Feeling Connected? Feel You Belong? Feel Valued?

This year I have been writing about Chi and about Realising, ‘making real’, who you really are… ‘no thought, no effort, just is’… beyond all the learnt behaviour and beyond all the compromises and defences. Recently I have discussed flowing as your Chi Self, feeling you are in tune with everything, feeling inspired and creative, enjoying life. As with all self-development work, it is a step-by-step process, this is Evolution… there is always a realisation around the corner, another light-bulb moment that uncovers or reconnects you with a deeper/higher/more complex part of yourself… and another question starts to form in your Consciousness… ?…?… and another phase of understanding begins… 🙂

Life Flowing Comfortably? But do You Feel Connected and Appreciated? You have found your Place in the World, where you feel you are using your talents and making a contribution. You are flowing in your life as your Chi Self… but do you feel you belong? Do you feel emotionally involved? Does it have meaning for you? Or do you ever feel like you are fully involved but not seen? Do you ever wonder what would happen if you left one day… would you be forgotten or replaced? We are now talking about a more complex level of connection in our relationship energies and it seems to be one we all crave… a feeling of value… that we can value another and that we ourselves feel valued. We can create the appearance of this value by our learned behaviours, by doing what appears to have value in our society and be rewarded for it… we can do it very well but I think this way of being is becoming outdated. This is showing up in the increase in mental health concerns and the higher level of fear we feel in living our lives, there is an inner change happening in how we value ourselves and each other. No longer can we be someone just because that is what is expected; we are searching for an inner clarity, an inner truth, the Way we really want to do something, the feeling that we are truly valued and even more importantly that we take ownership and truly value our own contribution.

World Suicide Prevention Day #WSPD is on September 10th another cause very close to my heart. Life is precious and whatever anyone’s circumstances, there should be the necessary support available to help anyone choose life over suicide… to give that glimmer of hope to continue… Of course, this is a very personal decision and is part of a very complex picture… but one aspect of WSPD asks that we are there for the people in our lives, are always there if someone just needs to offload how they feel, not always to find a solution but just being available to listen without judgement… and provide that safe space that we all sometimes need to clarify a way through what we are experiencing… inspiration and a solution will eventually appear…

Keep Connected… Believe in Better <3

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Going With the Flow… Is it Yours?

Last month I wrote about Finding Your Centre… amidst the Noise of your Life… all those musts, haves, shoulds, needs, wants… all those challenges that drop in your lap that add clutter… all of which seem to take priority over allowing yourself time to rest, reflect and review all this activity, allowing you time to reconnect with who you are… time to reconnect with your Chi… Maybe you are able to find your Centre, perhaps through meditation practice, mindfulness techniques or exercise, able to find your sense of Self and check-in with yourself that you are being you in your life… But then you have to re-engage with the rest of your life… what happens to your sense of Self then? Can you maintain that Centred feeling whatever is going on around you or do you start to feel out of your depth or just pick up from where you left off…?

Your Flow… Is the Flow of your Life Yours?… Have you had moments of feeling really happy, even excited about something you have been doing? Has a problem or stress resolved itself without you putting in all the effort?.. without you feeling solely responsible for the outcome? This is Chi in action, but more than that, this is Chi fully integrated with your Body, the Whole of You being You in your Life. If this centred feeling is unsustainable, then the resulting Flow is not truly yours. Finding Your Centre is a skill but being able to flow as your Chi Energy Self in your Life as part of everything else, not just observing but being fully immersed in your experience, is a further challenge and, to me, is the ultimate goal of the Healing and Self-Development Journey.

Flowing as Your Chi Self 🙂 Last month I asked you to “Imagine an Empowering World… where everyone has enough of whatever they need to be fulfilled and naturally healthy…” and where there is… “a natural flow of expression and appreciation”… When you are flowing as your Chi Self, you decide in each moment where to go, what to think about, and what to do. It is not even a conscious decision but is a natural subconscious flow that feels right for you and the situation, feels comfortable and easy, feels happy, feels complete and you could change it at any point if you wished…

Real Life Flow Disrupted… What a Paradox… When your Centred feeling is not sustainable, there will be a physical fear interfering with your Chi expression. And this is the Paradox. If we could look truthfully at any situation and deal with it on its own merits in the moment, and support and listen to each other, life could flow smoothly and enjoyably. We all however have patterns of behaviour and perception which worsens, or unexpectedly triggers, the Fear response, especially if it is a situation we have faced many times. When we can support an empowering non-judgemental living and working environment, building confidence and ways of working together that help heal all our vulnerabilities, then we can be truly creative and inspire each other 🙂

Going With the Flow… Disempowering or Empowering? Uncomfortable or Joyful?

‘Step back within, reconnect with your Chi… wait for inspiration…’ This was how I ended last month’s page… so I did… I got on with life… went with the Flow… didn’t think too hard about anything (usually difficult for me?!) and dealt with situations that arose… eventually I started thinking about Noise… that background type of Noise that gets filtered out of a distorted electrical signal to make the sound you hear clearer… so…

Imagine an Empowering World… where everyone has enough of whatever they need to be fulfilled and naturally healthy both physically, mentally and emotionally… where we can all pursue our creativity and enjoy sharing our lives with each other without anxiety, harm or mistrust. There are challenges, opportunities for personal growth, where you naturally meet the right person, pick up the right book, find the right web link, be inspired in some way to find understanding about what you are facing. You have a wonderful circle of friends for all sorts of occasions, some friends for a season and some are friends for life but this happens naturally in tune with everyone’s needs. People do not harm each other in any way; they naturally know when someone needs their own space or when they need company. Conversations flow easily whether just passing the time of day or for those in-depth analyses and life-changing times. We all have enough money because we are all doing work that we are passionate about that uses and expands our talents and that others around us value because it helps them in some way… a natural flow of expression and appreciation. How wonderful would this World be?…

Noise… Life pulls and pushes all of us around with activities that have to be done, that we want to do, that others want us to do, that we feel are important, that are part of our routine or traditions… but are you able to give yourself time to rest, reflect and review all the activity?… To consciously decide if you are on the right track? Do you give yourself time to reconnect with your Centre to step back within and observe the Noise of your Life? Noise is all the patterns of behaviour which control, limit and disempower. They are patterns that are fuelled by our vulnerabilities and self-protection… they disrupt and distort our Chi, our natural one-ness with everything, our natural empowered way of being… Where are you limited? What situations are uncomfortable? What do you do to avoid them or how do you defend or compromise yourself? Do you try to control the outcome? Do you want a life like this?

Step out of the Noise… Find your Centre… Give yourself some time. Do something you enjoy, just for you. Choose not to engage with disempowering behaviour, anything which feels uncomfortable. When ‘Going with the Flow’ feels peaceful, happy and easy, when life starts to unfold in an empowering and joyful way all on its own, you will have found your Centre 🙂

Feeling Vulnerable?… Understanding the Energy Form…

There is an advert on TV at the moment about bullying where a young lad is sat alone in his bedroom, looking very sad as his phone keeps vibrating as he receives text after text… it always pulls at my heart-strings! It is promoting a website ‘www.internetmatters.org’ which advises about safeguarding children and how to open the conversation with your child and how you can help them. Unfortunately this pattern of disempowering behaviour does not only apply to childhood. One of the first Energy Forms I ever learnt about was how a vulnerability can work against us; it is one of the most fundamental influences on our basic behaviours and possibly the key factor in all our hardships and distress. How does vulnerability appear? How does it work against us? Are we really vulnerable? Can we heal it? Do we need to heal it or is it just a wonderful part of who we are that makes us human? And if so how do we live an empowering fulfilled life?

Our Vulnerabilities Limit Us… Since I started questioning what I really wanted in life and why I seemed to be going round in circles, I began to realise my life had patterns… ways of being that were automated, situations that always played out in the same way, behaviour that was expected, my own expectations and others’ expectations. I found that I was going along a path and suddenly it was no longer there… friends / boyfriends / jobs… suddenly changed and I’d be starting from scratch….again!? Sometimes my decision, sometimes the other’s, sometimes just circumstances. I enjoyed this ‘freedom’ until I started to question why I could not move to the next level in my life, further fulfilment and growth in relationships and a career. This is when my fascination with Energy Healing started because it began to give me answers and help me see my vulnerabilities, which had prevented my natural self-development, and gave me the tools to face and change the limiting patterns step-by-step…

Why are we Vulnerable? Vulnerability is defined as ‘in danger of being hurt physically or emotionally’, ‘weak or unprotected’. The Energy Form of a Vulnerability is a Relationship Behaviour Pattern that disempowers some and makes others feel more powerful. If we could isolate our energy from everything else, we would not be vulnerable but what is the deeper cause that makes vulnerability a possibility..?

What are you Sensitive about?… What terrifies you or makes you furious?? The logic behind these extreme responses can be very complex and can sometimes be considered irrational but we all have Sensitivities and they are integral to how we behave. Either we express these feelings easily or we bury or disguise them, sometimes very effectively and sometimes it makes us ill or even behave in unexpected ways.

But are you really Terrified or Furious? Last month I wrote about our Qualities of Body, Mind and Chi… any situation that makes you Vulnerable, pulls at your Sensitivities, is not Chi, is not you and you are caught up in a Behaviour Pattern. Choose to see the Truth of a situation, look honestly at the facts… is it really terrifying or infuriating? Step back within, reconnect with your Chi… wait for inspiration… allow yourself time… If someone else is vulnerable, choose to support their process rather than challenge them… and help them find their truth 🙂

Realising Truth… Real Healing

Since concluding my Series on Your Journey to Being Whole in January, I have written here about Chi, the true energy of who you are, which can be swamped and hidden by all that we think about and experience. Across our World, this can happen in many different ways from not having time to think in our modern, busy lives, no time for the activities or the people we love, scared of being judged or humiliated for thinking differently to our culture or social group, to the shock at seeing or, even worse, experiencing some of the horrific actions or events in which people find themselves today and every day. I have been questioning whether the aim of Healing really is just about achieving that feeling of freedom, peace and joy? That feeling that everything is alright with the world? How can I feel that way when another is in so much distress or hardship? And why when apparently Whole, do I feel so sad and not joyful ?!

When an Idea Becomes Real… it’s no longer just an Idea! When you are on a Healing Journey, one of holistic self-development, you have realisations along the way, pieces of your life’s puzzle come together and you understand something and, as I said back in January, an idea becomes real. Wholeness itself is about being in touch with all aspects of yourself whether dark or light, looking at them honestly and bringing them together so they are no longer in conflict and causing you ill health or stress… But is your Whole Self joyful? Maybe not… there may have been very good reasons why your original complete puzzle of yourself became fragmented and adapted… And you, or your genetic heritage, made the best of things and carried on with life… So what is next on the Healing Journey…

Mind, Body & Chi What or who is sad? What or who is joyful? What or who is trying to decide what to do next? When you come together as your Whole Self, you may become aware of yourself in 3 different ways, all you but different qualities of you. These can be described as your Mind, your Body and your Chi. It is your Chi which when fully expressed brings you joy and fulfilment, it includes such ideas as your Spirit (Higher Will) and your Soul (Higher Love)… it is that inner smile when you as your Body may be feeling very frightened, angry or sad?! For most of us, healing the Mind is the hardest part of the Journey because it is this that has kept us safe and helped us adapt to difficult situations, hiding our natural effervescence somewhere along the way and in doing this disrupting the Body’s natural functioning. Only when your Mind can see Reality for what it truly is, beyond all the stories we create to help us understand that colour our lives, and you can bring in your Chi energy to express your True Self, can you truly heal your Body and all that it has experienced not only in itself but also as a consequence of the Healing Journey of your Mind and of your Chi. Learning what really matters to you is key. Be conscious of your choices. Seek resolution at every step <3

Being Grounded in Who You Are…

Last month I wrote about Chi, the energy of who you are, “no thought, no effort, just is”. In working with this, I am again asking myself why is it so hard to remain in touch with this energy? To remain completely grounded in every moment, completely at ease in every situation with that all-knowing intuition to respond in an empowering way? And then I remind myself that I am on a Journey and that at every step I am learning something new about … about what? If Chi is my innate Self that is all I need to live a fulfilled life then what is all the rest? All the stress I have felt, all the disappointments in my past… all the uncomfortable experiences I have had and seen others have… what is all this? Why does life have to challenge us? Why can’t everything flow easily?

Who You Are… Back in July last year, I wrote about Intention being a ‘How to’ rather than ‘achieving a particular goal’ and this feels like what Chi seems to be. It is a Quality rather than something you have been taught or acquired, “a distinctive attribute or characteristic” that encompasses everything about who you truly are, is who you are, is how you are…. but what about the rest? We are products of our experience, of our history, of our genetics. Our brains are amazing at being presented with information and making sense out of it in a way that usually helps us get on with life. Unfortunately some things are too uncomfortable or we just do not know enough about to resolve but we may still find a way to carry on… illness, anxiety, physical and mental health issues can be a consequence of this process. With this, and depending on the severity and length of time, your Chi becomes overwhelmed and becomes hidden away under everything else. You may feel lost or find you do not have time for things you really enjoy.

Rediscovering Who Are You… My experience with Energy Healing has shown me that rather than ‘healing something’ or ‘self-growth’, you are actually learning to recognise and piece together your energy patterns, and then either transform or remove them so that they no longer disrupt your natural way of being, your Chi quality. As you move through this self-transformation process, you may also realise that some of your Energy is not actually yours and is just ways of being that have helped you cope or how you may have been taught to be. Realisation can happen on a very deep subconscious level especially when something really conflicts with or limits your Chi, limits the True You. If you constantly feel stressed or have lack of fulfilment in work or relationships, it is probable that your Chi needs to be uncovered again… Rediscover who you are… Press Life’s Play button ! 🙂

Being Yourself…

In concluding my Series last month on Being Whole, I have felt a bit unclear about what was next for me. I have reached the Goal I set myself when I first started writing this page back in 2011, the Goal that for me was THE destination of my Journey… that feeling of completeness and grounding within… that feeling that you will intuitively know the answers when needing to make decisions and will have inner clarity in every moment ?!… But instead I have felt a bit overwhelmed, not really with confusion or uncertainty but more a feeling that I am on the edge of great excitement, that sort of excitement that you cannot hold in and you have to share with everyone and everything!! 🙂

Stepping into Your Own Power “Empowering the Inner You” has been my tag line all along because from my experience of working with Reiki and Kinesiology, I saw the healing process was actually holistic self-development, where you face the energy of any problem, see your vulnerability and then transform it into a strength, gradually resolving disempowering patterns that keep you limited in your thinking, in your behaviour and subsequently limited in life.
So step by step you are stepping into a more empowered version of who you are until you are Whole but how do I explain this feeling of rising excitement within….

Chi… your Vital Energy, Your own Personal Power
Chi or Ki is the circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things. It is the energy of Rei-Ki, the energy of the Universe facilitating all life, a healing force in nature. I have taken Reiki for granted since my original training back in 2002 and my knowledge was experiential rather than a full understanding of what it actually was and have not really questioned it until now. Also back in July 2015, I wrote about ‘Empowering the Human Heart‘ and the ‘9 Virtues’ discussed amongst Philosophers that are the “essential qualities of the awakened heart” such as Authenticity and Mercy, not considered achievements to be attained or practised but are our natural state when we embody our innate Self… In recent weeks, this is all starting to make a bit more sense and I get the feeling that Chi is an energy that has no thought, no effort, just is. It is our own individual power. It is who we are. From this energy, we create. So you do not really experience your Chi energy, you are Chi energy, no thought, no effort, just are. Any activity from this state does not really feel like an activity that you are doing, it is more like you are flowing… in your own unique way… no longer stepping through vulnerabilities, facing and resolving but flowing confidently and easily with all the things you love… As I said last time… press Life’s Play button… set this as your Goal… to Enjoy the Flow… to Love your Life! 🙂

Your Journey to Being Whole… Realising Who You Are

This concludes my Series on Your Journey to Being Whole. It started with Realisation (June 2018) explaining that when an idea suddenly forms, there is a feeling of clarity and understanding about something… the puzzle has come together in your mind and a picture has formed… which then becomes another puzzle piece in a larger understanding… triggering a new Intention for personal growth. I shared with you how Intention shapes your Journey and that Non-Judgement and Non-Interference are powerful catalysts to keeping you growing. Non-Judgement understands that we are all on a Journey and we all have vulnerabilities and key life lessons; Non-Interference allows each of us to follow our Life Paths as clearly as possible and in a way that teaches us our own lessons but also interacts with others to be part of theirs. As we become more Empowered Individuals, we then become more aware of our Relationships, not just with others but also with ourselves and whether our life on all levels nurtures or drains us. At this stage, understanding about having Empowering Relationship Energy becomes key, taking self-responsibility that your actions empower others and learning to transform others disempowering behaviour into something positive for both of you.

Every step you take in your self-understanding re-empowers the parts of you that have been distorted by your past, this life and inheritances, and eventually it will be stored in your Being as Experience rather than with any attachment or reliving it in the Now. This to me is the Healing Journey and Lessons repeat on different levels until you have covered every ‘Module in the Course’ !

Once you have healed enough in your Outer Relationships, a deeper Inner Journey begins because you are ready to discover what really matters to you, not just what others think is important or what your genetics dictates. You will start to experience your deeper connection with everything… bringing real feelings, real emotions and can be quite a personal rollercoaster but is the beginnings of being truly authentic and really Real in your Life. An Attuning process follows where all aspects of your Life relate more honestly with each other and underlying issues may come to the surface to be resolved rather than being tolerated or kept hidden.

When an Idea Becomes Real, it’s No Longer Just an Idea!! Whilst you are still healing who you truly are, life can feel very uncomfortable however positive your goals. I started this Series with: “Wholeness..? …you realise you feel peaceful inside and you are part of a beautiful orchestral World where we each have a place and a part to play…” This is Real Freedom, not just an Idea… Life inspires you, engages you and you want to do more 🙂 Face every lesson life sends you. Remember you are on a Journey. Realise Who You Are… press Life’s Play button 🙂

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Interested in support for your Journey? In association with the South Gloucestershire Wellbeing College , there is a FREE local Monthly Group ‘Your Healing Space’, which introduces and supports your first steps to Wholeness.  So if you are interested in holistic support for your Journey,  click links to find out more 🙂

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