Have an Effect or Deal with the Consequences… Not Always a Conscious Choice!

As much as we like to think we are in the driving seat of our lives, it is not always the case. Do you ever wonder why your life is the way it is? Have you consciously shaped your journey or have you ended up in jobs or relationships that just happened rather than what you planned or wanted?! And why, however hard you try or want, are some things just not part of your life?! As you may have read here over the last few months, how we make our choices can be very complex and include unconscious behaviour patterns so how do you consciously live your life with Intent rather than fitting in with the circumstances around you? How do you flow and grow with your challenges instead of letting them deplete or bury who you are? Resolving Consequences may bring you back on Track…

What is an Effect? Effects and Consequences may seem like the same thing but recently I have started to see the energy of these as different. In the picture the chap on the chair has CAUSEd the dominos to topple over onto each other, eventually having the EFFECT of falling on him if he does nothing or that he stands up and stops them (Karma)! Last Autumn I also discussed that every Cause will be an Effect from something that has happened previously so we are continuously adapting to and creating Effects and Causes… but are we?…

What is a Consequence? I look at the energy form of CONSEQUENCES and can see NO CAUSE!? It has baffled me for a while now… one of those unanswered question feelings… but until now it was not clear! When doing healing, I create a puzzle of all the energy information and see what is realised and what has to be done to make it more empowering and healthy. Usually it means tracking back to a Cause and resolving a vulnerability but Consequences appear to be due to the ABSENCE of an Energy ?!… So there is nothing to pick up and process?! Nothing to Heal…??!

Absent Energy will not be part of your Energy Puzzle. You live your Life without it. It may have always been absent or may become absent. Energies become absent because we cannot process them… too complex, too intense… in some way too uncomfortable to deal with even on an unconscious level. Their absence will have changed who you are… and made everything subsequently a series of random Consequences rather than intended Effects and may be behind increasing feelings of worthlessness and depression… fear and vulnerability.

Resolving Absent Energies rather than keeping them Absent is the only answer to being able to shape a life that is truly yours. Anything hidden in our Psyches only depletes who we are and makes us create a Face for the World. The more support we can give each other through challenging times, allowing the Absent Energies to surface when we are ready to work through them and find resolution, the happier and more trusting our lives, our relationships and our communities can be. Believe in Better <3

NOTE: this was written just before the Corona Virus Pandemic became a Public Health Emergency in the UK. As of 26/3/20, I am still processing the energy of this and hopefully future writings will bring clarity, understanding and direction.

Cause and Effect…? Feel stuck in a Loop? Can it be Changed?

Back in 2013, I wrote about Karma and it being “the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence that decides their fate in future existences”. This idea came up recently at an interesting talk I attended in Bristol where the presenter asked… Are you ‘At Cause’ or ‘At Effect’?… And I realised that actually we are all dealing with both all the time… and is actually fundamental to our ability to make choices and overcome problems but may seem a bit paradoxical…

Cause and Effect is a fundamental principle in all scientific study. Where there is any effect, an event, an action, a movement, there will have been something that caused it. Where we play around with causes, we are experimenting with potential outcomes, effects, in order to understand a process better or to find a way to create a particular result. Where there is something unexplainable, there will be a cause or an effect that is not yet understood or may not be even measurable or detectable. Hence why some, if not all, accepted scientific theories are considered truth until proven different… we can never know everything and there is always room for new understanding… this is the natural process of evolution. This not only applies to our physical World but also to our psychological and emotional journeys.

Self-Development… Want change?… The Paradox of Cause and Effect is also the Gift… Do we each Cause our life circumstances? Or is someone else responsible? …”That happened to me in the Past, will it always shape my experience in the future?”… ” Why do I keep experiencing the same disappointment/ failure/ unhappiness/ distress…?” … It is an accepted idea in Holistic Health & Development that ‘As above, so below, As within, so without’, which means that whatever your circumstances, whatever you are seeing and experiencing around you, some part of you is also influencing the situation, whether by your actions, inaction, inability, vulnerability… you are a piece in the puzzle. Although this may feel uncomfortable to realise or even comprehend, it is a Gift because it means that at any point, you can take responsibility for your role, you can say ‘No More’, you can decide to develop yourself, heal something or learn something new that changes your energy and in so doing influences the Whole Bigger Picture.

The Cause or Effect may not yet be Evident… As with scientific study, you as an individual, or even we as a society, as humanity, may not yet be able to realise or comprehend a Cause or an Effect; we can only make conclusions on what we know, learn and understand. Patience, tenacity and a willingness to understand will help us all move forward into a more sustainable, loving, fulfilling World. Take back your power, empower others, decide to face and resolve whatever the Cause or the Effect.. find the Truth and move beyond it… Step forward 🙂