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November 2019: Relationship Chi… The Dynamic of ‘Us’ and ‘We’

October 2019: Cause and Effect…? Feel stuck in a Loop? Can it be Changed?

September 2019: Making Choices… Is it as Simple as Black or White?

August 2019: Feeling Connected? Feel You Belong? Feel Valued?

July 2019: Going With the Flow… Is it Yours?

June 2019: Going With the Flow… Disempowering or Empowering? Uncomfortable or Joyful?

May 2019: Feeling Vulnerable?… Understanding the Energy Form…

Apr 2019: Realising Truth… Real Healing

Mar 2019: Being Grounded in Who You Are…

Feb 2019: Being Yourself…

Jan 2019: Your Journey to Being Whole… Realising You

Dec 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole… Attuning Your Life

Nov 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole… The Inner Work

Oct 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole… The Healing Journey

Sept 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole… The Intention of “Empowering Relationships”

Aug 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole… “Intention of Non-Interference”

July 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole – Intention

June 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole – Realisation

May 2018: Your Journey to Being Whole

April 2018: Virtual Reality…

March 2018: Your Healing Space…

February 2018: What Will Fulfill You? When Will You Feel Complete?


December 2017: Wanting a Perfect Christmas? Anxious or Excited?..

November 2017: There’s More to You Than Everyone Sees…

October 2017: Muscle Response Testing… Learning a New Language… With Yourself…

September 2017: Mindfulness – Focuses Intention but can also be Challenging…

August 2017: Has your Life Got Momentum ??! Not Enough or Too Much?

July 2017: Building Resilience… Struggling with something? … It’s not all your Fault!

June 2017: Keys… Open Doors and Much More…

May 2017: Life In Gear and On Track or Do you Feel Exhausted and Getting Nowhere?

April 2017: Aware of any Coincidences Recently? Happen to be in the Right Place at the Right Time?

March 2017: We Live in a Multi-Dimensional Reality… What does that mean?

February 2017: Love… Do you know that you Attract All your Experiences like a Huge Magnet?

January 2017: 2017!! Found it difficult to plan the Future? Fractals & Chaos Theory may help! 🙂

December 2016: Being at One… Will that Solve All your Problems??…

November 2016: Centred with Inner Peace or Chasing Your Tail?

October 2016: Endings and Beginnings…

September 2016: Do You Have a Healthy Core?

August 2016: Reality check…

July 2016: Mind or Body in Charge? Are You? Are You your Mind? Are You your Body?

June 2016: Ever Feel You Can’t Move Forward in your Life? Feel Clamped?

May 2016: Does your Life Reflect your Worth? … What is ‘Worth’? Just Money? Or a Feeling?

April 2016: Lost Your Spark?

March 2016: Sensory Perception… Do you like how you see the World?

February 2016: Does your Life have a Pulse? Do you Feel Alive?

January 2016: It’s a New Year – Fresh Start? New Enthusiasm?

December 2015: Does Christmas Feel Empty? Want it to Feel More Meaningful?

November 2015: Do you Believe in Angels?

October 2015:  Is your Life Hard-wired? Are you fed up with “That’s just the way it is”?!

September 2015:  What is Your Life’s Bigger Picture?

August 2015: Empowering The Human Heart, Empowering Our Virtues

July 2015: Mind vs Heart – Thoughts vs Feelings… Do you know the difference?

June 2015: Feeling stuck? Trying hard to change things but without success?

May 2015: Relationship Issues? Maybe it’s Your Conflicting YIN & YANG?!

Apr 2015: What Does Your LIFE MAP look like for This Year?

Mar 2015: What is TRUTH? What is REALITY? What is ILLUSION?

Feb 2015: LOVE?!?!?@##@*!?&**

Jan 2015: We All Have Addictions?… What’s Yours?

Dec 2014: Can Love Be Unconditional?

Nov 2014: All Systems Go!

Oct 2014: EMPOWERED? How strong do you feel on the inside?

Sept 2014: Did you get Nominated for the ALS “#icebucketchallenge“ ?

Aug 2014: Metaphysical Loops

July 2014: Are you Led by your Heart or your Mind? Your Soul or your Spirit? Something Else?

June 2014: Out of Body Experience? (Higher Chakras)

May 2014: In Harmony with your Life? Feel In or Out of Sync?

April 2014: Spinning Too Many Plates?

Mar 2014: Does your Puzzle Fit Together?

Feb 2014: Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone? Exhilarated or Frightened?

Jan 2014: 2014… A Continuing Theme: “Hidden becoming Seen…”

Dec 2013: Make This Year Count… See the positive and build on that

Nov 2013: How Conscious are You? Do you want to be more Conscious? What does that mean?

Oct 2013: Systems vs. Networks… Do You Recognise the Part You Play?

Sept 2013: Something for the Soul Seekers…

Aug 2013: “How do you Feel?” or “What State are you in?”

July 2013: Do You Have Keys for Your Spiritual Doors?

June 2013: Frustrated by your Healing Journey?

May 2013: The Law of Attraction – “Do you welcome everything that comes into your life?”

April 2013: What is Karma?

Mar 2013: “What would you do with £1 million?”

Feb 2013: Looking for New Opportunity? New Job? New Love?

Jan 2013: Your ‘A to B’ for 2013 (Part 2) – Connecting with Higher Personal Goals ‘Outside Your Box’

Dec 2012: Your ‘A to B’ for 2013 – How much do you want to Achieve or Heal?

Nov 2012: The Power of Groups

Oct 2012: What do you really, really want? What’s your Heart’s Intention?

Sept 2012: ——————-

Aug 2012: Have you heard of “The Ascension Process”?

July 2012: Take a Pyramid Journey…

June 2012: ‘Lack of Confidence’ is a Misconception

May 2012: Useful Self-Empowerment Visualisation Techniques

April 2012: What is a Fractal? And what has it got to do with Healing?

Mar 2012: Do we have Free Will? Yes we do but…

Feb 2012: Love and its Many Faces

Jan 2012: It’s 2012 and what does this mean for you?

Dec 2011: Introduction to Chakras

Nov 2011: Your Field as a Puzzle and its Holes

Oct 2011: 2011 – A Year of Illumination… “ahhh… That’s what needs to be done!”

Sept 2011: Who Wants to Heal Themselves?

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WBN – Past Talks List


26.1.16  ‘Blue Sky’ – Open Discussion Session – opportunity for 2015 REVIEW and focusing AIMS FOR 2016


MONDAY!  14.12.15 Local Pub for informal drinks and festive chat 🙂

24.11.15  “The Flavours of Christmas” – Chris, Sue and Jane – SPECIAL THEME 🙂
27.10.15  “The Turn of the Circle – Myths,  Memories and Mother Earth” – Maggie J.
22.9.15 “Tuning into your Life’s Higher Picture” – Conscious vs Higher Conscious Goal Setting / Rudolf Steiner’s Virtues of Human Heart – Josie Sucu
28.7.15 ‘Crystal Magic’ – Liz Stubbs
23.6.15 ‘Nature & Well Being’  (Turnberries Community Centre, Thornbury) – SPECIAL THEME 🙂
26.5.15  ‘Blue Sky’ – Open Discussion – pls feel free to suggest topics/question 🙂 (Turnberries CC, Thornbury)
28.4.15 Well Being in Health and Social Care – Sarah Richardson
24.3.15 ‘Invisible Miracles and How the Mind Works’ – Marion Strange
24.2.15 ‘What is Meditation?’ – John Dykes
Jan ’15 ‘What is Well Being?’ – Activity for discussion


Dec 2014 Christmas Nibbles / Social
25.11.14  ‘Colour 4 Life’ – Charlene Moore
21.10.14  ‘Happiness/ Positive Psychology’ – Maggie Jeffery
22.9.14  ‘Empowerment’ – Josie Sucu
22.7.14 ‘Transition Towns’ – Maggie Jeffery
24.6.14 ‘Discovery Party’ – Jen Gash
27.5.14 ‘Walking for Health’ – Sue Lowman
22.4.14 ‘Mental Health’ – Jane Hayward
25.3.14 ‘Therapeutic Touch and Healing’
27.2.14 ‘Aromatherapy’ – Liz Stubbs
Jan 2014  ‘|Alchemy Hypnotherapy’ – Kate


Dec 2013  The Legend of the Shaman Warrior – Maggie
Nov 2013 ‘The Energy of Networks‘ – Josie Sucu
Oct 2013   Networking Activity
Sept 2013  First Meeting… Networking, Blue Sky

Mind vs Heart – Thoughts vs Feelings… Do you know the difference?

This time last year (July 2014), I asked a similar question funnily enough!?… “Are you Led by your Heart or your Mind?” and concluded then that at the end of the day, when thinking really has not given you the answers and the feelings are confusing, just ask yourself, YOU, “What do I really want to do?” Since then I have pondered on what actually are ‘feelings’ in terms of healing and subtle energies. I thought I knew enough and as usual I find there is more to the story!

Mind vs Heart - YHS July 2015
Feelings appear to be not just another behaviour we have alongside thinking, they seem to be the backdrop to all the thinking that we do; they influence how we think, how we make decisions and how we behave. Our Mind deciphers all our sensory information, creates a form that we can understand, decides a strategy to follow and a response happens. When we cannot find clarity, decide on a strategy or a response, it will usually be because a feeling is confusing this process or overriding logical thought. Another mechanism is at work, another mechanism which is far more than just learned behaviour or strategies; you are experiencing your Self, experiencing an underlying Truth about who you are and what drives you, you are experiencing the Heart of who you are.

We are all individuals; we are all unique. Some of us are driven more by our feelings than logical process; some are driven by logic rather than feelings. In my experience to date, to fully connect however with who you are and to experience an authentic, colourful, meaningful life requires the Mind and Heart to grow in themselves and together and be able to function in harmony, to comfortably be able to decipher the energy of each other and work together.

With regard to self-development and healing… Strong Minds can control Feelings… Strong Feelings can override the Mind. Your own unique path through to Harmony will be personal to you… it can be tough and support in some form may be necessary or you may have to travel some of the Path on your own… whichever way, you decide where to go next, what you need, and where you are heading! You! Ask questions, seek understanding, seek help if you need it! There will always be someone somewhere to listen! <3

We All Have Addictions?… What’s Yours?

Thinking about your year ahead? Planning to make changes? Lose Weight? Give up smoking? Be more positive? … or have you given up on New Year Resolutions… why bother?!

Addictions - YHS Jan 2015

As a Kinesiologist, I am fascinated by the energy psychology of behaviour and working with Addictions has been one of those areas professionally that I thought I knew enough about but also knew on some level that I didn’t!? All the strategies I had been taught unfortunately did not always help and it’s only in recent months that I have really begun to understand the complex nature of Addiction. I am writing about this now because it is January (2015), the start of a new year and maybe it may prompt some of you to seek help and understanding about your own or another’s addictive behaviour… Why not? Why wait another year going around the same old loops?…

What is an ADDICTION?

Definition (courtesy of Wiki): ‘Addiction’ is a state characterised by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. The Stimuli will be 1) Positively Reinforcing – increasing the likelihood that a person will seek repeated exposure to them and 2) Intrinsically Rewarding – activating the brain’s “reward pathways” so are seen as something positive or desirable. Scientifically, biological and genetic factors have been shown to influence a person’s predisposition to behavioural and substance addictions but is that it?


Talking from my professional and personal experience over recent months, I have been surprised to see that in the deeper consciousness levels of everyone, there are addictive patterns; we all like to be praised and to be rewarded so the key phrase in the definition above is ‘adverse consequences’, which is when an Addiction really becomes a problem. Unfortunately by this stage, a significant factor with recovery or self-realisation is the Denial that there is any problem at all and this is also what I have seen in healing terms – the Addiction Pattern is one thing but the layers of Denial and Deception hiding it can be an even more significant obstacle and adversary.


Addictions, whether substance- or behaviour-related, seem to be getting more prevalent in our Society with greater personal freedoms, less social judgement about behaviour but also that it is easier to hide and indulge such patterns using social media personas and internet communications. Whatever the reason for it or how we feel about it, being able to openly discuss and educate about this topic is crucial to becoming aware of the deceptive behaviour and then how to get help for the primary addiction… if you are concerned, get talking, seek help… <3

Monthly Holistic Self-Development Group

Next Meeting:    tbc
This Group is currently under review and a change of venue is on the cards I feel 🙂
The 3 meetings (March-May 2014) went well and I know it’s evolving.  Thanks very much for those who participated 🙂
This Group is intended to provide support on your life journey and help you and your loved ones move through difficult times as quickly and efficiently as possible at an affordable cost.
I would like it to run every month so it is always there if you need it once, to meet a short-term need or for longer term conscious focused self-growth but at this time the interest does not support this.  I trust in the path of Life’s bigger picture and with growth and experience comes new opportunities… exciting time <3

If this group does interest you, please call for up-to-date info about possible dates and venues.

I can also offer ‘Your Healing Space’ to a Group you belong to as a one-off or as a Course of Events. Please call to arrange <3

Life is for living… let’s move through the energy of the Past as quickly as possible, learn what we need to learn, grow and live life to its full potential 🙂

This clearing process is rapid at the moment in the World and not always easy especially if you are sensitive to your surroundings. Empower your personal space… Teach it to work for you and not against you…

Support is here… 🙂 <3