August 25th 2013…


Interesting video about the energies this year and helps me understand why I had to take a few steps back from my early enthusiasm with new work projects back in the Spring. A time for patience and allowing the energetic upgrades to occur. Not in my case an easy ride but am very excited by what I have learnt. <3

New ways of Being are unfolding. The old ways are being rewritten and not because they were ‘wrong’ but because now we are able to have a higher understanding and connection within ourselves and with others. Do not worry too much about the details of your journey- some parts will be very challenging, some will feel amazing. Do what you feel is true to you in any moment- be angry, be loving, be thoughtful, take yourself to places u are drawn to… Be responsible however and observe where your behaviour does not feel like your truth… Ask for understanding and keep in mind that true love is supportive, light, peaceful, joyful and always there…
The route to Be-ing this and bringing your ‘Heaven to Earth’ is yours alone but is part of the higher group and society journey we are all on. Watch the video and connect to the natural and peaceful loving energy, take from it what you feel is for you.


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