!  I felt more empowered to do something about them… my understandings evolved and are still evolving… this new phase in my personal journey required me to face bigger issues… ask deeper questions… but I was able now to do that and manage my Self better!  Every step of the way I found answers… I felt safer to really tackle my deepest vulnerabilities… which I was and am really sick of seeing in my Life… still uncovering more to work on… but I now have a deeper reassurance in who I am and what we all have the potential to be!

Everything is Energy in some Form, I know that now more than ever.  We can learn to manage our energies and transform ourselves and the World… it just takes Intention and the Willingness and Tenacity to walk your Path.

You choose your Intention deep within but realise that we have all inherited certain Patterns individually, as families, as communities and as humans, some very hard-wired patterns and however much you internally intend something, these Patterns may be what play out in your Life!  It is a very complex picture and I am still learning as we all are… there is no wrong or right but achieving Win-Win is my criteria for my personal growth and for the healing work I do in the World.  There is the Potential in Humanity for there to be no losers… just Win-Win all the way… the more Empowered we all are, the quicker change can happen, the more of our subtle energetic database can be processed…

“Re-Empowering the Inner You” … seek Win-Win in every situation… keep yourself safe… build from here <3