11-01-2012 Wholeness Healing Day

“Focus your Mind, Focus your Life”

Venue:  To be held online ( see below).

Time:  9:30-23:00 GMT  (attend by your intention if you are unable to connect during this time)

This Healing Day will be about focusing our intentions for 2012 and in so doing helping you clarify your personal goals for the year.

Please let your Higher Light and Love be active at this Healing Event by adding a comment below or   ticking ‘Attending’ on Facebook event pages (as below).  You do not have to physically attend, by intention is enough. You can participate as little or as much as you wish.  Please see ‘Guidance on Online Healing Days’.

The intention of this Healing Day is for the Highest Good of ourselves, our families and communities, our Nations and as a Global Community on our beautiful Planet Earth and out into the Universe.

Please share this information with anyone who may be interested in joining us on this healing day, especially those in need.  Thank You   ♥ Love, light and laughter for all ♥

Venue information:

  1. this Event Page (public)
  2. Facebook ‘Heal Your Puzzle’ Page (FB public)
  3. Facebook ‘Healing Wholeness’ Group,  (closed FB Group – need FB account and then request to join, detail of day’s activity will be posted here)


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