Making Choices… Do Your Mind, Body and Chi Agree? Do You?

My theme through 2019 was about Chi, your Personal Power, your true Way of Being, and how when it is healing, you gradually find your life becomes more in tune with who you feel you are and you become aware of aspects that do not nurture you or where personal development is needed. In the Autumn I wrote about Polarities of Choice and how we are all unique and to be really healthy and happy, you may need to see beyond just the A or B option and that actually how you make your Choices is a far more complex puzzle of life ingredients in varying amounts from a far bigger picture of Your Personal Wellbeing. At this start of a new year when we review where we are and plan for the year ahead, it is useful to further understand how we make our choices and the conflict within that may occur.

Polarised Choice? Previously, I wrote about when making a choice or when clarity about something is needed, You (conscious and unconscious) will consider all possible options, bringing them all together to assess their relevancy, value, necessity… all the many reasons that shape us. At some point a Choice may become clear and there is usually a feeling of completion and certainty. But how many times have you made a Choice that you don’t feel certain about? One that has uncomfortable compromises or adaptations? One that feels very limited or even that there is no apparent Choice… just one option that is ‘ok for now’…?

Feel Torn? More than one Polarised Choice Within? Another aspect of all this is that You can see more than one Choice very clearly but cannot decide between them… you have become Polarised in completely different viewpoints for possibly completely separate reasons. The picture shows how your Mind, Body and Chi each may have different variables defining their choices and subsequently possibly be in conflict with each other. We, as people, have to bring all this complexity together for ourselves and decide a way forward… for some this may seem very simple and it is actually just part of our natural growth process but if complex polarisation has occurred or is constantly in process but never quite concludes, there may be great turmoil within and constant searching for clarity.

On-going Personal Development Self-help, mindfulness, nurturing nutrition, exercise and friendships may help you and sometimes professional support. Being there for each other and seeking understanding is the only way forward for us to truly have nurturing, productive, empowering, stress-free lifestyles without compromises or unhealthy adaptations… Lives where we shine abundantly with love, caring and excitement… one day we will know how! 🙂

Being Yourself… Can you do this in your Relationships?…

We are coming to the end of 2019 and it is natural to look back and review what has happened over the year and how things have changed, look at achievements or see where you can do better next time… It is natural to review who has been important to you, has caused you to face something or has supported you in some way, natural to want to take time to remember and reconnect with those you may not have seen much but still feel are part of your life. What a special time of year this is! In doing all of this, you are actually reviewing your Relationship Energies as I wrote about last time… the energy between you and your life.

Becoming Whole…Stepping into Your Own Power This is where I started this year, writing about feeling whole and complete, a feeling that I had arrived in my life rather than flowing along juggling circumstances… “Here I am! Loving Life!!”. As your Relationship Chi evolves, you are on a Journey towards having that feeling with a Group… such as friendships and family… “Here WE are!! Loving Life!!!!”. The Journey can however bring its own challenges because as you become more of your Chi Self (your Truth), your Relationship Chi (“the Dynamic of Us and We”) also becomes clearer and you begin to isolate disruptive energies. You become aware of hotspots in your life that cause you stress but in facing them, you will begin to relate to them in a way that resolves rather than perpetuates.

Being Yourself… in Relationships? As you progress further with your Relationship Chi, you may become aware that you are not always able to Be Yourself in certain situations or with certain people. You behave in a way that begins to feel uncomfortable or just raises questions in your Mind… “This again?” “How can I do this differently?” “What would work better for me and them/it?” “Do I really want this in my life? Or something else? What else?”… You begin to feel you have a Choice and an influence over your Life… you begin to feel ‘Alive‘, which I wrote about back in Feb 2016… that feeling of being Present and really engaged and enthused with what you are doing and who you are. As your Relationship Chi evolves, your Chi Self continues to evolve too and your Life begins to become something to get excited about and seems to have more colour and vibrancy.

Belonging… As your Relationship Energy heals, you may become aware of feeling lonely, feeling that your Life does not really nurture you, that your Needs are not being supported. Remember that how you are relating to the World is changing and updating to be more in tune with who you are. This will eventually bring a feeling of Belonging, true Belonging, where you feel at Home’ in your Life, it has Value and truly caring people around you. As I wrote back in May 2018 “you are part of a beautiful orchestral World where we each have a place”… Wishing you All a Wonder-full Festive Season and an Empowering Loving New Year <3

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November 7th 2015   10am – 5pm  Mind, Body, Spirit Show at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, South Glos, BS37 6AD,

Relationship Chi… The Dynamic of ‘Us’ and ‘We’

This year I have been writing about Chi, your True Energy, ‘no thought, no effort, just is’ and that when you feel centred in your Chi Energy, as your Chi Self, everything seems to flow easily and help or inspiration appears when you or the situation needs it. An important part of this was also to recognise when you are caught up in someone else’s flow or the energy of a bigger situation and to be able to recentre and find your Place within that. When this is achieved, you are able to make your own choices, respond rather than react, have your needs met as part of the whole rather than just serving the situation or playing a role.

Relationship Energy When being Centred still presents you with uncomfortable situations or irrational anxiety, your Relationship Energy is the next dynamic to observe. If you feel immersed in a situation but still feel disconnected or not valued or noticed or you find yourself behaving in a way that you know is not you but still feels right then it may not be your own personal energy that needs healing; it may be that Relationship Energy Patterns are playing out, not just for you but everyone or everything involved. This is a far more complex energy form to heal because it is bigger than you, involves more people, and will have its own character and ways of being and doing. In conventional terms, this is known as Herd Mentality or Mob, Pack or Gang Mentality but in its simplest basic form, Relationship Energy forms from just two people.

Healing Relationship Energy If we review the Journey with Chi over this year, I started with the clarity of your Chi Self, you feel grounded and clear in who you are and “any activity… does not really feel like an activity that you are doing, it is more like you are flowing… in your own unique way…” The challenge then becomes about maintaining this Chi Flow as your Chi Self. Part of this process is your Whole Being learning how to evaluate all the ingredients of your life and their relative importance to each other and to you, resulting in a feeling of peace within, a feeling of coming home to yourself. When this happens, you as your Chi Self is more stable and robust and your Relationship Energy begins to become clearer and rather than feeling anxious or thwarted all the time, you will see that some relationships are easy and collaborative and some uncomfortable and disjointed. You are now experiencing each relationship on its own merits rather than the difficult ones colouring everything.

Relationship Chi Just as you have developed your own Chi Self and clarity of your Relationship Energies, each Relationship will then be on a path towards being in Chi form. There will be more collaboration, plenty of sharing of ideas and opinions without any discomfort and decisions will seem to form themselves out of discussions. Some relationships will just drop away as you update your World. Keep believing in Better <3

Cause and Effect…? Feel stuck in a Loop? Can it be Changed?

Back in 2013, I wrote about Karma and it being “the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence that decides their fate in future existences”. This idea came up recently at an interesting talk I attended in Bristol where the presenter asked… Are you ‘At Cause’ or ‘At Effect’?… And I realised that actually we are all dealing with both all the time… and is actually fundamental to our ability to make choices and overcome problems but may seem a bit paradoxical…

Cause and Effect is a fundamental principle in all scientific study. Where there is any effect, an event, an action, a movement, there will have been something that caused it. Where we play around with causes, we are experimenting with potential outcomes, effects, in order to understand a process better or to find a way to create a particular result. Where there is something unexplainable, there will be a cause or an effect that is not yet understood or may not be even measurable or detectable. Hence why some, if not all, accepted scientific theories are considered truth until proven different… we can never know everything and there is always room for new understanding… this is the natural process of evolution. This not only applies to our physical World but also to our psychological and emotional journeys.

Self-Development… Want change?… The Paradox of Cause and Effect is also the Gift… Do we each Cause our life circumstances? Or is someone else responsible? …”That happened to me in the Past, will it always shape my experience in the future?”… ” Why do I keep experiencing the same disappointment/ failure/ unhappiness/ distress…?” … It is an accepted idea in Holistic Health & Development that ‘As above, so below, As within, so without’, which means that whatever your circumstances, whatever you are seeing and experiencing around you, some part of you is also influencing the situation, whether by your actions, inaction, inability, vulnerability… you are a piece in the puzzle. Although this may feel uncomfortable to realise or even comprehend, it is a Gift because it means that at any point, you can take responsibility for your role, you can say ‘No More’, you can decide to develop yourself, heal something or learn something new that changes your energy and in so doing influences the Whole Bigger Picture.

The Cause or Effect may not yet be Evident… As with scientific study, you as an individual, or even we as a society, as humanity, may not yet be able to realise or comprehend a Cause or an Effect; we can only make conclusions on what we know, learn and understand. Patience, tenacity and a willingness to understand will help us all move forward into a more sustainable, loving, fulfilling World. Take back your power, empower others, decide to face and resolve whatever the Cause or the Effect.. find the Truth and move beyond it… Step forward 🙂

Making Choices… Is it as Simple as Black or White?

My theme this year has been about Chi, your Personal Power, your true Way of Being. I wrote last month about that feeling of belonging and of truly valuing others, being valued and valuing your own contribution. I also talked about being fully involved with everything but still feeling isolated… Realising, making Real, your Chi Self begins to unravel how you make your Choices and brings new awareness and questions about how you actually want life to be rather than how it has had to be. It can bring some emotional moments that feel confusing and frightening as your energy updates… and you sub-consciously go through a re-evaluation of your Self, your Life and your Relationships. You start to embody a far bigger picture of who you are and your potentials. The choices you are making stop becoming black or white and become a far more complex choice, a polarity of many factors…

Black or White? Is this how you Choose? You may be Limiting Yourself… As people, we carry a huge database of information on who we are, based on inheritance and experience. When we make a choice, we look at our database on many levels – conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious, past experience, future plans, aspirations, the needs of Now. It may be very clear that you choose A or B but have you ever been overwhelmed by a situation and cannot decide, you just feel baffled or confused or even angry or frightened. When we cannot decide, it makes us feel vulnerable. Your brain cannot easily process the information associated with the decision but it will try to make sense of it in whatever way it can and that dictates behaviour. If the factors to making a decision are too many, too intense, too conflicting, too difficult to understand, our brains form behaviours and a life that limits our choices. This plays out as missed opportunities, lives about survival, being stuck and unfulfilled, being unhappy and stressed, angry or judgemental… because we just cannot see beyond the A or the B option.

Working with a Bigger Picture Consciously accepting that the right choice may be a bit of both A and B can be a huge step. It is the ability to not jump to judgement but actually start to see both sides of a situation and allow your unconscious mind to play around with the puzzle that is being created; some factors may be more important than others, relationships may need to be changed, resolved or discarded. One of the most significant factors is your Chi and bringing in what really matters to you and not just making something work or fit in with everything else in life. Eventually that ‘ding’ moment of clarity happens and the choice makes itself… Step forward 🙂

Feeling Connected? Feel You Belong? Feel Valued?

This year I have been writing about Chi and about Realising, ‘making real’, who you really are… ‘no thought, no effort, just is’… beyond all the learnt behaviour and beyond all the compromises and defences. Recently I have discussed flowing as your Chi Self, feeling you are in tune with everything, feeling inspired and creative, enjoying life. As with all self-development work, it is a step-by-step process, this is Evolution… there is always a realisation around the corner, another light-bulb moment that uncovers or reconnects you with a deeper/higher/more complex part of yourself… and another question starts to form in your Consciousness… ?…?… and another phase of understanding begins… 🙂

Life Flowing Comfortably? But do You Feel Connected and Appreciated? You have found your Place in the World, where you feel you are using your talents and making a contribution. You are flowing in your life as your Chi Self… but do you feel you belong? Do you feel emotionally involved? Does it have meaning for you? Or do you ever feel like you are fully involved but not seen? Do you ever wonder what would happen if you left one day… would you be forgotten or replaced? We are now talking about a more complex level of connection in our relationship energies and it seems to be one we all crave… a feeling of value… that we can value another and that we ourselves feel valued. We can create the appearance of this value by our learned behaviours, by doing what appears to have value in our society and be rewarded for it… we can do it very well but I think this way of being is becoming outdated. This is showing up in the increase in mental health concerns and the higher level of fear we feel in living our lives, there is an inner change happening in how we value ourselves and each other. No longer can we be someone just because that is what is expected; we are searching for an inner clarity, an inner truth, the Way we really want to do something, the feeling that we are truly valued and even more importantly that we take ownership and truly value our own contribution.

World Suicide Prevention Day #WSPD is on September 10th another cause very close to my heart. Life is precious and whatever anyone’s circumstances, there should be the necessary support available to help anyone choose life over suicide… to give that glimmer of hope to continue… Of course, this is a very personal decision and is part of a very complex picture… but one aspect of WSPD asks that we are there for the people in our lives, are always there if someone just needs to offload how they feel, not always to find a solution but just being available to listen without judgement… and provide that safe space that we all sometimes need to clarify a way through what we are experiencing… inspiration and a solution will eventually appear…

Keep Connected… Believe in Better <3

Going With the Flow… Is it Yours?

Last month I wrote about Finding Your Centre… amidst the Noise of your Life… all those musts, haves, shoulds, needs, wants… all those challenges that drop in your lap that add clutter… all of which seem to take priority over allowing yourself time to rest, reflect and review all this activity, allowing you time to reconnect with who you are… time to reconnect with your Chi… Maybe you are able to find your Centre, perhaps through meditation practice, mindfulness techniques or exercise, able to find your sense of Self and check-in with yourself that you are being you in your life… But then you have to re-engage with the rest of your life… what happens to your sense of Self then? Can you maintain that Centred feeling whatever is going on around you or do you start to feel out of your depth or just pick up from where you left off…?

Your Flow… Is the Flow of your Life Yours?… Have you had moments of feeling really happy, even excited about something you have been doing? Has a problem or stress resolved itself without you putting in all the effort?.. without you feeling solely responsible for the outcome? This is Chi in action, but more than that, this is Chi fully integrated with your Body, the Whole of You being You in your Life. If this centred feeling is unsustainable, then the resulting Flow is not truly yours. Finding Your Centre is a skill but being able to flow as your Chi Energy Self in your Life as part of everything else, not just observing but being fully immersed in your experience, is a further challenge and, to me, is the ultimate goal of the Healing and Self-Development Journey.

Flowing as Your Chi Self 🙂 Last month I asked you to “Imagine an Empowering World… where everyone has enough of whatever they need to be fulfilled and naturally healthy…” and where there is… “a natural flow of expression and appreciation”… When you are flowing as your Chi Self, you decide in each moment where to go, what to think about, and what to do. It is not even a conscious decision but is a natural subconscious flow that feels right for you and the situation, feels comfortable and easy, feels happy, feels complete and you could change it at any point if you wished…

Real Life Flow Disrupted… What a Paradox… When your Centred feeling is not sustainable, there will be a physical fear interfering with your Chi expression. And this is the Paradox. If we could look truthfully at any situation and deal with it on its own merits in the moment, and support and listen to each other, life could flow smoothly and enjoyably. We all however have patterns of behaviour and perception which worsens, or unexpectedly triggers, the Fear response, especially if it is a situation we have faced many times. When we can support an empowering non-judgemental living and working environment, building confidence and ways of working together that help heal all our vulnerabilities, then we can be truly creative and inspire each other 🙂

Going With the Flow… Disempowering or Empowering? Uncomfortable or Joyful?

‘Step back within, reconnect with your Chi… wait for inspiration…’ This was how I ended last month’s page… so I did… I got on with life… went with the Flow… didn’t think too hard about anything (usually difficult for me?!) and dealt with situations that arose… eventually I started thinking about Noise… that background type of Noise that gets filtered out of a distorted electrical signal to make the sound you hear clearer… so…

Imagine an Empowering World… where everyone has enough of whatever they need to be fulfilled and naturally healthy both physically, mentally and emotionally… where we can all pursue our creativity and enjoy sharing our lives with each other without anxiety, harm or mistrust. There are challenges, opportunities for personal growth, where you naturally meet the right person, pick up the right book, find the right web link, be inspired in some way to find understanding about what you are facing. You have a wonderful circle of friends for all sorts of occasions, some friends for a season and some are friends for life but this happens naturally in tune with everyone’s needs. People do not harm each other in any way; they naturally know when someone needs their own space or when they need company. Conversations flow easily whether just passing the time of day or for those in-depth analyses and life-changing times. We all have enough money because we are all doing work that we are passionate about that uses and expands our talents and that others around us value because it helps them in some way… a natural flow of expression and appreciation. How wonderful would this World be?…

Noise… Life pulls and pushes all of us around with activities that have to be done, that we want to do, that others want us to do, that we feel are important, that are part of our routine or traditions… but are you able to give yourself time to rest, reflect and review all the activity?… To consciously decide if you are on the right track? Do you give yourself time to reconnect with your Centre to step back within and observe the Noise of your Life? Noise is all the patterns of behaviour which control, limit and disempower. They are patterns that are fuelled by our vulnerabilities and self-protection… they disrupt and distort our Chi, our natural one-ness with everything, our natural empowered way of being… Where are you limited? What situations are uncomfortable? What do you do to avoid them or how do you defend or compromise yourself? Do you try to control the outcome? Do you want a life like this?

Step out of the Noise… Find your Centre… Give yourself some time. Do something you enjoy, just for you. Choose not to engage with disempowering behaviour, anything which feels uncomfortable. When ‘Going with the Flow’ feels peaceful, happy and easy, when life starts to unfold in an empowering and joyful way all on its own, you will have found your Centre 🙂