Summer Solstice June 21st 2014

I will be creating my sacred space at home in my garden this evening. I will be sitting in it with my most favourite people – my family… long into the evening… what glorious weather 🙂

Wishing you all your own sacred space in your physical world and throughout your whole subtle Being <3 <3 Love, light and laughter for All <3

Summer Solstice Healing Event

[socialring]To mark the end of the transition which started 21-12-12, I will be sending healing through the Heal Your Puzzle Community on Facebook – – and this Event Post – comment to be connected <3

We are welcoming in a new way of relating within, to each other and to the World. It requires a new energetic structure, which will take time to come into being for each one of us. Some will find it harder than others; some Nations will find it harder than others. We are all participating in the same Journey towards more compassion, more balance, systems which work for All.
Please join the Event in some way even if just in your heart and help raise the vibration everywhere; the more that join, the higher the level of healing for All of Us.