Going With the Flow… Is it Yours?

Last month I wrote about Finding Your Centre… amidst the Noise of your Life… all those musts, haves, shoulds, needs, wants… all those challenges that drop in your lap that add clutter… all of which seem to take priority over allowing yourself time to rest, reflect and review all this activity, allowing you time to reconnect with who you are… time to reconnect with your Chi… Maybe you are able to find your Centre, perhaps through meditation practice, mindfulness techniques or exercise, able to find your sense of Self and check-in with yourself that you are being you in your life… But then you have to re-engage with the rest of your life… what happens to your sense of Self then? Can you maintain that Centred feeling whatever is going on around you or do you start to feel out of your depth or just pick up from where you left off…?

Your Flow… Is the Flow of your Life Yours?… Have you had moments of feeling really happy, even excited about something you have been doing? Has a problem or stress resolved itself without you putting in all the effort?.. without you feeling solely responsible for the outcome? This is Chi in action, but more than that, this is Chi fully integrated with your Body, the Whole of You being You in your Life. If this centred feeling is unsustainable, then the resulting Flow is not truly yours. Finding Your Centre is a skill but being able to flow as your Chi Energy Self in your Life as part of everything else, not just observing but being fully immersed in your experience, is a further challenge and, to me, is the ultimate goal of the Healing and Self-Development Journey.

Flowing as Your Chi Self 🙂 Last month I asked you to “Imagine an Empowering World… where everyone has enough of whatever they need to be fulfilled and naturally healthy…” and where there is… “a natural flow of expression and appreciation”… When you are flowing as your Chi Self, you decide in each moment where to go, what to think about, and what to do. It is not even a conscious decision but is a natural subconscious flow that feels right for you and the situation, feels comfortable and easy, feels happy, feels complete and you could change it at any point if you wished…

Real Life Flow Disrupted… What a Paradox… When your Centred feeling is not sustainable, there will be a physical fear interfering with your Chi expression. And this is the Paradox. If we could look truthfully at any situation and deal with it on its own merits in the moment, and support and listen to each other, life could flow smoothly and enjoyably. We all however have patterns of behaviour and perception which worsens, or unexpectedly triggers, the Fear response, especially if it is a situation we have faced many times. When we can support an empowering non-judgemental living and working environment, building confidence and ways of working together that help heal all our vulnerabilities, then we can be truly creative and inspire each other 🙂

Going With the Flow… Disempowering or Empowering? Uncomfortable or Joyful?

‘Step back within, reconnect with your Chi… wait for inspiration…’ This was how I ended last month’s page… so I did… I got on with life… went with the Flow… didn’t think too hard about anything (usually difficult for me?!) and dealt with situations that arose… eventually I started thinking about Noise… that background type of Noise that gets filtered out of a distorted electrical signal to make the sound you hear clearer… so…

Imagine an Empowering World… where everyone has enough of whatever they need to be fulfilled and naturally healthy both physically, mentally and emotionally… where we can all pursue our creativity and enjoy sharing our lives with each other without anxiety, harm or mistrust. There are challenges, opportunities for personal growth, where you naturally meet the right person, pick up the right book, find the right web link, be inspired in some way to find understanding about what you are facing. You have a wonderful circle of friends for all sorts of occasions, some friends for a season and some are friends for life but this happens naturally in tune with everyone’s needs. People do not harm each other in any way; they naturally know when someone needs their own space or when they need company. Conversations flow easily whether just passing the time of day or for those in-depth analyses and life-changing times. We all have enough money because we are all doing work that we are passionate about that uses and expands our talents and that others around us value because it helps them in some way… a natural flow of expression and appreciation. How wonderful would this World be?…

Noise… Life pulls and pushes all of us around with activities that have to be done, that we want to do, that others want us to do, that we feel are important, that are part of our routine or traditions… but are you able to give yourself time to rest, reflect and review all the activity?… To consciously decide if you are on the right track? Do you give yourself time to reconnect with your Centre to step back within and observe the Noise of your Life? Noise is all the patterns of behaviour which control, limit and disempower. They are patterns that are fuelled by our vulnerabilities and self-protection… they disrupt and distort our Chi, our natural one-ness with everything, our natural empowered way of being… Where are you limited? What situations are uncomfortable? What do you do to avoid them or how do you defend or compromise yourself? Do you try to control the outcome? Do you want a life like this?

Step out of the Noise… Find your Centre… Give yourself some time. Do something you enjoy, just for you. Choose not to engage with disempowering behaviour, anything which feels uncomfortable. When ‘Going with the Flow’ feels peaceful, happy and easy, when life starts to unfold in an empowering and joyful way all on its own, you will have found your Centre 🙂

Has your Life Got Momentum ??! Not Enough or Too Much?

Does your Life consistently and enjoyably flow from one moment to the next? Do you Love everything about it? Is it coherent or a bit random and challenging? Does it confuse you sometimes and you are left feeling stressed and not knowing the right course of action? Or does it run on full pelt with you feeling you cannot change anything? I wrote earlier this year about how life can feel chaotic but that actually there are deeply held complex patterns of behaviour at work; I have also written about Love being one of the most powerful driving forces in our lives but so is any powerful emotion such as anger or fear. Is this what gives us our Momentum? And do we have a choice when we feel compelled to behave or react in a certain way? Can we step away from the Patterns? What actually is Momentum?

Momentum is defined as ‘the quantity of motion of a moving body’ or ‘the impetus, driving power of a physical object or course of events’. It is that feeling when running downhil and you cannot stop… it feels compelling, flowing, pushing you on… Should life feel like this? Is it under your control? Are you deciding your destiny or are you being carried along by others or life situations – relationships, heath or work? Or do you just feel still with no momentum at all?
Momentum Forms… beyond your feelings and emotions about every day events, beyond all the thinking about personal goals and all the desire about what you want and how you want to achieve it, beyond all the building of your security and stability in the world, beyond all this, there is a much deeper influence on our existence which can upset all the rest…. one that I have only started to sense fairly recently due to it usually being drowned out by everything else…!?
Your Reason WHY… What gets you really motivated? What do you feel passionate about? What excites you or makes you feel really happy? What CAUSES you to take ACTION?… This is your WHY! When you have not found your WHY or have become disconnected from it (through life disappointments or trauma), life can become routine, without direction, still or frustrated because your search for fulfillment never satisfies. Cyclical negative behaviour or continued life obstacles and ‘bad luck’ can also result from your WHY not being harmonised…
But It’s Not Just YOU!! This is going on for everyone. We are not isolated individuals. Our social groups, I believe, are formed from common Causes, a deep interconnected momentum we are all innately drawn to… but the flip side to that as well is becoming aware of being attracted to disempowering self-destructive connections when Causes have become distorted and social behaviour is divisive or abusive. Resolve to make your Actions empowering to All <3

Being at One… Will that Solve All your Problems??…

Last month I talked about being Centred and that this is key to life becoming more enjoyable and easier; inspiring synchronicities occur without any apparent effort on your part… you begin to become more in tune with your surroundings and, rather than being overwhelmed with stress and chasing or running from certain situations or life in general, you begin to respond rather than react… stress drops away… that elusive Christmas present jumps out at you! This feeling of Flowing with Life is called ‘Being at One’.

‘Being at One’…
When you develop who you are, whatever skill you choose to learn, you go through a process of ‘paddling against the current’… learning new information which may conflict with what you know or have experienced already but once you are able to put it into a form you understand, you stop falling off the wave so much, your confidence increases and you ‘learn to balance’, be Centred, and go with the flow more… when you start to enjoy the ride, you will have Become ONE with the Ocean… 🙂
The extent to which your Life Flows will depend on how much of your Whole Energy Being is involved. This feeling of Flow, of ONE-ness, may be momentary. As you develop more of your Being, you may need to repeat this process many times but gradually the Flow remains for longer and becomes more resilient; Life’s ups and downs show you where you are still paddling, or learning to balance… Some of you may still need to ask “Where is the Ocean?”, “What kind of board suits me?”, “Am I using someone else’s board?… I really want my own!”…
‘Being at One’… Is that the Answer to Everything? As usual, there is always further learning and understanding… Having attained ONE-ness, your Life starts to flow but this may not bring you peace and fulfillment?! ONE-ness can be experienced in two ways…
SURRENDER to the Flow or SHAPE it?  In the Past, there was a common accepted culturally-led life path: how relationships played out, when we got married, how many children, getting a job or career for life, how you worship, what was expected and acceptable behaviour… we had surrendered into the norm, the ONE-ness of our Societies. What has happened in recent times is that there is a realisation that we can actually SHAPE our lives; we can walk our own path… just being part of the flow is not enough… We are still learning how we do that and still have a coherent society, a coherent harmonious World. The weight of water in our inherited waves is huge and becoming not only ONE with the Ocean but actually working with it harmoniously and joyously seems a mammoth task… but it is possible! Holistic Self-Development supports and guides this Journey – your Whole Being is part of the process… We can all not only learn to ride the wave but also eventually Carve our own Way through the Tube!!

Let’s Dooooo This! 😀

Centred with Inner Peace or Chasing Your Tail?

Everything is enjoyable when you are in a flow with life… this time of year (Nov 2016), many of us have started hunting for the right Christmas presents for each of our loved ones… one that seems to fit them perfectly which will bring you joy in giving and them joy in receiving. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all our interactions could be like this? If all our conversations could bring joy and inspiration? 🙂 But it is hard isn’t it when that elusive perfect present can’t be found?! …when circumstances even seem to be stacked up against that perfect synchronicity…
When you are Centred, you feel an inner peace and your connection with your environment becomes more attuned, you begin to sense an inner understanding about the current moment, about where to go, what to say, how you are feeling, what you want to do… you are more in tune with yourself… everything seems to fit together properly and rather than being a still feeling, it is actually a wonderful flow of joy and inspiration… you being you in tune with life around you. Instead of hunting for that present, you find yourself in the right shop with it right in front you and its saying “pick me up! :)”

Why is Inner Peace so Elusive?
Becoming Centred requires that you can manage all the interactions between yourself and your surroundings in a way that keeps you empowered and able to respond in the moment in a way that is constructive and positive for all involved. It is a skill. It requires the ability to think clearly in the moment, assessing very quickly all the factors and coming to a conclusion about what to do next. It requires understanding about yourself, about the circumstances, about the other people involved and how to be part of bringing all that together and move forward.
Finding your Centre is Key  As humans with all our experiences that have built us up and pulled us down, that have shaped who we are and how we behave, being Centred is a skill that needs to be learnt and practised. From my holistic understanding professionally and personally, the only way I have found more peace is through healing step-by-step the challenges in my life. I have begun to stop chasing solutions which I have found exhausting and I have become aware of vulnerabilities in myself that I was running away from, putting a brave face on, without even knowing it, stuff that was driving me. When Centred, you become the one in the driving seat and you know exactly where you need to go next. You start to attract positive and empowering influences into your Life without all the running around. You begin to connect with and value yourself and those around you on a much deeper level. For starters… take a few deep breaths, rest in the moment… do this often!!! … Then you will know what to get them for Christmas 🙂