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If you have not read ‘The Sacred Yes’ on my Home Page, please read now πŸ™‚   I found this by chance one day… one of those reassuring light-bulb moments… and it re-inspired me on my journey into understanding why, with all good intentions, Life does not always go to plan?! … Why do we lose focus on what appears to be important? Why does illness happen? Why do relationships not work? so…

Why settle for a Life which does not ‘bloom’ or ‘become(s) a flame’ ??


These questions amongst many others have lead me on a journey of discovery and a fascinating journey of understanding about Energies and how our Mind and Physical World interact in a myriad of ways and how we are truly multi-dimensional… sometimes plain-sailing, sometimes a rollercoaster!

My Kinesiology training has been an invaluable skill to underpin and develop my knowledge and experience since originally qualifying back in 2002.

We all have Potentials in each moment; we all have a Path towards a Goal but is it efficient, moving forward, evolving or is it stuck, routine, repetitive, frustrating?

Below is the introductory video to my work.  Please Like if you find it inspiring and please Share as you wish πŸ™‚   … and of course Subscribe to my Heal Your Puzzle Channel for further videos to come πŸ™‚

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Healing Self-Development Sessions are available in person or online…

“We are not here just to survive and live long…

We are here to live and know life in its multi-dimensions,

To know life in its richness, in all its variety.”

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