Challenged? Keeping your Distance? Life Feeling Really Real or Unreal?

Keeping in touch with Reality at the moment is a bit of challenge. Our Normal Way of Life has been put on hold for a while… We are all facing uncertainty about our future, all facing our mortality, we may be grieving, we may be bored, we may be feeling guilty or frustrated, angry, frightened or sad. We may be worried for ourselves, for our families, for the world… The Corona Virus Covid-19 Pandemic is reaching every corner of our planet, causing an Effect everywhere. Last month I wrote about Absent Energies and how the Energy in healing terms appears to be different between Effects and Consequences but what is this we are living through at this time? Is there something going on here we do not know about? Absent Energy prompting questions in our Collective Psyche… Yet to be understood..? Giving that Unreal Feeling like you are living in a Movie? All this may be affecting all of us differently but it is affecting us all in some way… to me it feels more like an Event on a global scale than the usual unfolding of experiences.

Energy Events… are memorable! They fix a point in time… memories are sequenced ‘Before the Event’ and ‘After the Event’. Energy Events are not planned. They just seem to happen. Imagine thousands of puzzle pieces, some fit together, some do not seem to fit anywhere, some have two sides or no picture or pattern at all on them, some are attracted to each other, some repel… and… suddenly without warning… >!CLICK!< … a whole picture forms!! Event has happened….

Viruses need Hosts to Survive CoVid-19 is a type of RNA Virus, a microscopic parasite that lacks the complex mechanisms needed to thrive and reproduce itself for which it needs a suitable host to invade and reprogramme. We have/are seeing how this can cause lethal respiratory infections in humans… and how as a collective we are responding to that…


Your Life? Your Space? Healing Spaces are fundamental to my work and it is crucial to us in beating this Pandemic now. We have been/are being asked to do Social Distancing, 2m apart from each other outside of our homes, a very physical action rather than the subtle practise I have done and taught for many years. We are also not only individually distancing but also between relationships, families, groups and nations.

Event Happened? Or are we still IN the Event… Embedding the idea of having our own personal space is a very positive aspect of what we are experiencing. I would not be surprised if relationships change under these circumstances when reality really hits home. So not only has a picture formed but it is also becoming something else… Life may begin to feel different… we may realise we want it to be different !? Perhaps something previously Absent, something previously surrendered in what was, is beginning to have its own space, become empowered in its own right. Perhaps we will all become a bit more compassionate, understanding… more communicative about how we feel and find those that are willing to listen and actually care… perhaps we are learning how to connect in a more real meaningful way… Believe in Better <3

“What is a Real Woman?” ??

Came across this article about ‘Real Men’ and was wondering why we don’t see similar ones for ‘Real Women’ … ?

What underpins how we relate to the World and in our close relationships is our inner definitions of what it is to be a ‘man’ or ‘woman’.  These have grown over evolutionary times and contain deeply embedded ways of being, growing all the time. The above article explains a strong, grounded, confident, reassured man. So if you were talking about a strong, grounded, confident, reassured woman – would the article be the same?  If Men and Women were both truly empowered, would such an article be written like this at all?  Maybe or maybe not?

Both ‘Men’ and ‘Women’ have pressures on them to be ‘this’ and ‘that’… equality and inner growth is not just for one or the other.  There is much said in the Spiritual Media about the growth in the Divine Feminine at this time in evolution but this does not relate just to Women. Men are part of this picture too and are also relearning ways of relating… hence the above article.  The growth in the Divine Feminine is about Re-Empowering Women AND Men.  It is about rising above the Energy Systems that create our relationships – Men are locked into these just as much as Women.  It is about establishing empowered personal spaces where choices can be made by Women AND by Men, in the moment, for the highest benefit to all concerned, bringing about a joyful resolution for all.

Ask yourself ‘What does a relationship look like between 2 empowered people?’… Are there rigid stereotypical roles? I am starting to appreciate that it goes beyond that… When 2 empowered people or a group of empowered people work together, there seems to be a flow much like waves in an Ocean… up and down, sometimes swirling, sometimes calm, sometimes rough but always there, supporting life, supporting each other, always flowing… never a desert… always evolving… some taking the lead then others, all being themselves, expressing their own unique ways of being…

And what really is the difference between being ‘Empowered’ and being ‘Powerful’?  I will leave that for another time…