The Elusive Akash – Kryon Channelling, Aug 10th 2013

[socialring]Our hidden information about who we are, hidden in our DNA, hidden until we are able to read such information – needs a different system to our usual brain-memory mechanism 🙂  Explained in such a simple way as usual <3


The New Normal

[socialring]From Live Kryon Channeling: 
Salt Lake City, UT 
February 9, 2013

There has been a time marker that has been self-imposed by Gaia on humanity, aligning itself with the precession of the equinoxes. This was a 26,000-year cycle of time given appropriately and seen by the ancestors as an end or a beginning. Should you make it past this point, there would be no going back. 

There are some who are saying, “When are we going to get back to what we’re used to? I want to feel normal again.” Dear ones, you started this race when you were born and you have run a marathon, existing in miles and miles of what you call Human experience. Do you really feel that as you win this race, you’re going to be transported back to the beginning or the middle? The answer is no. 

Perhaps there are those old souls who are sitting around waiting for things to return to normal, but you don’t know what normal is! You’ve always been battling the old energy, over and over for lifetimes! You have always had to be on alert ever since you understood duality. That’s not normal. 

Let me describe the new normal. Normal is an earth, a planet, that has moved into a transitional period of energy where the ideas you have as an old soul now have merit and value. It’s almost like the sun has come out in a darkened area and things that didn’t used to work suddenly do. That’s the new normal. Normal will now be a time when you don’t have to wake up and slog through the mess anymore. 

~ KRYON, through Lee Carroll
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