Returning to Source… Are You YOU? Are You Creating your Life or is it Creating You?

My Journey over the last 2 decades has been about understanding how to work with the Energy of our Lives… the why’s, the how’s, their Forms and about transforming difficult experiences into beneficial personal growth. When you see each challenge as a growth opportunity, you are empowering who you are, building on what you already know and using all your experience-to-date to make your own choices. When you face and gain understanding at each step and begin to recognise your ‘Cycles of Experience‘ (June 2020), You will gradually outgrow difficulties, insecurities, coping mechanisms, repetitive patterns and eventually begin to consciously and unconsciously Shape your Life rather than be shaped BY your life.


What I have seen on my Journey is that we carry much acquired information about who we think we are, who we are told we are, who we think it is safe to be, how we are expected to be, what is acceptable. This does not only apply to us as individuals but also as family groups, communities, workplaces, nations and the relationship roles we embody. There are so many ways we adapt to our environment and think that we are adapting our environment to us but really we gradually lose, hide, discard, replace, overwrite parts of our true selves… building defence mechanisms along the way and coping strategies just to fit in, to survive, to make some sort of progress even if it is not our true calling… do you ever ask “Am I being True to Myself?”…shouldn’t you be? Isn’t that what is healthy for your Mind and therefore also for your Body?

Returning to Source When YOU start to Shape YOUR Life, when you say “No More”, you will begin a process of ‘Sourcing’ and parts of you that were discarded, hidden, prohibited… all sorts of ways we adapt…. will begin Returning to Source, the energy that really feels like you, the energy place from where you observe and create your life. You will begin to find and retrieve pieces of your personal puzzle and without even trying, these pieces will find their home, their original true place within you whilst also bringing resolution to all the reasons they became separated from your Whole Self in the first place… You may feel restless or bored during this process but eventually you will begin to Feel more like You, begin to feel more peaceful and settled… However a healthy Life is not just about being peaceful but is also about being able to express a full range of emotions… some you still may need to Source 🙂

Choice… Is it Free or Limited?

During this CoViD-19 Pandemic I have been on furlough and have taken the opportunity to get long-awaited jobs done around my home and garden and also enjoy precious time with my family at home and via videochat. What a gift to not have my usual mad-paced life, a gift of time to reevaluate priorities, values, what I enjoy and what and who is important to me. Even if it has been stressful or sad for you, you will have paused for thought and been affected in some way.

Reviewing your Life Journey? This week I have been drawn to reviewing my writings and their themes, going right back to the start of them in 2011, and realised that a common thread is about Choice… what influences us, what limits us, our level of awareness of our freedom to choose, how we self-adapt, how we protect ourselves and others, how we self-develop and/or maintain the status quo… And what we choose to face and how we and our psyches are clever at avoidance too! Have you got a common theme to your Life? A block you cannot get past? A dream you still have or have given up on? Your Life Choices become limited?


Back in 2018… my work came more into focus, looking at Being Whole and how you can choose to shape your life into something empowering for both yourself and your relationships with everything.

2019… moved into discussions about Choice and becoming aware that certain choices or perspectives no longer feel right, new ones start to form, realisations occur. You begin to connect with your Chi, the actual truth of your life, and let go of patterns that have prevented you seeing a new way forward. Working with Chi shows you Yourself and the ability to really start to Re-Empower who you actually are. My appreciation of Chi changed over this time and brought me into a deeper relationship with myself… through experience and integrating knowledge! I began to see what was shaping and influencing my choices and my experiences which brings us into…

2020… CoViD-19 Pandemic happened! Suddenly the whole world was sharing a common experience! Usual routines stopped and we have had time to Choose, time to become aware of who we are without distractions, time to actually face ourselves, be ourselves… reestablish our personal space and identity. Life moves us through cycles of experience (as in the picture), some far too repetitive, upsetting or frustrating, because we cannot just BE the person we are. We have to gain experience, review and revise… until one day something changes and we move into a different gear… process our energy more quickly… sit for a moment, pause… observe our thoughts and processes…. and a solution finds itself! “Aha! That’s more Me!” Done in an instant rather than years! Another piece of your personal puzzle understood. Your Life moves forward 🙂

Articles List

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Viral Energies… Was your Life Yours? Is it Now? Want Change or More of the Same?

Last month I wrote about CoViD-19 and how viruses need a host to reproduce and that empowering your own personal space, happening very consciously during this pandemic, supports your health and wellbeing. Viruses are not only Physical Real World parasites affecting our Physical Health, there are also Subtle Viral Energies affecting our thoughts and emotions and our Mental Health. Lockdown has become routine now… what has it shown you? Have you rediscovered an interest or taken up something new? Are you finding it stressful or a relief? Have you reconnected or maintained relationships via social media and videochat with friends, family, colleagues? Have some relationships become more meaningful with more quality time… or some less so? Times like these that have a global effect challenge humanity’s psychology and can bring great change to our societies as we all review our individual and collective values, much like WW2 recently remembered on VE Day (8th May). This time however the apparent enemy is unseen which may affect us even more deeply. We are already seeing that recovery from CoViD-19 is not just physical or financial, our mental health will also need time to adjust, heal and progress.

Your Life? Your Space? Last month I mentioned Healing Spaces, which allow us to process our experiences safely, decide what they mean to us and how to move forward. Our sense of Self develops in our first few years of life; we process and absorb many ideas about hows and whys, some we keep, some we discard. At any point in Life however, we may feel uncomfortable, a new idea or experience or something well-established and routine about which you suddenly feel different, causing you to review your own or another’s behaviour or attitude. This is a natural developmental process and may indicate that you have become aware of a Viral Energy.


Viral Energies are ways of thinking and feeling that, just like CoViD-19, need a Host to thrive and reproduce and can be equally debilitating and even lead to physical illness. They gain access to us when we are vulnerable or unaware such as during our early developmental years, during or after very stressful times or traumatic events or are already there just because ‘this is how it is’. Somewhere within us we may already have or have developed coping mechanisms to stabilise our reality and our deep discomfort. An Event, another person or just new ideas may challenge our adaptations which may have kept us safe before but may also have become out-dated. Time to safely process, discuss, review and heal any such experience is essential because more of your Truth may be coming to light. The challenge for Team Humanity is about embracing all our Individual Uniqueness whilst building Empowering Relationships between all our differences. This pandemic has shown us this is possible… We now have this time <3

Challenged? Keeping your Distance? Life Feeling Really Real or Unreal?

Keeping in touch with Reality at the moment is a bit of challenge. Our Normal Way of Life has been put on hold for a while… We are all facing uncertainty about our future, all facing our mortality, we may be grieving, we may be bored, we may be feeling guilty or frustrated, angry, frightened or sad. We may be worried for ourselves, for our families, for the world… The Corona Virus Covid-19 Pandemic is reaching every corner of our planet, causing an Effect everywhere. Last month I wrote about Absent Energies and how the Energy in healing terms appears to be different between Effects and Consequences but what is this we are living through at this time? Is there something going on here we do not know about? Absent Energy prompting questions in our Collective Psyche… Yet to be understood..? Giving that Unreal Feeling like you are living in a Movie? All this may be affecting all of us differently but it is affecting us all in some way… to me it feels more like an Event on a global scale than the usual unfolding of experiences.

Energy Events… are memorable! They fix a point in time… memories are sequenced ‘Before the Event’ and ‘After the Event’. Energy Events are not planned. They just seem to happen. Imagine thousands of puzzle pieces, some fit together, some do not seem to fit anywhere, some have two sides or no picture or pattern at all on them, some are attracted to each other, some repel… and… suddenly without warning… >!CLICK!< … a whole picture forms!! Event has happened….

Viruses need Hosts to Survive CoVid-19 is a type of RNA Virus, a microscopic parasite that lacks the complex mechanisms needed to thrive and reproduce itself for which it needs a suitable host to invade and reprogramme. We have/are seeing how this can cause lethal respiratory infections in humans… and how as a collective we are responding to that…


Your Life? Your Space? Healing Spaces are fundamental to my work and it is crucial to us in beating this Pandemic now. We have been/are being asked to do Social Distancing, 2m apart from each other outside of our homes, a very physical action rather than the subtle practise I have done and taught for many years. We are also not only individually distancing but also between relationships, families, groups and nations.

Event Happened? Or are we still IN the Event… Embedding the idea of having our own personal space is a very positive aspect of what we are experiencing. I would not be surprised if relationships change under these circumstances when reality really hits home. So not only has a picture formed but it is also becoming something else… Life may begin to feel different… we may realise we want it to be different !? Perhaps something previously Absent, something previously surrendered in what was, is beginning to have its own space, become empowered in its own right. Perhaps we will all become a bit more compassionate, understanding… more communicative about how we feel and find those that are willing to listen and actually care… perhaps we are learning how to connect in a more real meaningful way… Believe in Better <3

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February 5th 2022   10am – 3pm  Mind Body Spirit Fayre at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, South Glos, BS37 6AD.


November 6th 2021   10am-5pm  Glastonbury Spiritual, Holistic & Wellness Fayre at Glastonbury Town Hall, Magdalene St., Glastonbury, BA6 9EL, UK.

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November 17th 2019 10am – 5pm   South Wales Wellness Show at The Great Hall, Cardiff Students Union, Cardiff, S Wales, CF10

October 27th 2019   11am – 5pm  Holistic Halloween Psychic Fayre at Paulton Rovers, Winterfield Road, BS39 7RF

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July 6th 2019   10am – 5pm  A Festival of Angels at The Royal Hotel, South Parade, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1JP

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October 27th 2018   10am – 5pm  Mind, Body, Spirit Show at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, South Glos, BS37 6AD

Sept 9th 2018  10.30am – 4.30pm Mind, Body & Spirit Fayre at Heaven Sent Spiritual Centre, Wapley Stables, Wapley Hill, Westerleigh, Bristol, BS37 8RJ

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June 10th 2018  10.30am – 4.30pm Mind, Body & Spirit Fayre at Heaven Sent Spiritual Centre, Wapley Stables, Wapley Hill, Westerleigh, Bristol, BS37 8RJ


April 8th 2017  10am – 5pm Mind, Body, Spirit Show at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, South Glos, BS37 6AD

July 5th 2017  3.30-5.30pm Wellbeing Roadshow at Thornbury Library, S Glos – part of a Series held June -Sept 2017 at local librairies across South Glos (UK)

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March 6th 2016   10am – 4pm  Mind, Body, Spirit Show at BAWA Club, Filton, BS34

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May 1st 2016  10am – 5pm  Grand Spiritual Event at The Bristol Hotel, Prince Street, Bristol, BS1 4QF

October 2nd 2016   10am – 4pm  Mind, Body, Spirit Show at BAWA Club, Filton, BS34

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April 25th 2015   10am – 5pm  Mind, Body, Spirit Show at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, South Glos, BS37 6AD

May 3rd 2015  10am – 5pm  Grand Spiritual Event at The Bristol Hotel, Prince Street, Bristol, BS1 4QF

November 7th 2015   10am – 5pm  Mind, Body, Spirit Show at Chipping Sodbury Town Hall, South Glos, BS37 6AD,

Have an Effect or Deal with the Consequences… Not Always a Conscious Choice!

As much as we like to think we are in the driving seat of our lives, it is not always the case. Do you ever wonder why your life is the way it is? Have you consciously shaped your journey or have you ended up in jobs or relationships that just happened rather than what you planned or wanted?! And why, however hard you try or want, are some things just not part of your life?! As you may have read here over the last few months, how we make our choices can be very complex and include unconscious behaviour patterns so how do you consciously live your life with Intent rather than fitting in with the circumstances around you? How do you flow and grow with your challenges instead of letting them deplete or bury who you are? Resolving Consequences may bring you back on Track…

What is an Effect? Effects and Consequences may seem like the same thing but recently I have started to see the energy of these as different. In the picture the chap on the chair has CAUSEd the dominos to topple over onto each other, eventually having the EFFECT of falling on him if he does nothing or that he stands up and stops them (Karma)! Last Autumn I also discussed that every Cause will be an Effect from something that has happened previously so we are continuously adapting to and creating Effects and Causes… but are we?…

What is a Consequence? I look at the energy form of CONSEQUENCES and can see NO CAUSE!? It has baffled me for a while now… one of those unanswered question feelings… but until now it was not clear! When doing healing, I create a puzzle of all the energy information and see what is realised and what has to be done to make it more empowering and healthy. Usually it means tracking back to a Cause and resolving a vulnerability but Consequences appear to be due to the ABSENCE of an Energy ?!… So there is nothing to pick up and process?! Nothing to Heal…??!

Absent Energy will not be part of your Energy Puzzle. You live your Life without it. It may have always been absent or may become absent. Energies become absent because we cannot process them… too complex, too intense… in some way too uncomfortable to deal with even on an unconscious level. Their absence will have changed who you are… and made everything subsequently a series of random Consequences rather than intended Effects and may be behind increasing feelings of worthlessness and depression… fear and vulnerability.

Resolving Absent Energies rather than keeping them Absent is the only answer to being able to shape a life that is truly yours. Anything hidden in our Psyches only depletes who we are and makes us create a Face for the World. The more support we can give each other through challenging times, allowing the Absent Energies to surface when we are ready to work through them and find resolution, the happier and more trusting our lives, our relationships and our communities can be. Believe in Better <3

NOTE: this was written just before the Corona Virus Pandemic became a Public Health Emergency in the UK. As of 26/3/20, I am still processing the energy of this and hopefully future writings will bring clarity, understanding and direction.

Who WE are… Aligned or Compromised?

Over the last few months I have mentioned Polarity and how this comes from how our own personal energy puzzle forms out of our life ingredients and how Self-development and Self Awareness can help us shape this step-by-step into something we consciously choose. When I talk about Polarity, I am also referring to how your personal energy puzzle feels… how do You feel? Do you feel centred and calm or anxious and unsafe? At ease with life or challenged? Last month I talked about being Polarised and that this is when quite separate Energies have formed because they cannot, at the current level of development of the Self, exist together and these can then cause conflict within… and possibly affect our physical and mental health. Recently I also wrote about the Energy of Relationships, the Dynamic of ‘Us’ and ‘We’, which is a further level of complexity. When you can maintain your Chi Self, your Relationship Energy becomes clearer and you can be more objective about those relationships that are uncomfortable, challenging and/or disempowering… not just with people but also with other life aspects like money, work, trust, food…. And then you can start to work with…

Relationship Polarity… Not only are we each trying to understand our own Polarity, what we want in life, who and how we want to be… but we are also learning about relationship puzzles… learning how to be in relationship, each having its own unique Polarity, its own mix of ingredients that shapes how it feels. The Relationship Polarity will also affect each person’s own Polarity… can you be yourself in your relationships?

Harmonious Polarity This is how we would wish all relationships to be… There is clarity about shared Values and Purpose and both of you can easily maintain your own Polarity, your own Chi Self Needs and Values. This is an Empowering Nurturing Relationship.

Challenging Polarity This occurs when the Polarity is still not fully developed and all the ingredients of the relationship do not agree/ align… yet! There may be gaps in the polarity puzzle which means growth is needed such as more shared experience, more discussion, more knowledge. There may also be some personal learning curves in play or about to begin! All challenges are learning curves and stepping stones for personal development.

Compromised Polarity Polarity forms and is a workable relationship but each person will not be their Chi Selves; behaviour may be out of character or feel uncomfortable and the relationship itself will not be empowering to either side. Polarisation may even occur limiting further growth.

Conscious vs Unconscious Much, if not all, of this process happens unconsciously because more information can be stored and processed here. If great stress is evident then your Conscious Mind is trying to understand something and part of healthy and effective healing is being able to let our Unconscious Mind sort it out for us… and that is a learned skill as well… mindfulness, meditation, all relaxation helps this… make time for yourself 🙂

Making Choices… Do Your Mind, Body and Chi Agree? Do You?

My theme through 2019 was about Chi, your Personal Power, your true Way of Being, and how when it is healing, you gradually find your life becomes more in tune with who you feel you are and you become aware of aspects that do not nurture you or where personal development is needed. In the Autumn I wrote about Polarities of Choice and how we are all unique and to be really healthy and happy, you may need to see beyond just the A or B option and that actually how you make your Choices is a far more complex puzzle of life ingredients in varying amounts from a far bigger picture of Your Personal Wellbeing. At this start of a new year when we review where we are and plan for the year ahead, it is useful to further understand how we make our choices and the conflict within that may occur.

Polarised Choice? Previously, I wrote about when making a choice or when clarity about something is needed, You (conscious and unconscious) will consider all possible options, bringing them all together to assess their relevancy, value, necessity… all the many reasons that shape us. At some point a Choice may become clear and there is usually a feeling of completion and certainty. But how many times have you made a Choice that you don’t feel certain about? One that has uncomfortable compromises or adaptations? One that feels very limited or even that there is no apparent Choice… just one option that is ‘ok for now’…?

Feel Torn? More than one Polarised Choice Within? Another aspect of all this is that You can see more than one Choice very clearly but cannot decide between them… you have become Polarised in completely different viewpoints for possibly completely separate reasons. The picture shows how your Mind, Body and Chi each may have different variables defining their choices and subsequently possibly be in conflict with each other. We, as people, have to bring all this complexity together for ourselves and decide a way forward… for some this may seem very simple and it is actually just part of our natural growth process but if complex polarisation has occurred or is constantly in process but never quite concludes, there may be great turmoil within and constant searching for clarity.

On-going Personal Development Self-help, mindfulness, nurturing nutrition, exercise and friendships may help you and sometimes professional support. Being there for each other and seeking understanding is the only way forward for us to truly have nurturing, productive, empowering, stress-free lifestyles without compromises or unhealthy adaptations… Lives where we shine abundantly with love, caring and excitement… one day we will know how! 🙂

Being Yourself… Can you do this in your Relationships?…

We are coming to the end of 2019 and it is natural to look back and review what has happened over the year and how things have changed, look at achievements or see where you can do better next time… It is natural to review who has been important to you, has caused you to face something or has supported you in some way, natural to want to take time to remember and reconnect with those you may not have seen much but still feel are part of your life. What a special time of year this is! In doing all of this, you are actually reviewing your Relationship Energies as I wrote about last time… the energy between you and your life.

Becoming Whole…Stepping into Your Own Power This is where I started this year, writing about feeling whole and complete, a feeling that I had arrived in my life rather than flowing along juggling circumstances… “Here I am! Loving Life!!”. As your Relationship Chi evolves, you are on a Journey towards having that feeling with a Group… such as friendships and family… “Here WE are!! Loving Life!!!!”. The Journey can however bring its own challenges because as you become more of your Chi Self (your Truth), your Relationship Chi (“the Dynamic of Us and We”) also becomes clearer and you begin to isolate disruptive energies. You become aware of hotspots in your life that cause you stress but in facing them, you will begin to relate to them in a way that resolves rather than perpetuates.

Being Yourself… in Relationships? As you progress further with your Relationship Chi, you may become aware that you are not always able to Be Yourself in certain situations or with certain people. You behave in a way that begins to feel uncomfortable or just raises questions in your Mind… “This again?” “How can I do this differently?” “What would work better for me and them/it?” “Do I really want this in my life? Or something else? What else?”… You begin to feel you have a Choice and an influence over your Life… you begin to feel ‘Alive‘, which I wrote about back in Feb 2016… that feeling of being Present and really engaged and enthused with what you are doing and who you are. As your Relationship Chi evolves, your Chi Self continues to evolve too and your Life begins to become something to get excited about and seems to have more colour and vibrancy.

Belonging… As your Relationship Energy heals, you may become aware of feeling lonely, feeling that your Life does not really nurture you, that your Needs are not being supported. Remember that how you are relating to the World is changing and updating to be more in tune with who you are. This will eventually bring a feeling of Belonging, true Belonging, where you feel at Home’ in your Life, it has Value and truly caring people around you. As I wrote back in May 2018 “you are part of a beautiful orchestral World where we each have a place”… Wishing you All a Wonder-full Festive Season and an Empowering Loving New Year <3