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July 2020: Returning to Source…

June 2020: Choice… Is it Free or Limited?

May 2020: Viral Energies… Was your Life Yours? Is it Now? Want Change or More of the Same?

April 2020: Challenged? Keeping your Distance? Life Feeling Really Real or Unreal?

March 2020: Have an Effect or Deal with the Consequences… Not Always a Conscious Choice!  (Written before the UK Corona Virus Public Health Emergency)

February 2020: Who WE are… Aligned or Compromised?

January 2020: Making Choices… Do Your Mind, Body and Chi Agree? Do You?

December 2019: Being Yourself… Can you do this in your Relationships?…

November 2019: Relationship Chi… The Dynamic of ‘Us’ and ‘We’

October 2019: Cause and Effect…? Feel stuck in a Loop? Can it be Changed?

September 2019: Making Choices… Is it as Simple as Black or White?

August 2019: Feeling Connected? Feel You Belong? Feel Valued?

July 2019: Going With the Flow… Is it Yours?

June 2019: Going With the Flow… Disempowering or Empowering? Uncomfortable or Joyful?

May 2019: Feeling Vulnerable?… Understanding the Energy Form…

Apr 2019: Realising Truth… Real Healing

Mar 2019: Being Grounded in Who You Are…

Feb 2019: Being Yourself…

Jan 2019: Your Journey to Being Whole… Realising You

Dec 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole… Attuning Your Life

Nov 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole… The Inner Work

Oct 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole… The Healing Journey

Sept 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole… The Intention of “Empowering Relationships”

Aug 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole… “Intention of Non-Interference”

July 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole – Intention

June 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole – Realisation

May 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole

April 2018: Virtual Reality…

March 2018: Your Healing Space…

February 2018: What Will Fulfill You? When Will You Feel Complete?


December 2017: Wanting a Perfect Christmas? Anxious or Excited?..

November 2017: There’s More to You Than Everyone Sees…

October 2017: Muscle Response Testing… Learning a New Language… With Yourself…

September 2017: Mindfulness – Focuses Intention but can also be Challenging…

August 2017: Has your Life Got Momentum ??! Not Enough or Too Much?

July 2017: Building Resilience… Struggling with something? … It’s not all your Fault!

June 2017: Keys… Open Doors and Much More…

May 2017: Life In Gear and On Track or Do you Feel Exhausted and Getting Nowhere?

April 2017: Aware of any Coincidences Recently? Happen to be in the Right Place at the Right Time?

March 2017: We Live in a Multi-Dimensional Reality… What does that mean?

February 2017: Love… Do you know that you Attract All your Experiences like a Huge Magnet?

January 2017: 2017!! Found it difficult to plan the Future? Fractals & Chaos Theory may help! 🙂

December 2016: Being at One… Will that Solve All your Problems??…

November 2016: Centred with Inner Peace or Chasing Your Tail?

October 2016: Endings and Beginnings…

September 2016: Do You Have a Healthy Core?

August 2016: Reality check…

July 2016: Mind or Body in Charge? Are You? Are You your Mind? Are You your Body?

June 2016: Ever Feel You Can’t Move Forward in your Life? Feel Clamped?

May 2016: Does your Life Reflect your Worth? … What is ‘Worth’? Just Money? Or a Feeling?

April 2016: Lost Your Spark?

March 2016: Sensory Perception… Do you like how you see the World?

February 2016: Does your Life have a Pulse? Do you Feel Alive?

January 2016: It’s a New Year – Fresh Start? New Enthusiasm?

December 2015: Does Christmas Feel Empty? Want it to Feel More Meaningful?

November 2015: Do you Believe in Angels?

October 2015:  Is your Life Hard-wired? Are you fed up with “That’s just the way it is”?!

September 2015:  What is Your Life’s Bigger Picture?

August 2015: Empowering The Human Heart, Empowering Our Virtues

July 2015: Mind vs Heart – Thoughts vs Feelings… Do you know the difference?

June 2015: Feeling stuck? Trying hard to change things but without success?

May 2015: Relationship Issues? Maybe it’s Your Conflicting YIN & YANG?!

Apr 2015: What Does Your LIFE MAP look like for This Year?

Mar 2015: What is TRUTH? What is REALITY? What is ILLUSION?

Feb 2015: LOVE?!?!?@##@*!?&**

Jan 2015: We All Have Addictions?… What’s Yours?

Dec 2014: Can Love Be Unconditional?

Nov 2014: All Systems Go!

Oct 2014: EMPOWERED? How strong do you feel on the inside?

Sept 2014: Did you get Nominated for the ALS “#icebucketchallenge“ ?

Aug 2014: Metaphysical Loops

July 2014: Are you Led by your Heart or your Mind? Your Soul or your Spirit? Something Else?

June 2014: Out of Body Experience? (Higher Chakras)

May 2014: In Harmony with your Life? Feel In or Out of Sync?

April 2014: Spinning Too Many Plates?

Mar 2014: Does your Puzzle Fit Together?

Feb 2014: Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone? Exhilarated or Frightened?

Jan 2014: 2014… A Continuing Theme: “Hidden becoming Seen…”

Dec 2013: Make This Year Count… See the positive and build on that

Nov 2013: How Conscious are You? Do you want to be more Conscious? What does that mean?

Oct 2013: Systems vs. Networks… Do You Recognise the Part You Play?

Sept 2013: Something for the Soul Seekers…

Aug 2013: “How do you Feel?” or “What State are you in?”

July 2013: Do You Have Keys for Your Spiritual Doors?

June 2013: Frustrated by your Healing Journey?

May 2013: The Law of Attraction – “Do you welcome everything that comes into your life?”

April 2013: What is Karma?

Mar 2013: “What would you do with £1 million?”

Feb 2013: Looking for New Opportunity? New Job? New Love?

Jan 2013: Your ‘A to B’ for 2013 (Part 2) – Connecting with Higher Personal Goals ‘Outside Your Box’

Dec 2012: Your ‘A to B’ for 2013 – How much do you want to Achieve or Heal?

Nov 2012: The Power of Groups

Oct 2012: What do you really, really want? What’s your Heart’s Intention?

Sept 2012: ——————-

Aug 2012: Have you heard of “The Ascension Process”?

July 2012: Take a Pyramid Journey…

June 2012: ‘Lack of Confidence’ is a Misconception

May 2012: Useful Self-Empowerment Visualisation Techniques

April 2012: What is a Fractal? And what has it got to do with Healing?

Mar 2012: Do we have Free Will? Yes we do but…

Feb 2012: Love and its Many Faces

Jan 2012: It’s 2012 and what does this mean for you?

Dec 2011: Introduction to Chakras

Nov 2011: Your Field as a Puzzle and its Holes

Oct 2011: 2011 – A Year of Illumination… “ahhh… That’s what needs to be done!”

Sept 2011: Who Wants to Heal Themselves?

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Your Journey to Being Whole…… “Intention”

In this the third article about Wholeness, I am introducing ‘Intention’ and how my understanding of this has changed during my Journey over the last decade or so…
INTENTION is traditionally defined as: (1) A thing intended; an aim or plan, or (2) Your desire for (or to do) something. On first thinking about how to explain it here to you, I considered Intention to be about achieving a particular Goal as in (1) above or a Motivation as in (2) but when I thought more, neither of these really describe what Intention has been for me. Intention for me has been a ‘How-to’… HOW do I reach my Goal rather than what the Goal is… HOW do I carry out my Plan rather than what is driving me… HOW do I want to achieve something that really matters to me… So it has been more about the character of the Journey than the actual nuts and bolts and details… WHAT is the HEALTHIEST way? And this Idea of Intention has in itself had its own learning curve – a number of Realisations along the way that changed and expanded how I worked with Energy… I stepped forward rather than going round another loop leading to the same outcome. So what were these Realisations about Intention?… The first…

GOOD VS BAD – Moving Beyond Judgement ‘Highest Good’ is a well-known philosophy for spiritual growth; surely we all want a life which is good… but who decides what is good? If I think something is good and you think it is bad, who is right? And if I stop doing something that I really enjoy because others think it is bad, how do I deal with that inside? Guilt? Shame? Blame? Suppression? Is there something you do that you think is good and it hurts someone else, is that still good? Do you consider yourself Bad but think that’s a good way to be or vice versa? Labelling something Good or Bad is an opinion, a judgement, based on an individual’s or a society’s belief systems. Healing-wise I worked with Highest Good for about a decade, but then I began to see ‘Bad Energy’ building up like a blockage in a pipe… any more and it would explode. The Highest Good Intent was somehow stopping me face the ‘Bad Energy’… it felt unresolved… I realised that I needed to include this ‘bad’ in my healing protocols and began using the Highest Way Intent. In just realising this idea, I saw how it freed up my Energy, my Life and I felt more complete.
The Power of Non-Judgement Difficult challenges that occur in our lives can help us grow; it is not really about the other person but is about us learning to deal with a situation in a way that works and improves our own life and health, in a way that achieves resolution and peace within. I am only sharing my experience here and to me the reassuring aspect of holistic self-development work is that… ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ 🙂 When your Energy heals and updates, your life does the same, things just gradually improve and move forward. Learn from your challenges… become more Whole. More on Intention next issue 🙂

… Previous in this Series ‘Your Journey to Being Whole…’

>  Introduction

>  Realisation


Interested in support for your Journey? In association with the South Gloucestershire Wellbeing College , there is a FREE local Monthly Group ‘Your Healing Space’, which introduces and supports your first steps to Wholeness.  So if you are interested in holistic support for your Journey,  click links to find out more 🙂

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Your Journey to Being Whole… “Realisation”

This is the second in my series on Wholeness where I intend to revisit my own journey and try to map my own personal growth onto a simple timeline… so this article is about “Realisation”. And as I write this page I realise that there has not been one or two of them but more of a continuing flow especially when I began my own self-growth journey.
A Realisation is one of those moments of complete clarity: suddenly you understand something, a decision makes itself or an unplanned event just happens… out-of-the-blue, no turning back. This may be life-changing like starting or ending a relationship, taking a new job, a career change, moving to a new town, falling out with friends or family or something less significant like decluttering your home or wardrobe just because it feels right.
When a Puzzle Comes Together… Realisations can be an idea that suddenly takes hold or an in-the-moment event but is probably also the culmination of a process that has been happening in your sub-conscious for a while…

Before the energy puzzle of the idea forms, you may have that underlying feeling of uncertainty, that awareness that you do not feel complete and are looking for something; maybe you feel bored or unfulfilled or just a bit unclear or confused. It may also not be change that you need but that you just need more ingredients to your Life’s Cake Recipe 🙂
More Ingredients Please This in itself was a significant Realisation that I had along the way. I had reached landmarks in my life which I was very pleased with but still had this discomfort within that I was not complete. I did not deliberately chase change and really did try to make the best of where I was but life knew better and threw me opportunities I could not resist!? It was not until I faced a really challenging phase in my life when opportunities just stopped happening and I felt overwhelmed by circumstances that my trust in this process deserted me… all I could do was dig in and get myself through each day.
But had my Journey stopped? A puzzle had actually formed and all those life-changing events mentioned above happened all at once! I actually finally had the people in my life that I wanted but everything else that made me feel secure disappeared. But a new puzzle was in process, a new Realisation was forming. I was being made aware of why I had felt empty and now I was learning how to feel truly Full of Life…to feel Whole! This has become a step-by-step inner process which I have shared here with you along the way and I now look forward to what unfolds.

This year 2018, my new project is about developing a local Monthly Group entitled ‘Your Healing Space’, which introduces and supports the first few steps to Wholeness.  This is  in association with the South Gloucestershire Wellbeing College and allows it to be FREE for those who are interested in holistic support for their Journey. Click links to find out more 🙂


… Previous in this Series ‘Your Journey to Being Whole…’

> Introduction


Interested in support for your Journey? In association with the South Gloucestershire Wellbeing College , there is a FREE local Monthly Group ‘Your Healing Space’, which introduces and supports your first steps to Wholeness.  So if you are interested in holistic support for your Journey,  click links to find out more 🙂

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Your Journey to Being Whole

This is the beginning of a series of articles on Wholeness where I intend to revisit my own journey and try to map my own personal growth onto a simple timeline… one that if you looked at it, you may be able to identify where you are and see where you have yet to go… to be Whole 🙂 …my project for the rest of 2018 perhaps…

I have been writing here since 2011 when the idea of Wholeness suddenly started to take shape in my life after being a Kinesiologist for nearly a decade. Along the way I have shared my thoughts with you each month about ideas that have helped me grow and heal personally and professionally…. So let’s begin….

Introduction: The Challenge of Wholeness Very early in my career as a Kinesiologist I was intrigued by the idea of Wholeness thinking that I knew what it meant and that as a trained energy professional with previous careers in Engineering and Sports Therapy… of course I was Whole! However having reached this landmark after, what I thought at the time, lengthy soul-searching and various spiritual workshops alongside regular meditation, I found myself on a life path far more real and challenging than I ever thought possible. A path which has taken me on a step-by-step journey of working with the energy patterns that we live and breathe, not only as individuals but the far more complex dynamic of relationships… those we have within and those we have with each other and our environment.

I think if I had known what was coming, I do not know if I would have stepped voluntarily onto this path! But this is the unknown of Life and we are built out of our choices and experience. Only when you begin to see and, more importantly, feel positive change do you start to trust your journey but even that feeling may be fleeting… until one day you look back and see how far you have come and know that for you it was the only way to now feel fulfilled and truly be yourself living your own life as you want it to be in synchronicity with everything around you.

I did not choose my path consciously but I was wrestling with inner discomfort and heartache and wanting desperately to know why and how to feel complete and secure and actually feel like I was building something of meaning. I had gained much experience, knowledge and confidence in myself and had travelled the world but still it took a growing connection to my spirituality that really set me on my inner journey of self-discovery. Events happened that meant I had to just dig in and follow my instincts; I could not plan a route through it because I had never faced it before. I found myself overwhelmed with the question “Why Me?” and “Why is this happening?” but at the same time was fascinated and terrified because I felt there was a purpose to it and it felt very real. It had happened at the right time; I had enough personal tools to keep me afloat and I did just that… used all my resources, developed them, gained insight and resolve, asked the difficult questions… and learnt about how the Energy of who we are forms and how we can empower ourselves to consciously shape our lives, lives that are truly ours in harmony with All That Is.

Wholeness?… is a moving Goalpost until you realise you feel peaceful inside and you are part of a beautiful orchestral World where we each have a place and a part to play in evolving the Whole.


Interested in support for your Journey? In association with the South Gloucestershire Wellbeing College , there is a FREE local Monthly Group ‘Your Healing Space’, which introduces and supports your first steps to Wholeness.  So if you are interested in holistic support for your Journey,  click links to find out more 🙂

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It’s a New Year – Fresh Start? New Enthusiasm?

January is a useful time to reflect and reassess what is important to you personally. It is a great time to set goals for yourself however small or epic in nature! Your growth is driven by the clarity of your Personal Goal for Your Future, not only for yourself but also for what and who is important to you.  Empowering your Goal will clear obstacles that are preventing it happening – these can be physical obstacles, emotional, spiritual or mental; they can be obstacles from the Past hanging around, the Now or even the Future in the form of unrealistic or imposed expectations. When your Goal is Empowered, a personal path for you towards successful completion forms – your Life feels like it has direction and events or inspirations occur to help you grow as a person to fulfil your Goal. Obstacles come in all shapes, sizes and combinations but the first step to Empowering your Goal is to strengthen and clarify your Personal Space in order to truly know your Needs, your Aspirations, and Your Place within your Personal Vision of your Future.

Empowering Your Space - YHS January 2016
Empowering Your Personal Space

There are two steps to this (see pic) :

1) Clarifying and Reinforcing your Personal Boundaries

A very well-established technique is to visualise a bubble around yourself made from whatever material you wish – adapting it for your level of vulnerability > Fort Knox or soap bubble… it is up to you! Start using this consciously and eventually it will become second nature!

A more advanced level of this is to visualise a second larger bubble. This creates a buffer zone, extra time to think, extra cushioning for you. If the first bubble does not completely work, try this ‘Double Bubble’ technique 🙂

When this process is working effectively, you immediately feel less drained, more calm and ready to continue. When such techniques do not solve the problem, it is not that they have failed but that more advanced techniques are needed.

2) Clearing your Space of Debris

With your boundaries in place, the next step is to clear out any debris. Of course this process is very personal to you and there are no set rules… you set them! Again it can be done with the help of visualising your Space and proactively removing anything that does not fit or does not feel like it is yours. This will happen and progress naturally anyway after Step 1. Watch for times of vulnerability and reinstate your Double Bubble during this clearing process. At first this may feel selfish but the aim is to build healthier, more intelligent boundaries; when this happens, communication with others becomes easier and more enjoyable! Be You in 2016!

Website Revamp = Mind Evolution?!

Energies are changing. Energies are shifting.

This website is not working as smoothly as I wish or is as easy as I would like for updating the information.  How WordPress functions is being updated fairly regularly at the moment as are most technologies as we speak … and I am still getting used to it all…. still creating and adapting in real-time 🙂

Interestingly, there is similar reworking and rewiring going on in the subtle so I have trust that it is all on track for …

– Greater Clarity

– Ease of use

– Higher Spec

– More focus

– Greater control of direction…

… Much like all our brains need at the current time 🙂

Watch this Space and keep your feet on the ground 🙂

Be brave.  Keep growing.  Keep Conscious.

The World is Changing

As you grow in yourself, you begin to face aspects of subtle database that are more complex in their wiring. This is why however developed you think you are there will always be a next level of learning. As you deal with more complexity your inner power and sense of Self grows.

The video explains how this is happening on a global scale but it is also the journey of each of us as individuals, as families, as communities and nations. Apply what you know in every challenging situation and ask for guidance if new knowledge or skills are needed. Be courageous and face what comes next for you <3

“World banker makes stunning confession”

August 25th 2013…


Interesting video about the energies this year and helps me understand why I had to take a few steps back from my early enthusiasm with new work projects back in the Spring. A time for patience and allowing the energetic upgrades to occur. Not in my case an easy ride but am very excited by what I have learnt. <3

New ways of Being are unfolding. The old ways are being rewritten and not because they were ‘wrong’ but because now we are able to have a higher understanding and connection within ourselves and with others. Do not worry too much about the details of your journey- some parts will be very challenging, some will feel amazing. Do what you feel is true to you in any moment- be angry, be loving, be thoughtful, take yourself to places u are drawn to… Be responsible however and observe where your behaviour does not feel like your truth… Ask for understanding and keep in mind that true love is supportive, light, peaceful, joyful and always there…
The route to Be-ing this and bringing your ‘Heaven to Earth’ is yours alone but is part of the higher group and society journey we are all on. Watch the video and connect to the natural and peaceful loving energy, take from it what you feel is for you.



… and the significance it brings.  A very challenging time but amazing clearing of long-held distorted subtle wiring  <3 Ride the wave <3

I will be sending Healing through this Event post.  Please share below your experiences of this time or just check in as and when.

If you are feeling particularly challenged by events or people, making a brief comment below will give you a more powerful connection to the group healing energy and give you more support. You can also focus on the picture and imagine being part of our supportive group.

<3 Rest in stillness for as long as you wish <3

Please share this Event with others to help the healing and the support more powerful.

Thank you and Wishing you all Truth and Love over the rest of the Year and beyond <3

To complete this event on 21st December 2012, I will facilitate focused healing throughout the day.  I will post relevant information as comments below.

Please refer to: ‘Guidance for Online Healing Days’ and other Healing Guidance information.