Going With the Flow… Is it Yours?

Last month I wrote about Finding Your Centre… amidst the Noise of your Life… all those musts, haves, shoulds, needs, wants… all those challenges that drop in your lap that add clutter… all of which seem to take priority over allowing yourself time to rest, reflect and review all this activity, allowing you time to reconnect with who you are… time to reconnect with your Chi… Maybe you are able to find your Centre, perhaps through meditation practice, mindfulness techniques or exercise, able to find your sense of Self and check-in with yourself that you are being you in your life… But then you have to re-engage with the rest of your life… what happens to your sense of Self then? Can you maintain that Centred feeling whatever is going on around you or do you start to feel out of your depth or just pick up from where you left off…?

Your Flow… Is the Flow of your Life Yours?… Have you had moments of feeling really happy, even excited about something you have been doing? Has a problem or stress resolved itself without you putting in all the effort?.. without you feeling solely responsible for the outcome? This is Chi in action, but more than that, this is Chi fully integrated with your Body, the Whole of You being You in your Life. If this centred feeling is unsustainable, then the resulting Flow is not truly yours. Finding Your Centre is a skill but being able to flow as your Chi Energy Self in your Life as part of everything else, not just observing but being fully immersed in your experience, is a further challenge and, to me, is the ultimate goal of the Healing and Self-Development Journey.

Flowing as Your Chi Self 🙂 Last month I asked you to “Imagine an Empowering World… where everyone has enough of whatever they need to be fulfilled and naturally healthy…” and where there is… “a natural flow of expression and appreciation”… When you are flowing as your Chi Self, you decide in each moment where to go, what to think about, and what to do. It is not even a conscious decision but is a natural subconscious flow that feels right for you and the situation, feels comfortable and easy, feels happy, feels complete and you could change it at any point if you wished…

Real Life Flow Disrupted… What a Paradox… When your Centred feeling is not sustainable, there will be a physical fear interfering with your Chi expression. And this is the Paradox. If we could look truthfully at any situation and deal with it on its own merits in the moment, and support and listen to each other, life could flow smoothly and enjoyably. We all however have patterns of behaviour and perception which worsens, or unexpectedly triggers, the Fear response, especially if it is a situation we have faced many times. When we can support an empowering non-judgemental living and working environment, building confidence and ways of working together that help heal all our vulnerabilities, then we can be truly creative and inspire each other 🙂

What Will Fulfill You? When Will You Feel Complete?

I wrote about Fear recently and finished with these words ‘what will fulfill you…’ and since then I have been thinking about what is it that we really all want… When do we know we have done enough? Are we ever content? Do we ever have all the pieces of our own evolving personal puzzle? Are we really shaping our lives ourselves or are we all just responding to our environment? Can we ever be fulfilled or do we just surrender to the status quo at some point or at a certain age?!
At my first ‘Your Healing Space’ monthly group in January (2018), one of the topics briefly discussed was about the word ‘Empowerment’ and how it felt uncomfortable to say ‘I am Empowered’. This idea has been the backbone of my work for many years and evolved out of realising that I’d adapted to a stressful situation but didn’t feel comfortable with the person I’d become. I wrote about it here back in Oct 2014 ‘Empowered? How strong do you feel on the inside?‘ where I likened the feeling of Empowerment to a simple electrical circuit for a lightbulb… either the bulb (You) is shining brightly or it is fragile and flickers…

So… Feeling Fragile or Overwhelmed? If this is the case, would you tug at the threadbare wiring, roughly shake the flickering bulb, or try to recharge the out-of-date corroded battery? Wouldn’t this just break the circuit and cause the light to go out or sparks to fly and the bulb to pop? Isn’t it better to carefully repair or replace the exhausted parts with upgraded items suitable for the light necessary for your environment and its future needs?
Need more Power? If so How? This question is fundamental to our behaviour and holistically also our whole health and wellbeing… we are energy beings that need to be powered. We need to eat the appropriate good quality nutritious food but to truly thrive and feel fulfilled and complete, our emotional needs also need to be met. Feelings are the blood of the Soul and unfortunately when we suffer with stress and our feelings are overwhelming, our ability to manage our own power can become ‘corroded’. Either we process and resolve our feelings (repair/replace/upgrade!) or we adapt and create a way forward for ourselves which enables us to continue our lives – these adaptations can become ‘Powerful Ideas’ we rely on such as ‘smoking relieves my stress’, ‘I need this medicine/drug/person/money’… Both ways your Light may shine to the outside world but one will feel Empowering and have positive consequences for your wellbeing whereas the other may slowly deplete your inner power and ability to connect with and create joyful experiences. Choose to stand in your own power, resolve all adaptations… Face rather than Fear… 🙂


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Metaphysical Loops

Do you lose focus or get distracted easily? Experience annoyingly repetitive life events or behaviour? Life gets in the way? Have you found yourself spending more than your budget and are in debt again? Ended up in yet another ‘bad relationship’ or just ‘lost interest’? Past events keep coming to mind and prevent you moving forward in your life? Your circumstances just don’t change however much you want them to or however many self-help books or courses you study? Sometimes ‘Life’ just seems to ‘happen’ whatever you try or however you behave? Have you ever asked the questions ‘Why is this happening AGAIN?’ or ‘Why can’t I be bothered when this is really important to me?’… What you are experiencing is a Metaphysical Loop…

Loops - YHS Aug 2014

“Your Thoughts Create Your Reality” is a well-used phrase in all positive-thinking approaches to achieving your goals and improving all aspects of health but what does this mean? Metaphysical Sciences study the behaviour of sub-atomic particles where the Laws of Traditional Physics do not apply and Quantum Mechanics is used instead and it is this area of Science which is slowly understanding how our Thoughts interact with our surroundings. It has been seen in metaphysical experiments with such particles that just the Thoughts of the Observer influence the outcome and even that particles on opposite sides of the World seem linked in their responses, both of which suggest unseen communications happening at a quantum level. All holistic philosophies are based on this unseen web of Thoughts and quantum energy hidden within the ‘Seen World’. To me, intuition (our inner dialogue) describes how we decypher this subtle/quantum communication and is an innate ability we all have the potential to develop and is necessary if you want to step beyond your Metaphysical Loops.


They are Circuits of Thought at the sub-atomic level, they are the patterns of behaviour that reside in your Subconscious and deeper Superconscious held within the cells of your body. They provide a boundary to your Life which you may naturally grow beyond (‘Life happens’) or which you can choose to push against, and the deeper the circuit the more challenging the journey out of the Loop, psychologically and/or physically. Becoming aware of your Life Loops starts the process of reorganising how your brain maps them and you will know when you are growing beyond a Loop because you will naturally become aware of other options available to you via the Law of Attraction (written May 2013) – other ways to behave or new opportunities to follow. Don’t give up if you want change, every Loop can be surpassed <3

Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone? Exhilarated or Frightened?

We all endeavour to have a Comfort Zone in which we feel safe, comfortable and in control. We organise our daily routines based on this; it affects our behaviour, our relationships, our aspirations. We have all at some point however also stepped beyond its boundary and experienced or learnt something new – your Comfort Zone was updated and became your new reference for further new experiences. This step outside of familiarity is in fact how our brains are stimulated to grow and develop, how new neural pathways (the brain’s wiring) are created and how we become the people we are and who we want to be. Each of us is unique; each of our brains is wired in a unique way based not only on the facts of our own personal experiences but also on those we inherit and even more importantly on our perceptions of each. Why is it however easier for some to be exhilarated by ‘new’, whilst for others it is frightening? As usual it is not a simple answer and is multi-faceted so where to start…

Comf Zone - YHS Feb 2014

Feeling Uncomfortable? How Much?

Think of a situation where you felt uncomfortable, score it 1-10 (see pic). Generally, if a low score, it is probable that you will grow from it and expand your Zone. If however it was a high score, it is probable that it caused your Zone to contract limiting future events. But that is not the whole story…

What Feels Uncomfortable? Your Mind, Body or Spirit?

This question brings in the multi-dimensional and holistic nature of who we are. The original influence on our Comfort Zone was about the physical safety of early mankind in its ‘wild’ environment ie. Safety of the Physical Body and of course, this is still of primary importance. As our brains have developed in their complexity so too has the Mind’s ability to be fearful and self-protective and where we have experienced many frightening or harmful events, it will be your Spirit that is distressed. Where your score is very high, all will be part of the story, each with their own Comfort Zone, each affecting your responses to your life experiences, sabotaging or reinforcing each other. Helping one in isolation may provide short-term relief but for complete healing all aspects need to be considered – this is the holistic approach 🙂