Guidance for Online Healing Days

[socialring]This is an opportunity for you to connect to a Group Energy and concentrate on your own healing process or wider afield to those around you, out into your community and beyond. Connecting together creates the possibility of greater focus and stability and therefore more efficient effective healing. Please read all the following information so that you know what to expect. Thank you.

To participate in the Healing Session, just comment on the Event page and you will be as present as you need to be for your own wholeness healing requirements at this time. So, you may be somewhere else at the time of the event, or you may be home, online or not, or you may decide to attend the healing page. You may just be logged on and doing something else or you may decide to focus now and again on the Group or you may even decide to meditate through some or all of the session time. It’s up to you.

Wholeness Healing is personal to you. It can be a very powerful experience or you may not feel anything has happened. You may find it useful to draw/take notes about your feelings/significant events/ inspiration/ life-health-relationship problems worsening or resolving… before, during and/or after the session(s).

Your experience of the session is yours and is also under your control. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, you can take a break – go for walk, listen to some lively music, just do something physical and distracting! I will facilitate the Day and monitor the Healing Process as it unfolds. I will endeavour to answer any questions and you can post comments/feedback or share your experiences if you wish.

If you are dropping in online throughout the day, review the activity so far, attune with group energy and see where it goes…

Privacy and confidentiality is important if you wish to share or ask something of a personal nature. If you do not want to be public, you can email me: or

If you are a Facebook User and would like further information, please join my ‘Heal Your Puzzle’ Facebook Group, or ‘Like’ my ‘Heal Your Puzzle’ page… it’s up to you 🙂

Thank You 🙂

<3 Love, light and laughter for all 🙂 <3

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