Summer Solstice Healing Event

[socialring]To mark the end of the transition which started 21-12-12, I will be sending healing through the Heal Your Puzzle Community on Facebook – – and this Event Post – comment to be connected <3

We are welcoming in a new way of relating within, to each other and to the World. It requires a new energetic structure, which will take time to come into being for each one of us. Some will find it harder than others; some Nations will find it harder than others. We are all participating in the same Journey towards more compassion, more balance, systems which work for All.
Please join the Event in some way even if just in your heart and help raise the vibration everywhere; the more that join, the higher the level of healing for All of Us.


2011 – A Year of Illumination… “ahhh… That’s what needs to be done!”

In this year of 2011 , the year of manifestation and illumination, we are seeing that our outer world may not be how we wish and that it does not resonate with our inner world – it just doesn’t feel right.  We also may not feel we have choice in our behaviour or our circumstances.  This is part of the Illumination process – deeply embedded subtle wiring is manifesting, programming that has influenced our behaviour unnoticed before but now it may feel like it is ‘in your face’ !  Ride the wave and observe your outer world and where it doesn’t work for you.  Focus where u can (it’s not always easy) on how YOU really want to behave, notice how you are feeling, and notice how true it feels, what do YOU really feel?

We carry lots of ‘baggage’ unknowingly from many sources and now is the time as we move into 2012 to say it is not necessary any more… unfortunately some of it does need to be worked through for our own Highest Good because it will give us life tools that we need for the future.  Everything and everyone is a gift but it is your choice what you do with your gifts… not the choice of your ‘baggage’, your learned behaviour or what is ‘expected’… it is YOUR choice 🙂

♥ Love, Light and Laughter for all ♥