Your Journey to Being Whole… Realising Who You Are

This concludes my Series on Your Journey to Being Whole. It started with Realisation (June 2018) explaining that when an idea suddenly forms, there is a feeling of clarity and understanding about something… the puzzle has come together in your mind and a picture has formed… which then becomes another puzzle piece in a larger understanding… triggering a new Intention for personal growth. I shared with you how Intention shapes your Journey and that Non-Judgement and Non-Interference are powerful catalysts to keeping you growing. Non-Judgement understands that we are all on a Journey and we all have vulnerabilities and key life lessons; Non-Interference allows each of us to follow our Life Paths as clearly as possible and in a way that teaches us our own lessons but also interacts with others to be part of theirs. As we become more Empowered Individuals, we then become more aware of our Relationships, not just with others but also with ourselves and whether our life on all levels nurtures or drains us. At this stage, understanding about having Empowering Relationship Energy becomes key, taking self-responsibility that your actions empower others and learning to transform others disempowering behaviour into something positive for both of you.

Every step you take in your self-understanding re-empowers the parts of you that have been distorted by your past, this life and inheritances, and eventually it will be stored in your Being as Experience rather than with any attachment or reliving it in the Now. This to me is the Healing Journey and Lessons repeat on different levels until you have covered every ‘Module in the Course’ !

Once you have healed enough in your Outer Relationships, a deeper Inner Journey begins because you are ready to discover what really matters to you, not just what others think is important or what your genetics dictates. You will start to experience your deeper connection with everything… bringing real feelings, real emotions and can be quite a personal rollercoaster but is the beginnings of being truly authentic and really Real in your Life. An Attuning process follows where all aspects of your Life relate more honestly with each other and underlying issues may come to the surface to be resolved rather than being tolerated or kept hidden.

When an Idea Becomes Real, it’s No Longer Just an Idea!! Whilst you are still healing who you truly are, life can feel very uncomfortable however positive your goals. I started this Series with: “Wholeness..? …you realise you feel peaceful inside and you are part of a beautiful orchestral World where we each have a place and a part to play…” This is Real Freedom, not just an Idea… Life inspires you, engages you and you want to do more 🙂 Face every lesson life sends you. Remember you are on a Journey. Realise Who You Are… press Life’s Play button 🙂

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Interested in support for your Journey? In association with the South Gloucestershire Wellbeing College , there is a FREE local Monthly Group ‘Your Healing Space’, which introduces and supports your first steps to Wholeness.  So if you are interested in holistic support for your Journey,  click links to find out more 🙂

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“What is a Real Woman?” ??

Came across this article about ‘Real Men’ and was wondering why we don’t see similar ones for ‘Real Women’ … ?

What underpins how we relate to the World and in our close relationships is our inner definitions of what it is to be a ‘man’ or ‘woman’.  These have grown over evolutionary times and contain deeply embedded ways of being, growing all the time. The above article explains a strong, grounded, confident, reassured man. So if you were talking about a strong, grounded, confident, reassured woman – would the article be the same?  If Men and Women were both truly empowered, would such an article be written like this at all?  Maybe or maybe not?

Both ‘Men’ and ‘Women’ have pressures on them to be ‘this’ and ‘that’… equality and inner growth is not just for one or the other.  There is much said in the Spiritual Media about the growth in the Divine Feminine at this time in evolution but this does not relate just to Women. Men are part of this picture too and are also relearning ways of relating… hence the above article.  The growth in the Divine Feminine is about Re-Empowering Women AND Men.  It is about rising above the Energy Systems that create our relationships – Men are locked into these just as much as Women.  It is about establishing empowered personal spaces where choices can be made by Women AND by Men, in the moment, for the highest benefit to all concerned, bringing about a joyful resolution for all.

Ask yourself ‘What does a relationship look like between 2 empowered people?’… Are there rigid stereotypical roles? I am starting to appreciate that it goes beyond that… When 2 empowered people or a group of empowered people work together, there seems to be a flow much like waves in an Ocean… up and down, sometimes swirling, sometimes calm, sometimes rough but always there, supporting life, supporting each other, always flowing… never a desert… always evolving… some taking the lead then others, all being themselves, expressing their own unique ways of being…

And what really is the difference between being ‘Empowered’ and being ‘Powerful’?  I will leave that for another time…