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Your Journey to Being Whole… The Healing Journey

So far in this series, I have written about the energy mechanism of Realisations and then how your life is actively shaped by your Intention, which includes the three fundamental ideas of Non-Judgement, Non-Interference and mutually Empowering Relationships. Even though your Intention may be clear and you have a strong idea of how you want to live your life, it still may not be possible just to suddenly wake up one day and make it happen… If you can, then great 🙂 ..but sometimes the obstacles to change can not only seem insurmountable but they seem to just keep reoccurring whatever you try!? …And one day you may wake up and realise that life has chipped away at you so much that it is nothing like you at all!?… What can you do? How can you bring yourself back into your life? How can you make a life that is you being you?

Your Healing Journey will be unique for you. Each article in this series came out of my own experience of feeling stuck and the awareness of my energy was of it going round in circles rather than flowing in a creative, enjoyable way… but I trusted my Journey, I used what I knew and at some point a Realisation happened and a door of understanding opened for me.

When you consciously set your intentions to grow, your life can become a series of lessons, some very challenging, which you can view as ‘levels of growth’… each one teaching you something in preparation for the next… You may also find that certain key challenges seem to get put into the background even though they are priority to you and may still be a constant worry… gggrrrrr !? What has actually happened is that you are on a path to not just learning to manage and juggle these bigger picture problems but to learn about all aspects of the challenge to achieve resolution so that the problem actually no longer exists. Each level of growth will give you a piece of your puzzle until it is complete and you will then have ‘grown out of the challenge’. There will always be the next level of growth… another challenge will always be there but their intensity and your ability to face them will get easier…

Healing Relationships I wrote last time about Empowering Relationships… the first steps of the Journey to being Whole will be about your Awareness of your Self. Until this is understood and you can maintain your own Energy Space, relationships can be tricky to navigate but again this will unfold as it needs to for your own Healing Journey. See challenges from the World as lessons just for you… face them… learn from them… grow out of them… 🙂

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Interested in support for your Journey? In association with the South Gloucestershire Wellbeing College , there is a FREE local Monthly Group ‘Your Healing Space’, which introduces and supports your first steps to Wholeness.  So if you are interested in holistic support for your Journey,  click links to find out more 🙂

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Your Journey to Being Whole… “Realisation”

This is the second in my series on Wholeness where I intend to revisit my own journey and try to map my own personal growth onto a simple timeline… so this article is about “Realisation”. And as I write this page I realise that there has not been one or two of them but more of a continuing flow especially when I began my own self-growth journey.
A Realisation is one of those moments of complete clarity: suddenly you understand something, a decision makes itself or an unplanned event just happens… out-of-the-blue, no turning back. This may be life-changing like starting or ending a relationship, taking a new job, a career change, moving to a new town, falling out with friends or family or something less significant like decluttering your home or wardrobe just because it feels right.
When a Puzzle Comes Together… Realisations can be an idea that suddenly takes hold or an in-the-moment event but is probably also the culmination of a process that has been happening in your sub-conscious for a while…

Before the energy puzzle of the idea forms, you may have that underlying feeling of uncertainty, that awareness that you do not feel complete and are looking for something; maybe you feel bored or unfulfilled or just a bit unclear or confused. It may also not be change that you need but that you just need more ingredients to your Life’s Cake Recipe 🙂
More Ingredients Please This in itself was a significant Realisation that I had along the way. I had reached landmarks in my life which I was very pleased with but still had this discomfort within that I was not complete. I did not deliberately chase change and really did try to make the best of where I was but life knew better and threw me opportunities I could not resist!? It was not until I faced a really challenging phase in my life when opportunities just stopped happening and I felt overwhelmed by circumstances that my trust in this process deserted me… all I could do was dig in and get myself through each day.
But had my Journey stopped? A puzzle had actually formed and all those life-changing events mentioned above happened all at once! I actually finally had the people in my life that I wanted but everything else that made me feel secure disappeared. But a new puzzle was in process, a new Realisation was forming. I was being made aware of why I had felt empty and now I was learning how to feel truly Full of Life…to feel Whole! This has become a step-by-step inner process which I have shared here with you along the way and I now look forward to what unfolds.

This year 2018, my new project is about developing a local Monthly Group entitled ‘Your Healing Space’, which introduces and supports the first few steps to Wholeness.  This is  in association with the South Gloucestershire Wellbeing College and allows it to be FREE for those who are interested in holistic support for their Journey. Click links to find out more 🙂


… Previous in this Series ‘Your Journey to Being Whole…’

> Introduction


Interested in support for your Journey? In association with the South Gloucestershire Wellbeing College , there is a FREE local Monthly Group ‘Your Healing Space’, which introduces and supports your first steps to Wholeness.  So if you are interested in holistic support for your Journey,  click links to find out more 🙂

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Does Christmas Feel Empty? Want it to Feel More Meaningful?

I came across a phenomenon this year when I seemed to be very busy with my healing work but not really feeling like I was getting to the bottom of the story… there seemed to be lots of information but it felt empty; there seemed to be no meaning, just lots of words. It reminded me of when I learnt about computer-programming at college… the computer follows instructions step- by-step to achieve a process or an outcome and if they are not written in the correct format, the program will not work or will give erroneous results – the rules of SYNTAX need to be followed. It is also the same for our spoken language; if we speak with words in the wrong order or meaning or in a different language, we will not be understood.

Definition of SYNTAX:

1) the arrangement of words and phrases to create well-formed sentences in a language, “the syntax of English”, a set of rules for a language.

2) the structure of statements in a computer language.

Syntax - YHS December 2015

Missing or Incorrect Syntax?

Part of the rules in how our brains understand the World is that a “Label” will identify specific “Content”, so that when you say or hear a Word or Phrase, it will have a Meaning to you. What I found this year is that we can seemingly be functioning fine – we have an inner dialogue processing our lives, responding to circumstances, making decisions and forming responses but you still may feel like something is missing and it may be due to INCOMPLETE SYNTAX. We have a LABEL, a Word such as ‘Christmas’, but there is NO CONTENT – we feel nothing or it does not feel right.

HEALING SYNTAX: What I found with my healing work was that this is another way that past trauma, inherited patterns, confused ideas… many reasons… can disrupt how we identify the details of our lives… CONTENT may appear as ‘Empty’, ‘Lost’, ‘Not Mine’, ‘Too Painful’ or the LABEL may not even be right for the CONTENT… and then further confusion/distortion can occur when these are built upon with further evolved ideas. As you may be able to guess, the picture can become very complex and inter-related. With my experience of it this year, it is not something that can be resolved in a conscious way; it requires sub-conscious methods with a consciously-set Personal Goal to want to connect with the Truth. All Holistic Therapies and Activities, such as Meditation, Reiki, Kinesiology (as I do), Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Yoga, etc. help support and guide this process. I wish you all well on your Journey towards Well Being and vibrant lives! Set a Conscious Goal for 2016 – make the most of your Life! Festive Hugs <3

Do you Believe in Angels?

We have an abundance of stories and references to Angels in our Traditions and they are mentioned in many religious faiths and mythologies. With Christmas just around the corner, I would like share with you some of my understanding and my experience of Angelic Energies. An Angel is described as a supernatural Being or Spirit, often depicted as benevolent celestial Beings with magnificent bird-like wings, halo, robes and glowing light. They are considered to be Divine Messengers or Guardians who guide and protect us with the Archangels having the most significant roles; some of the best known are Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel amongst many more.

Angels - YHS November 2015
For most of my life, Angels were just part of our folklore and something magical in children’s stories and at Christmas. My life was my life and was my responsibility! It was not until I studied and started working with Energy Healing that I began to ask more questions, initially to clarify this feeling of there being more than just me present in a room (unsettling for a while) and then to consciously work with this apparent ‘Team of Helpers’, all of us focused on achieving the highest possible outcome!

My experience has never been of a particular named Angel talking to me like a person; it is more like a sensory awareness of a vast presence and not just one presence but an amalgamation of many speaking as One or sharing ideas until a common way forward is found, always supportive, always helping growth and understanding. This I grew to realise is my inner understanding about Love although it has not always been my Life’s outward experience – no judgement, no punishments, no degradation, just a wonderful nurturing feeling always there. And this is what Christmas is for me – a time to celebrate and experience this Love and bring it more fully into my Reality and those around me… Wishing this for all of you over this Festive Season!

Empowering The Human Heart, Empowering Our Virtues

My discussion about ‘Feeling’ (July 2015), was prompted by a Talk I went to during Bristol’s Big Green Week in June where we looked at work done by Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) on ‘The Virtues of the Human Heart’.  Human Virtues seem to have also been discussed by other Thinkers such as Goethe (1749-1832), Aristotle (384-322 BC) and more recently by a Bolivian spiritual teacher Oscar Ichazo (born 1931), who developed the Enneagram describing personality types based on 9 Virtues (as inset).   

Virtues of the Human Heart - YHS August 2015
Ichazo calls them “essential qualities of the awakened heart”. He suggests that these Virtues are not achievements to be attained or practised but are our natural state when we embody our innate Essence, our True Self, our Spirit. He also suggests that if we lose touch with a Virtue, it may become our passion to retrieve it.

Virtues and the Human Heart – By definition, Virtues are ‘desirable’ qualities and so suggest that we, as Humans, do not naturally behave in this way. In Healing terms from my perspective, all these virtues begin to manifest when your Energy Field begins to focus and you begin to feel re-empowered as your own person… then these become a more innate way of Being… no thought, no effort, just is.

Healing the Human Heart – Healing the Human Heart is an inner journey and one that we can see in the World and in our closest relationships can be very challenging. It can cause much conflict within and outwardly much confusion and anger. The Energy of the Heart is very central to who we are; it is a hub of activity, not only physically as seen in our circulatory and immune systems but also emotionally and also in how we think. In July, I wrote about the Energy of Feeling and of Thinking and how they can operate in harmony or in opposition; each will have its own definition of the ‘Heart’, its own blocks, its own values, its own conflicts within, its own gaps in understanding… How we develop and value our relationships at this time in history is changing with all the social media activity. Making conscious decisions about your relationships, their form and whether they nurture or drain you is crucial to your own development. Follow your Heart, both in thought and feeling, consciously work towards harmony <3

Relationship Issues? Maybe it’s Your Conflicting YIN & YANG?!

It is Springtime and there is a feeling in the air of ‘new beginnings’, refreshing the ‘old’, trying something new, cleaning and decluttering; Nature is full of new growth from baby lambs and birds to new leaves and blossoms. This has got me thinking about Yin and Yang, about the attraction between the feminine and the masculine, about the desire to create something new…


Much of my healing work is about relationships, not just between men and women but also between ideas we have about the world and about ourselves. Ill health or relationship difficulties can arise when our beliefs, understandings, thoughts and/or feelings do not agree or how they relate is unclear.

The idea of Yin and Yang is described beautifully in the Tao Te Ching (insert), ancient Classic Chinese Writings dating back to the 6th Century BC, which underpin many ideas in various Eastern Philosophies and have also become very popular in our own culture.

The text talks of ‘the One’, the idea of Wholeness and a Higher Intent driving our existence and that by embodying the Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) qualities in ‘ten thousand’ different ways we create ‘forms’ – ideas, activity, aspirations… who we are… our lives. It also talks about ‘achieving harmony’ through ‘Union’, which refers to being able to easily use your own masculine and feminine qualities as needed (whether you are a man or a woman), being empowered enough to be logical, active, hot (passionate) alongside being intuitive and passive (supporting and listening); it is also relevant to being able to create harmonious relationships with others. So can men and women work in harmony with each other? Are men and women treated as equals? Can women be ‘yang’ and men not be threatened and vice versa? Can a woman or a man be ‘passive’ without being seen as ‘weak’ or ‘of no value’? This is still a global work-in-progress obviously! We are all still learning how to empower and harmonise our own Yin and Yang qualities and to value and encourage that in others too. Your Life will show you the qualities you need to develop to achieve harmony… become aware of repetitive events or unresolved issues… try different tactics… become Whole 🙂

We All Have Addictions?… What’s Yours?

Thinking about your year ahead? Planning to make changes? Lose Weight? Give up smoking? Be more positive? … or have you given up on New Year Resolutions… why bother?!

Addictions - YHS Jan 2015

As a Kinesiologist, I am fascinated by the energy psychology of behaviour and working with Addictions has been one of those areas professionally that I thought I knew enough about but also knew on some level that I didn’t!? All the strategies I had been taught unfortunately did not always help and it’s only in recent months that I have really begun to understand the complex nature of Addiction. I am writing about this now because it is January (2015), the start of a new year and maybe it may prompt some of you to seek help and understanding about your own or another’s addictive behaviour… Why not? Why wait another year going around the same old loops?…

What is an ADDICTION?

Definition (courtesy of Wiki): ‘Addiction’ is a state characterised by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences. The Stimuli will be 1) Positively Reinforcing – increasing the likelihood that a person will seek repeated exposure to them and 2) Intrinsically Rewarding – activating the brain’s “reward pathways” so are seen as something positive or desirable. Scientifically, biological and genetic factors have been shown to influence a person’s predisposition to behavioural and substance addictions but is that it?


Talking from my professional and personal experience over recent months, I have been surprised to see that in the deeper consciousness levels of everyone, there are addictive patterns; we all like to be praised and to be rewarded so the key phrase in the definition above is ‘adverse consequences’, which is when an Addiction really becomes a problem. Unfortunately by this stage, a significant factor with recovery or self-realisation is the Denial that there is any problem at all and this is also what I have seen in healing terms – the Addiction Pattern is one thing but the layers of Denial and Deception hiding it can be an even more significant obstacle and adversary.


Addictions, whether substance- or behaviour-related, seem to be getting more prevalent in our Society with greater personal freedoms, less social judgement about behaviour but also that it is easier to hide and indulge such patterns using social media personas and internet communications. Whatever the reason for it or how we feel about it, being able to openly discuss and educate about this topic is crucial to becoming aware of the deceptive behaviour and then how to get help for the primary addiction… if you are concerned, get talking, seek help… <3

Metaphysical Loops

Do you lose focus or get distracted easily? Experience annoyingly repetitive life events or behaviour? Life gets in the way? Have you found yourself spending more than your budget and are in debt again? Ended up in yet another ‘bad relationship’ or just ‘lost interest’? Past events keep coming to mind and prevent you moving forward in your life? Your circumstances just don’t change however much you want them to or however many self-help books or courses you study? Sometimes ‘Life’ just seems to ‘happen’ whatever you try or however you behave? Have you ever asked the questions ‘Why is this happening AGAIN?’ or ‘Why can’t I be bothered when this is really important to me?’… What you are experiencing is a Metaphysical Loop…

Loops - YHS Aug 2014

“Your Thoughts Create Your Reality” is a well-used phrase in all positive-thinking approaches to achieving your goals and improving all aspects of health but what does this mean? Metaphysical Sciences study the behaviour of sub-atomic particles where the Laws of Traditional Physics do not apply and Quantum Mechanics is used instead and it is this area of Science which is slowly understanding how our Thoughts interact with our surroundings. It has been seen in metaphysical experiments with such particles that just the Thoughts of the Observer influence the outcome and even that particles on opposite sides of the World seem linked in their responses, both of which suggest unseen communications happening at a quantum level. All holistic philosophies are based on this unseen web of Thoughts and quantum energy hidden within the ‘Seen World’. To me, intuition (our inner dialogue) describes how we decypher this subtle/quantum communication and is an innate ability we all have the potential to develop and is necessary if you want to step beyond your Metaphysical Loops.


They are Circuits of Thought at the sub-atomic level, they are the patterns of behaviour that reside in your Subconscious and deeper Superconscious held within the cells of your body. They provide a boundary to your Life which you may naturally grow beyond (‘Life happens’) or which you can choose to push against, and the deeper the circuit the more challenging the journey out of the Loop, psychologically and/or physically. Becoming aware of your Life Loops starts the process of reorganising how your brain maps them and you will know when you are growing beyond a Loop because you will naturally become aware of other options available to you via the Law of Attraction (written May 2013) – other ways to behave or new opportunities to follow. Don’t give up if you want change, every Loop can be surpassed <3

Monthly Holistic Self-Development Group

Next Meeting:    tbc
This Group is currently under review and a change of venue is on the cards I feel 🙂
The 3 meetings (March-May 2014) went well and I know it’s evolving.  Thanks very much for those who participated 🙂
This Group is intended to provide support on your life journey and help you and your loved ones move through difficult times as quickly and efficiently as possible at an affordable cost.
I would like it to run every month so it is always there if you need it once, to meet a short-term need or for longer term conscious focused self-growth but at this time the interest does not support this.  I trust in the path of Life’s bigger picture and with growth and experience comes new opportunities… exciting time <3

If this group does interest you, please call for up-to-date info about possible dates and venues.

I can also offer ‘Your Healing Space’ to a Group you belong to as a one-off or as a Course of Events. Please call to arrange <3

Life is for living… let’s move through the energy of the Past as quickly as possible, learn what we need to learn, grow and live life to its full potential 🙂

This clearing process is rapid at the moment in the World and not always easy especially if you are sensitive to your surroundings. Empower your personal space… Teach it to work for you and not against you…

Support is here… 🙂 <3