Festive Season Wishes

[socialring]Wishing everyone a Joy-full Festive Season and Effortless Transition into 2014:)

Whether you are celebrating Christmas or not, it is a wonderful magical time to share happy times with those you love.

It is also a time of renewal and reflection, which can be difficult for some. Every year that passes, however it has been, counts towards who you are in this moment and in January and February, plans are put into action for the coming year of 2014. This is a natural cycle giving you the opportunity to refocus your wishes for yourself and, in bringing positivity into your own reality, all those around you will also benefit.

Our Life Journeys can be challenging and the way forward is not always clear. Be present in the Now, observe where and who you are, who you are with, be conscious of your interactions, and where situations feel uncomfortable, envision how you would like them to be and how you would like to feel. Keep envisioning and updating where needed… some stubborn behaviours/events that seem to stick around require self-growth… there is always a solution waiting to be found, waiting for you to find it…

Do not give up on life, sometimes problems are bigger than you. Respect how you feel. Do not let anyone dismiss your feelings… This is your Heart talking <3 Remember too to respect others, their hearts are talking too. Wish you all well. Wish you all loving, caring futures. Help is there. You only have to ask and make the choice to receive it. <3 Love, Hope, Joy and Laughter for All <3

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