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March 13th 2022  New Forest Mind, Body and Spiritual Fayre at Lyndhurst Community Centre, High Street, Lyndhurst, SO43 7NY

July 8th-10th 2022   The Healing Weekend at New Road Farm, by Secret World, East Huntspill, Highbridge, Somerset, TA9 3PZ.  First time at this Event… Can’t wait 🙂

July 30th 2022   10am – 3pm  Mind Body Spirit Fayre at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, S Glos, BS37 6AD.

Oct 29th 2022   10am – 3pm  Mind Body Spirit Fayre at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, S Glos, BS37 6AD.

Past Shows…


HEAL YOUR PUZZLE Workshops & Monthly Group

(None currently running)


‘BUILDING YOUR RESILIENCE’ – took place Mar 23rd 2019 at The Ridgewood Community Centre, Yate.

One-day workshop including self-management techniques and an introduction to Muscle Testing.

No further workshops planned – see Note Below.


Your Healing Space 


3rd Thursday of month…   7-8.30pm  (except August and December)
At The Chantry, 52 Castle St, Thornbury, Bristol BS35 1HB


NOTE – The above Workshop & Group were run in association with the South Glos Wellbeing College , which since April 1st 2019 has now been superceded by the new South Glos One You intitiative.

This changeover coincided with other pressures on my time and so currently do not run. My Healing Work has continued however and I continue to write and the above events did ‘funnily enough’ reflect the themes of my articles at the beginning of 2019:

Jan 2019 – Your Journey to Being Whole… Realising Who You Are

Feb 2019 – Being Yourself

I am currently aiming to have stands at MBS Shows so that I can continue to help those of you seeking resolution and change or are experiencing inner struggles in understanding why your life is the way it is…  so book in to see me at one of the Shows listed above 🙂

If you would prefer to have a One-to-One at another time or sooner than my next Show, current info here >> Sessions


Your Healing Space… Started Jan 2018

The last Group Session for 2018 takes place on Nov 15th. Click here for the  2019 Programme.

JULY FLYER 1 – Your Healing Space
JULY FLYER 2 – Your Healing Space

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Your Journey to Being Whole… “Realisation”

This is the second in my series on Wholeness where I intend to revisit my own journey and try to map my own personal growth onto a simple timeline… so this article is about “Realisation”. And as I write this page I realise that there has not been one or two of them but more of a continuing flow especially when I began my own self-growth journey.
A Realisation is one of those moments of complete clarity: suddenly you understand something, a decision makes itself or an unplanned event just happens… out-of-the-blue, no turning back. This may be life-changing like starting or ending a relationship, taking a new job, a career change, moving to a new town, falling out with friends or family or something less significant like decluttering your home or wardrobe just because it feels right.
When a Puzzle Comes Together… Realisations can be an idea that suddenly takes hold or an in-the-moment event but is probably also the culmination of a process that has been happening in your sub-conscious for a while…

Before the energy puzzle of the idea forms, you may have that underlying feeling of uncertainty, that awareness that you do not feel complete and are looking for something; maybe you feel bored or unfulfilled or just a bit unclear or confused. It may also not be change that you need but that you just need more ingredients to your Life’s Cake Recipe 🙂
More Ingredients Please This in itself was a significant Realisation that I had along the way. I had reached landmarks in my life which I was very pleased with but still had this discomfort within that I was not complete. I did not deliberately chase change and really did try to make the best of where I was but life knew better and threw me opportunities I could not resist!? It was not until I faced a really challenging phase in my life when opportunities just stopped happening and I felt overwhelmed by circumstances that my trust in this process deserted me… all I could do was dig in and get myself through each day.
But had my Journey stopped? A puzzle had actually formed and all those life-changing events mentioned above happened all at once! I actually finally had the people in my life that I wanted but everything else that made me feel secure disappeared. But a new puzzle was in process, a new Realisation was forming. I was being made aware of why I had felt empty and now I was learning how to feel truly Full of Life…to feel Whole! This has become a step-by-step inner process which I have shared here with you along the way and I now look forward to what unfolds.

This year 2018, my new project is about developing a local Monthly Group entitled ‘Your Healing Space’, which introduces and supports the first few steps to Wholeness.  This is  in association with the South Gloucestershire Wellbeing College and allows it to be FREE for those who are interested in holistic support for their Journey. Click links to find out more 🙂


… Previous in this Series ‘Your Journey to Being Whole…’

> Introduction


Interested in support for your Journey? In association with the South Gloucestershire Wellbeing College , there is a FREE local Monthly Group ‘Your Healing Space’, which introduces and supports your first steps to Wholeness.  So if you are interested in holistic support for your Journey,  click links to find out more 🙂

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Your Healing Space…

The more empowered you are, the more supported and the more knowledgeable you are about your Self and your experience, the greater the potential for efficient focused self-development. Unfortunately our Energy Fields and

Mind Maps are not as clear as the picture and can be very complex patterns to unravel but the Potential is there for everyone.  Since 2011, my articles have been published on ‘Your Healing Space’ Page in my local magazine BS35Local.  In January 2018, I stepped outside my comfort zone again to bring ‘Your Healing Space’ more into Reality as this Monthly Healing and Self-Development Group… with time for discussion, meditation, focus and healing for personal/local/global issues.

The Programme for this year can be seen back on the Main Post… Let’s Go!!

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New 2018 Introductory Workshop – “Building Your Resilience for Your Life”

tbc Promo – Intro Self Dev WShop

South Glos Wellbeing Roadshows

WBN – Past Talks List


26.1.16  ‘Blue Sky’ – Open Discussion Session – opportunity for 2015 REVIEW and focusing AIMS FOR 2016


MONDAY!  14.12.15 Local Pub for informal drinks and festive chat 🙂

24.11.15  “The Flavours of Christmas” – Chris, Sue and Jane – SPECIAL THEME 🙂
27.10.15  “The Turn of the Circle – Myths,  Memories and Mother Earth” – Maggie J.
22.9.15 “Tuning into your Life’s Higher Picture” – Conscious vs Higher Conscious Goal Setting / Rudolf Steiner’s Virtues of Human Heart – Josie Sucu
28.7.15 ‘Crystal Magic’ – Liz Stubbs
23.6.15 ‘Nature & Well Being’  (Turnberries Community Centre, Thornbury) – SPECIAL THEME 🙂
26.5.15  ‘Blue Sky’ – Open Discussion – pls feel free to suggest topics/question 🙂 (Turnberries CC, Thornbury)
28.4.15 Well Being in Health and Social Care – Sarah Richardson
24.3.15 ‘Invisible Miracles and How the Mind Works’ – Marion Strange
24.2.15 ‘What is Meditation?’ – John Dykes
Jan ’15 ‘What is Well Being?’ – Activity for discussion


Dec 2014 Christmas Nibbles / Social
25.11.14  ‘Colour 4 Life’ – Charlene Moore
21.10.14  ‘Happiness/ Positive Psychology’ – Maggie Jeffery
22.9.14  ‘Empowerment’ – Josie Sucu
22.7.14 ‘Transition Towns’ – Maggie Jeffery
24.6.14 ‘Discovery Party’ – Jen Gash
27.5.14 ‘Walking for Health’ – Sue Lowman
22.4.14 ‘Mental Health’ – Jane Hayward
25.3.14 ‘Therapeutic Touch and Healing’
27.2.14 ‘Aromatherapy’ – Liz Stubbs
Jan 2014  ‘|Alchemy Hypnotherapy’ – Kate


Dec 2013  The Legend of the Shaman Warrior – Maggie
Nov 2013 ‘The Energy of Networks‘ – Josie Sucu
Oct 2013   Networking Activity
Sept 2013  First Meeting… Networking, Blue Sky

Sessions by Donation this August ❤️

Kinesiology / Healing / Self-Development Appointments available by donation for 2 days on 11th and 12th August. Contact me for further info or to book.


Let’s Go … 

At The Grand Spiritual Event ❤️ 


The Grand Spiritual Event, Bristol 3rd May 2015

Really looking forward to this Event 😀 

If you would like to pre-book a 1/2-hour session: Open 10.30 – last at 5pm, contact me today! 🙂